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Jerry Springer Blunt Break-Ups (HD, TV-14) A man's friend sleeps with the man's girlfriend seemingly out of the blue; a woman has been with a man for about 8 months but no longer feels the romance.
black-ish Things Were Different Then (HD, TV-14) Dre is reluctant to help Junior plan Pops' birthday party and begins to view his dad's past in a different way; Bow decides to agree to everything for a year.
black-ish North Star (HD, TV-PG) When the families of Dre and Bow arrive for Easter, they must find pleasure in each other's different cuisines; Junior tries to put together an Easter egg hunt.
American Dad! Big Trouble in Little Langley (HD, TV-14) Stan goes in search of Francine's birth parents when her adopted parents annoy him during a visit; Steve tries to wow an attractive girl at school.
American Dad! Less Money, Mo' Problems (HD, TV-14) After losing patience with Hayley and Jeff, Stan bets the couple that he can live on minimum wage; Steve and Roger to test drives the car of their dreams.
Jerry Springer Honey Meet My Boyfriend and Tranny Lover (HD, TV-14) Scheduled: a woman believes she is in a relationship with a man; a woman wants her ex-boyfriend back; a man goes back to his ex-girlfriend.
black-ish Black Math (HD, TV-PG) Dre tries to talk Junior into attending his alma mater; Ruby decides to manage Jack's comedy career, which forces Diane to compete for her attention.
black-ish Dog Eat Dog World (HD, TV-14) Dre and Bow promise to get a dog if Jack makes straight A's; Bow's brother Johan visits town, but he isn't given a warm welcome from Ruby like he expects.
American Dad! Haylias (HD, TV-14) When Hayley decides to move to France, Stan feels that he has no choice but to reveal her secret CIA brainwashing and activate her trigger to regain control.
American Dad! The Kidney Stays In the Picture (HD, TV-14) After Stan finds out that his wife was unfaithful to him before their marriage, he worries that his daughter isn't really his biological child.
Elementary One Watson, One Holmes (HD, TV-14) Holmes and Watson are thrown into the heart of a digital civil war that is taking place on the Internet after a member of a hacker organization is found dead.
Elementary High Heat (HD, TV-14) Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a private investigator; Holmes tries to take down an organization of private investigators.
King of the Hill Returning Japanese, Part 1 (HD, TV-14) Hank and Peggy accompany Cotton when he decides to go to Japan to apologize to the widow of a soldier he killed in World War II.
King of the Hill Returning Japanese, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) Hank and his new-found half brother must put aside their differences to find a way to stop Cotton from spitting in the face of the Japanese emperor.
« We Need to Talk About Kevin (TV-14, R, ***) Despite his increasing malevolence, a mother attempts to raise her son as best she can while struggling with the guilt of her son's actions.
Seinfeld The Airport (HD, TV-PG) When Jerry and Elaine are forced to take a standby flight, Jerry gets to party in first class with a model; Kramer sees a man who owes him money at the airport.
Seinfeld The Pick (HD, TV-PG) Jerry's romance with a model is ended when she misconstrues a nose scratch from a nose pick; Elaine sends everyone a revealing Christmas card.
The Goldbergs Jedi Master Adam Skywalker (HD, TV-PG) Barry and Erica are curious to know if they will be voted for in the yearbook; Murray is irritated when Marvin arrives for money.
The Goldbergs Graduation Day (HD, TV-PG) Erica is excited to leave home after graduation, but she comes to realize Beverly's love means a great deal to her; Barry's plans with Lainey fall through.
Jerry Springer Big Girls & Big Melons (HD, TV-14) Hannah claims that a woman named Tete slept with her baby's father and wants her out of the picture; Shelby has high hopes for her relationship.
black-ish Fifty-Three Percent (HD, TV-PG) Dre and Bow struggle to connect; after Devante's first birthday party, Jack and Diane take advantage of the bouncy house that gets left behind.
black-ish Blue Valentime (HD, TV-14) Tensions escalate between Dre and Bow when their contractor appears to remodel the kitchen; Dre thinks about the good moments in his relationship with Bow.
American Dad! The 42-Year-Old Virgin (HD, TV-14) Roger and the guys determine to help Stan get his first confirmed kill after he reveals during a poker game that he has no fatalities in his CIA career.
American Dad! Ricky Spanish (HD, TV-14) Roger rediscovers his alter-ego; Stan and Francine are shocked when their sponsored child from Africa shows up on their front doorstep.
Jerry Springer Wifey Disrespected (HD, TV-14) Chris wants to give his wife Diana the wedding that he says she deserves, though she feels differently and wants to end their relationship.
black-ish Collateral Damage (HD, TV-PG) The Johnson children try to handle their emotions after an estranged Dre and Bow attempt to take turns living in the family house separately.
black-ish Dream Home (HD, TV-PG) As Dre and Bow live their lives separately, they begin to realize how much they depend on each other and experience the difficulties of being on their own.
American Dad! Surrogate (HD, TV-14) Stan is furious when Francine agrees to be a surrogate mother for a gay couple; fearing that Klaus is out to get them, Steve and Roger go into hiding.
American Dad! Toy Whorey (HD, TV-14) After catching Steve playing pretend, Stan takes his son to Mexico to help him become a man, but the trip heads south when they are kidnapped by a drug cartel.
Jerry Springer Baby Mama Vs. Side Chick (HD, TV-14) Danni claims that her friend Taylor slept her boyfriend Mitch, though Mitch wants to put his cheating ways behind him; Brianna wants Mica to step up.
black-ish Pilot (HD, TV-PG) Dre plans for a promotion that will make him the first African American senior vice president his firm has had; Andre Jr. wants to convert to Judaism.
black-ish The Talk (HD, TV-14) Dre is upset when he finds out that Rainbow has already given their son "the talk," so he decides that he is going to tell Andre Jr. his own version of things.
American Dad! Franny 911 (HD, TV-14) Roger questions how he treats people after Stan fails to ransom him from a fake kidnapping, but when he starts acting nicer he places his health in jeopardy.
American Dad! Love, AD Style (HD, TV-14) Roger opens a crooner's bar in the Smith family attic and hires Hayley as his star performer; Stan tries to prove his manhood by negotiating on a new car.
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Jerry Springer Best Frenemies (HD, TV-14) Bailee is upset with her friend Kylie for sleeping with a guy named Moe, while knowing that Bailee was interested in him; Shanice is upset with her husband.
black-ish The Nod (HD, TV-PG) Dre tries to find Andre Jr. more black kids to be friends with; Rainbow takes Diane to the hospital in hopes that she'll want to be a doctor one day.
black-ish Crazy Mom (HD, TV-PG) Dre stands in for Rainbow for a week, but when all the children at school love him, he becomes determined to outshine all the kids' parents.
American Dad! Tearjerker (HD, TV-14) Roger kidnaps celebrities and replaces them with robot doubles as part of his plan to create a movie so sad it will cause viewers to cry themselves to death.
American Dad! Killer Vacation (HD, TV-14) The Smith family vacation turns into anything but relaxing when Stan is ordered to kill the activities director of their resort.
Jerry Springer Jerry's Cure for the Cold (HD, TV-14) Roderick believes that his girlfriend Simone has become involved with his Uncle Jarickie, which she admits to; Nick and Michelle's marriage is at risk.
black-ish Crime and Punishment (HD, TV-PG) Dre and Rainbow's pact to stop spanking the kids is tested by Jack's behavior, which makes Zoey, Junior and Diane worry their parents might change their minds.
black-ish The Gift of Hunger (HD, TV-PG) Dre gets upset when his kids refuse to eat at one of his favorite cheap restaurants, so he makes them all get jobs to bring them back down to reality.
American Dad! Oedipal Panties (HD, TV-14) Francine and Roger try to solve Stan's dependence on his mother after she intrudes on the Smith household yet again; Steve is disgusted by Klaus.
American Dad! Can I Be Frank With You? (HD, TV-14) Francine is afraid that her relationship with Stan is slowly dying because he spend so much time with his friends at the "CIA Chill House."
Elementary A Stitch In Time (HD, TV-14) Holmes and Watson discover a possible threat to Homeland Security while investigating the murder of a man who made a living disproving phenomena.
Elementary The Art of Sleights and Deception (HD, TV-14) Holmes and Watson investigate the events behind a magician's murder; Bell becomes the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation.
King of the Hill Dances with Dogs (HD, TV-14) Bobby discovers the art of "Dog Dancing" and begins to develop a routine with Ladybird, but tries to put a stop to it only to find himself enjoying it.
King of the Hill The Son Also Roses (HD, TV-14) Bobby decides that he would rather grow roses than be on the football team and reveals to Hank that he could win competitions for his hobby.
« Event Horizon (TV-14, R, ***) A rescue crew travels through space and time to uncover the truth regarding a space vessel found beyond Neptune seven years after its disappearance.
Seinfeld The Implant (HD, TV-PG) Jerry dumps his girlfriend after Elaine says her figure is the result of breast implants; Elaine accidently discovers that the breasts are real.
Seinfeld The Handicap Spot (HD, TV-PG) An angry mob trashes Frank's car when George parks it in a handicap spot; the gang splits the cost of a big screen TV for the Drake's wedding.
The Goldbergs Weird Science (HD, TV-PG) Beverly and Murray help move Erica into college; Adam attempts to give Barry a girlfriend and tries to build one similar to a movie.
The Goldbergs Hogan Is My Grandfather (HD, TV-14) For his term paper about a historical figure, Adam decides to make a movie about his grandfather; Erica returns to confront Beverly for her overbearing ways.
Jerry Springer Man Stealers Get Confronted (HD, TV-14) Scheduled: a viewer wants to tell a past guest she gives a bad name to women; a woman suspects that her sister is sleeping with her fiance.
black-ish The Prank King (HD, TV-PG) Dre attempts to get his older children interested in taking part in his family's Halloween tradition of pulling crazy pranks on each other.
black-ish Colored Commentary (HD, TV-PG) In an attempt to bring his family closer together, Dre tries to get "Team Johnson" to understand what it means to always look out for each other.
American Dad! Widowmaker (HD, TV-14) Roger acts as a couples' counselor for the Smiths after Stan finally opens up to Francine and admits that he killed her best friend's husband.
American Dad! American Stepdad (HD, TV-14) Stan invites his mother to move in after his stepfather dies, but tensions mount when Roger must share the attic; Roger and Stan's mom fall in love.
Jerry Springer Watch Your Mouth And Your Man (HD, TV-14) A woman has a secret to share; a woman wants her friend to quit interfering with her relationships; a man keeps trying to steal away another man's boyfriend.
black-ish Oedipal Triangle (HD, TV-PG) Dre's mother, Ruby, comes for a visit and shows her distaste for Rainbow, who feels the same way, which has Dre trying to get them to make peace.
black-ish Black Santa/White Christmas (HD, TV-PG) After Dre loses his campaign to be the office's Santa to the head of HR, he goes out of his way to take over because he believes their Santa should be black.
American Dad! Red October Sky (HD, TV-14) Stan fears that his new neighbor, a former KGB agent, is converting Steve to communism; Klaus is arrested for drug smuggling during a trip to France.
American Dad! Why Can't We Be Friends? (HD, TV-14) Stan decides Snot isn't cool enough to be Steve's best friend, so he stages a shooting that causes Snot to be placed in the Witness Protection Program.
Jerry Springer Wives Get Woke (HD, TV-14) A woman thinks her husband is cheating on her because he has two phones; a woman let her husband's ex-girlfriend move in with them and they're having problems.
black-ish Martin Luther SKiing Day (HD, TV-14) Dre explains the importance of Martin Luther King Jr. to his children; Dre tries to get Junior ready for going out into a world with intolerance in it.
black-ish Law of Attraction (HD, TV-PG) Dre is worried Rainbow thinks he isn't masculine after another man puts him down in front of her; Jr. and Zoey are cast as Romeo and Juliet in the school play.
American Dad! Office Spaceman (HD, TV-14) Roger is made the head of a CIA task force on extra-terrestrials after he leaks photos of himself to the media; Francine deals with her left-handedness.
American Dad! Adventures in Hayleysitting (HD, TV-14) Stan and Francine are forced to leave Steve with Hayley, but after she teases Steve about being a "goody-two-shoes" he sneaks out to go to a party.
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