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Jerry Springer "You Left Me for a Hooker!" (HD, TV-14) Misty is a stripper who wants to convince a client named Ryan to dump his girlfriend for her; tattoo artist Allen thinks that he might be in trouble.
black-ish God (HD, TV-14) After learning that Zoey is questioning her beliefs in God, Dre has a crisis of faith and asks his co-workers and family members for their help.
black-ish 40 Acres and a Vote (HD, TV-PG) When Junior decides to run for class president, Dre becomes his campaign manager to try to help him connect with his other classmates.
American Dad! Kiss Kiss, Cam Cam (HD, TV-14) While celebrating Francine's birthday at a baseball game, Stan and Fran share a terrible kiss on the "Kiss Cam," causing Stan to question their marriage.
American Dad! Pulling Double Booty (HD, TV-14) Hayley breaks up with her boyfriend and finds herself in the arms of Stan's body double; things get awkward in the house when the body double hits on Francine.
Jerry Springer Strippers Bare it All (HD, TV-14) Chey wants to move things to the next level with her boyfriend Isaiah, though he has been caught cheating on her multiple times in the past.
black-ish Who's Afraid of the Big Black Man? (HD, TV-PG) Dre's perceptions of black people are confronted after a situation at work brings them to light; Dre wants to be a bigger part of his community.
black-ish Jack of All Trades (HD, TV-PG) Jack and Diane share the results of their career tests with the family; Dre and Bow try to come to terms with the fact that Jack may have a blue-collar future.
American Dad! The Devil Wears a Lapel Pin (HD, TV-14) Stan is in charge of the annual CIA pin-up calendar but has trouble keeping an assistant, so Hayley volunteers for the job, but her intentions are not good.
American Dad! Phantom of the Telethon (HD, TV-14) Roger suggests Stan have a telethon to raise funds after the CIA's budget is cut, but Stan takes all the credit, and Roger does whatever he can to sabotage it.
Elementary Terra Pericolosa (HD, TV-14) Holmes and Watson hunt for a criminal who murdered in order to gain possession of an invaluable map; Sherlock continues to assert himself into Kitty's life.
Elementary Ill Tidings (HD, TV-14) Holmes and Watson are tasked with investigating the fatal poisoning of a chef and his customers who were killed with snake venom.
King of the Hill As Old as the Hills (HD, TV-14) Reflecting on their unfulfilled dreams, Hank and Peggy decide to go sky diving; Didi goes into labor, and Bobby must drive her to the hospital.
King of the Hill The Decline and Fall of Peggy Hill (HD, TV-14) Hank feels guilty when Peggy falls out of a plane, ending up in a full body cast; Didi and Cotton, unsure of how to raise a baby, leave the task to Bobby.
« The Investigator (TV-14, PG-13) A former police detective turned high school criminal justice teacher and baseball coach becomes entangled in the most important investigation of his life.
Seinfeld The Package (HD, TV-PG) Since being labeled a difficult patient, Elaine cannot find a doctor who will treat her rash; Jerry receives a suspicious package in the mail.
Seinfeld The Fatigues (HD, TV-PG) Intimidated by an employee she is supposed to fire, Elaine promotes him instead; Jerry's girlfriend has a mentor; George gives a seminar on risk management.
The Goldbergs Dungeons and Dragons, Anyone? (HD, TV-PG) When Adam finds himself as the team captain in gym class, he betrays his friends by choosing the jocks first, causing the two teams to battle it out.
The Goldbergs Rush (HD, TV-PG) Barry brings it to Beverly's attention that she favors Adam over him; Erica starts dating a boy who is obsessed with the band Rush.
Jerry Springer Flipped Out Females (HD, TV-14) Taylor is a stripper who wants to move things in her relationship with Charlie to the next level, though Charlie is not ready to get married.
black-ish Auntsgiving (HD, TV-PG) Pops' older sister Almaviligerais arrives unannounced for Thanksgiving, to everyone's delight except for Ruby; Bow and Dre plan one last last vacation.
black-ish Being Bow-racial (HD, TV-PG) Bow is faced with her own unresolved racial identity issues when Junior comes home with his new girlfriend, who happens to be white.
American Dad! Stan- Dan Deliver (HD, TV-14) After Roger gets himself a position as a teacher at Steve's school, he finds himself presiding over a class of underprivileged kids who keep his hands full.
American Dad! Chimdale (HD, TV-14) Steve finds out he has scoliosis and his back brace makes him the school laughingstock; Roger and Francine run into trouble on their spa retreat.
Jerry Springer Mississippi Mayhem (HD, TV-14) Laysia believes that her boyfriend Zo has been cheating on her with a girl named Fae and claims that she has proof; Josh cheated on his girlfriend Baylee.
black-ish Nothing but Nepotism (HD, TV-PG) Bow tries to get Dre to use his connections to find Zoey a fellowship, but he doesn't want her to rely on nepotism to get things in life.
black-ish Their Eyes Were Watching Screens (HD, TV-14) Diane accidently comes across a website that contains material that is too much for her, pushing Bow and Dre to take action and remove their home internet.
American Dad! Anchorfran (HD, TV-14) After news anchor Greg and Terry decide to go their separate ways, Francine formulates a plan designed to help out Greg.
American Dad! Stan Time (HD, TV-14) Stan's coworker gives him pills that help him stay up all night without being exhausted, but Stan realizes that he just wants to spend time with his wife.
Jerry Springer Squad Girls Attack (HD, TV-14) Key'Airra is a transgender hair stylist that is being harassed by her so called friend Victoria on social media; Haley wants to lose her virginity.
black-ish LEMONS (HD, TV-14) Tensions continue to run high at Dre's job in the wake of the presidential election; nothing is getting done since election night eight weeks ago.
black-ish Good Dre Hunting (HD, TV-PG) A consistently frustrated Dre takes Bow's advice to see a therapist to help deal with his anger issues; Johan becomes a life coach for the kids.
American Dad! The Two- Hundred (HD, TV-14) An event of catastrophic proportions turns Langley Falls into a wasteland and the people into cannibals, so a tattooed Stan has to go in search of his family.
American Dad! Family Affair (HD, TV-14) Roger tries to avoid family game night, but gets caught in a lie; the family find out that Roger has been seeing other families and try to teach a lesson.
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Jerry Springer Stripper Takedown (HD, TV-14) A woman, who became a stripper despite her boyfriend asking her not to, has sex with his close friend; a man suspects that his girlfriend cheated on him.
black-ish The Name Game (HD, TV-PG) Dre and Bow have a party to reveal the gender of their baby, making Dre excited due to it being his turn to name their child; Bow and Ruby are not happy.
black-ish I'm a Survivor (HD, TV-14) Dre returns to his old neighborhood in Compton for a funeral and is struck with survivor's guilt while hanging out with his old group of friends.
American Dad! The Unincludeds (HD, TV-14) Steve and Snot want to throw a party for all the students that are unpopular, but when their party interferes with their future, they have to fix things.
American Dad! Live and Let Fry (HD, TV-14) Stan sets a bad example for the family after he decides to blatantly disregard a recently implemented ban on trans fats in order to enjoy his favorites.
Jerry Springer Life Sentence: Cheating (HD, TV-14) A woman wants to find out what really happened between her boyfriend and his female friend; a man who admits he cheated on his girlfriend 16 times apologizes.
black-ish One Angry Man (HD, TV-14) Dre is called for jury duty after Junior responds to a summons for him; when the defendant turns out to be African American, Dre wants to give him a fair trial.
black-ish ToysRn'tUs (HD, TV-PG) Janine gives Diane a gift of a Girlstory doll that is white, and when Bow tries to return the doll for a black one, she is upset by the lack of choice.
American Dad! The Dentist's Wife (HD, TV-14) When Roger gets interested in the wife of a local dentist, he also develops a bit of an identity crisis he has trouble overcoming.
American Dad! Roy Rogers McFreely (HD, TV-14) Roger vows to take the Homeowner's Association from Stan; the new chairman abuses his power, leading Stan, Hayley and Steve to preserve the town's values.
Elementary The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction (HD, TV-PG) Sherlock intervenes in Joan's latest case, where the only clue they have to find a missing woman is the scent of nutmeg; Joan is visited by a man from her past.
Elementary Bang Bang Shoot Chute (HD, TV-14) After a base jumper is shot out of the sky and has his parachute damaged, Holmes and Watson find they are working with finding two different killers.
King of the Hill Aisle 8A (HD, TV-14) While Minh and Kahn are on vacation, Hank finds himself in an extremely awkward situation when he is the only one around to help Connie during her first period.
King of the Hill A Beer Can Named Desire (HD, TV-14) Hank faces temptation when he must choose between letting Don Meredith win him $100,000, or risking it for a chance at $1,000,000.
« Conan the Barbarian (TV-14, R, **) After his father is murdered by an evil warlord bent on conquering and enslaving the world, a great warrior rises up and vows vengeance.
Seinfeld The Comeback (HD, TV-PG) George struggles to invent the ultimate comeback to a quip made by one of his sarcastic co-workers; Elaine falls for a mysterious video rental clerk.
Seinfeld The Money (HD, TV-PG) George grows suspicious that his parents are sitting on a large sum of money; Kramer tries to cope with his girlfriend's after-sex bed habit.
The Goldbergs Smother's Day (HD, TV-PG) Beverly is hurt when Barry and Erica forget to get her a Mother's Day present, and when they make last-minute "Mom Coupons", Beverly decides to get revenge.
The Goldbergs Big Orange (HD, TV-PG) Beverly and her friend Lainey both hate Barry's favorite shirt and hatch a plan to destroy it together; Barry asks Adam and Erica to investigate.
Jerry Springer Rap & Dance Battles (HD, TV-14) A music producer is attracted to a woman, but the only problem is she's dating one of his clients; a woman tells her cousin that her boyfriend cheated on her.
black-ish Manternity (HD, TV-PG) Dre thinks about taking paternity leave after realizing that Zoey is a great child and that their bond was stronger when he was unemployed.
black-ish Richard Youngsta (HD, TV-PG) Bow and Ruby tell Dre his campaign with a well-known rapper is stereotypical; Bow has a hard time convincing the family to lessen their amount of take-out food.
American Dad! Widow's Pique (HD, TV-14) Roger and Francine play a game called widows where they dress up and portray themselves as widows to get free gifts but the game starts to seem too real.
American Dad! Jack's Back (HD, TV-14) Stan admits that his father never taught him to ride a bike, and Steve tries to help; Hayley works as a bartender in Roger's makeshift attic bar.
Jerry Springer Faceblocked (HD, TV-14) A woman tells her best friend that she should break up with her boyfriend because he's a cheater; a man has grown weary of being married and wants a divorce.
black-ish What Lies Beneath (HD, TV-PG) When Dre's sister arrives in town, he feels jealous of her close relationship with Pops; Dre and Bow persuade Zoey to take Junior to a high school party.
black-ish Sister, Sister (HD, TV-14) Bow's sister visits town; Zoey urges Dre to spend more time with Junior since she will be leaving for college; Jack and Diane want to rebrand themselves.
American Dad! Nova Centauris-burgh Board of Tourism Presents: The American Dad (HD, TV-14) When Steve and his friends involve themselves in a one of their role-playing games, Francine decides she will take part in the game with them.
American Dad! Bar Mitzvah Hustle (HD, TV-PG) Steve's friend is accused of stealing a kid's bar mitzvah money, putting him in jeopardy; Stan and Francine pitch a cell phone idea but can't deliver.
Jerry Springer Great Pumpkin Smash Down (HD, TV-14) Shane's ex-girlfriend Elise claims that they hooked up and she wants to be a part of his life, though he denies the liaison.
black-ish The Purge (HD, TV-PG) After Junior embarrasses Dre during a basketball game, he takes it upon himself to prank Junior to keep his son from challenging him again.
black-ish Jacked o' Lantern (HD, TV-PG) Dre is excited that he lives in a "good candy neighborhood" now; also, the cousin who used to make fun of Dre as a child visits the Johnsons.
American Dad! Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls (HD, TV-14) Stan puts together a "killer" set-up to win scariest haunted house; Steve falls for his friend's younger sister and competes to win her heart.
American Dad! Hot Water (HD, TV-14) Stressed by family life, Stan buys a hot tub for the backyard and becomes obsessed with it when the hot tub starts singing and encouraging bad behavior.
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