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« The Virginian Return a Stranger (TV-PG) A neighbor's son comes home after four years with his mining degree and a partner with muscle their downstream neighbors' stock begins to die, worrying all.
The Virginian Portrait of a Widow (TV-PG) An artist who owes several gambling debts travels to Medicine Bow to earn the $1500 to repay his debtors by painting Maggie, but Judge Garth doesn't trust him.
McCloud McCloud Meets Dracula (TV-PG) Detective McCloud uncovers a series of grisly murders that involve drinking blood, leading him to investigate an obsessed former actor.
Alias Smith and Jones Everything Else You Can Steal (TV-PG) Heyes and the Kid find out that they have been accused of holding up a bank so they confront the bank manager and convince him they are different people.
Alias Smith and Jones How to Rob a Bank in One Hard Lesson (TV-PG) When Hayes and The Kid once again fall for the old lady-in-distress gambit, they meet up with an offbeat crook.
The Voyager with Josh Garcia (HD, TV-G) World traveler Josh Garcia journeys to unique destinations around the world, seeking authentic experiences that showcase each location's culture.
Wilderness Vet (HD, TV-G) A veterinarian visits homes, wildlife preserves and farms in the mountainous Yukon territory in northwest Canada.
Frasier The Two Mrs. Cranes (TV-PG) Daphne's ex-fiancé is coming to America to visit, and in a heat of panic, she tells him that she is married to Niles to keep him from pursuing her.
Frasier Love Bites Dog (TV-PG) Frasier is itching to go on his date with the very attractive woman Roz set him up with, but a problem arises when Bulldog steals her away.
Will & Grace Sons and Lovers, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) Grace continues to begrudgingly play peacemaker between Will and her unrestrained boyfriend, Nathan; Jack gets the surprise of his life.
Will & Grace The Third Wheel Gets the Grace (HD, TV-PG) Grace and Nathan have been doing great, until Will returns from vacation; Jack takes Elliot shopping with Karen and Rosario in tow.
The Nanny That's MidLife (TV-PG) When Maxwell loses a tennis match to Fran, he undergoes an extreme mental crisis that prompts him to adapt a youthful wardrobe and purchase a sports car.
The Nanny The Cantor Show (TV-PG) Fran attempts to impress a handsome cantor at her mother's temple, but her plan backfires when he suddenly becomes the star of Maxwell's latest musical.
Frasier The Impossible Dream (TV-PG) Frasier is having a recurring dream of finding himself in bed with Gil Chesterton, so he engages the help of Niles to interpret what it means.
Frasier A Crane's Critique (TV-PG) Martin becomes friends with an exceptionally reclusive author, which makes Niles and Frasier overjoyed, but their exuberance winds up costing everyone.
Will & Grace Past and Presents (HD, TV-14) Will's boyhood fears come to light when his former bully joins the law firm and continues where he left off, tempting Will to ask Nathan for advice.
Will & Grace Crouching Father, Hidden Husband (HD, TV-PG) Jack asks Grace to be Elliot's date at his junior high school dance, and Karen heedlessly summons Will, her new lawyer, for emergencies.
The Nanny Green Card (TV-PG) Maxwell is upset when Fran accepts a quickie marriage proposal from Brighton's handsome, young French tutor, prompting C.C. to investigate the man's intentions.
The Nanny Ship of Fran's (TV-PG) Fran believes her psychic's romantic prediction will come true on the cruise vacation she is set to take with Val, which causes Maxwell to become concerned.
Frasier Head Game (TV-PG) Niles counsels a slumping NBA star to victory but is mortified to find out that the player only is using his head as a good luck charm.
Frasier Mixed Doubles (TV-PG) Frasier convinces Niles not to convey his true feelings to Daphne but regrets it when he finds out that Daphne picks up a Niles-clone in a bar.
Will & Grace Prison Blues (HD, TV-14) After Stan is arrested for tax evasion, Grace moves in with Karen for moral support, but the high life rubs off on Grace and she becomes unbearable.
Will & Grace Loose Lips Sink Relationships (HD, TV-14) Sneaky Jack manipulates Will and his supervisor at Barney's in order to get a night off work; Grace commits a relationship no-no by comparing lovers.
The Nanny Pup in Paris (TV-PG) When Maxwell takes the wrong bag on his flight, Fran tries to exchange it but ends up accompanying him on his trip after getting trapped in an airplane closet.
The Nanny The Tart with Heart (TV-PG) After confessing his love for Fran during what appeared to be their final moments, Maxwell infuriates Fran by rescinding his emotional declaration.
Frasier A Lilith Thanksgiving (TV-PG) The Cranes visit Lilith and Frederick over the Thanksgiving holiday, and Lilith and Frasier try to get Frederick admitted into a prestigious school.
Frasier Our Father Whose Art Ain't Heaven (TV-PG) Frasier offers a false compliment about a painting to get better service, so Martin buys him the painting, thinking Frasier loves it.
Will & Grace The Rules of Engagement (HD, TV-14) Nathan falls short when he proposes to Grace during a very intimate time; Will embarks on a mission to teach Jack and Karen the rules of bar-tipping.
Will & Grace Bed, Bath and Beyond (HD, TV-PG) Will, Jack and Karen each use their own antics to try to bring Grace out of her bed-ridden, grief-stricken state after breaking up with her boyfriend, Nathan.
The Nanny The Cradle Robbers (TV-PG) Maxwell adamantly objects to Maggie dating a man who is eight years her senior and orders Fran to put a stop to the relationship; C.C. battles insomnia.
The Nanny The Bird's Nest (TV-PG) Maxwell threatens to send Brighton to military school if he fails science class; Sylvia develops a mysterious rash that Fran attributes to food poisoning.
Frasier Dad Loves Sherry, the Boys Just Whine (TV-PG) Martin has a new girlfriend, Sherry, who has an in-your-face personality, and Frasier and Niles have issues dealing with her and try to avoid contact.
Frasier Liar! Liar! (TV-PG) Frasier and Niles feel that they are responsible for a former classmate's life of crime after they pinned a transgression on him in high school.
Will & Grace Star-Spangled Banter (HD, TV-PG) On opposing sides during the New York City mayoral election, Grace sides with the Jewish candidate while Will is backing the gay nominee.
Will & Grace A Moveable Feast, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Will, Grace, Jack and Karen plan a road trip to visit their dysfunctional families while Rosario is left in charge of their Thanksgiving dinner preparations.
The Nanny The Rosie Show (TV-PG) Fran is invited to become a regular panelist on "The Rosie O'Donnell Show," where she is responsible for answering viewer inquiries on child rearing.
The Nanny Freida Needa Man (TV-PG) Fran's Aunt Frieda arrives at the Sheffields' after going broke and being evicted, so Fran tries to get her rich boyfriend to propose and take her in.
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« The Virginian The Stallion (TV-PG) A mistreated stallion tramples his handler and escapes only to be recovered by Randy who takes the horse to Charlie Orwell, a drunken ex-veterinarian.
The Virginian Dark Challenge (TV-PG) Mr. Hendricks, his son Arnie and daughter Jenny move to Medicine Bow where Jenny finds an admirer in Wally and a good friend in Trampas, but Arnie is unhappy.
McCloud 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas... (TV-PG) Detective McCloud finds himself to be overwhelmed by a murderous stalker and a gang of drug thieves that has taken Chief Clifford and Chris hostage.
Alias Smith and Jones Dreadful Sorry, Clementine (TV-PG) Smith and Jones become involved in a $50,000 swindle.
Alias Smith and Jones The Bounty Hunter (TV-PG) Heyes and Curry are captured by a black bounty hunter who refuses to let them go even after they save his life two times from bigots.
The Voyager with Josh Garcia Kung Fu Master (HD, TV-G) Josh lands in the port of Hong Kong, where a local foodie takes him on a culinary tour of the city's nearly extinct foods; Josh visits an ancient temple.
Wilderness Vet 1 Hoof, 2 Hooves, 3 Hooves, 4 (HD, TV-G) Dr. Oakley cares for large animals, which includes a donkey, a limping caribou and feisty sheep.
Frasier Three Days of the Condo (TV-PG) Frasier is denied permission to install an antique door knocker at his condo and decides to fight back against the condo board president.
Frasier Death and the Dog (TV-PG) Martin notices Eddie has a severe case of depression, and he hires a canine psychiatrist to help analyze Eddie's problems and come up with a cure.
Will & Grace A Moveable Feast, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) Thanksgiving Day with Will, Grace, Jack and Karen finds them all walking down memory lane with their respective dysfunctional families.
Will & Grace Stakin' Care of Business (HD, TV-PG) Will sees a guy at the gym that he cannot place and it drives him to distraction; Grace stoops to a new low and asks Karen for a loan.
The Nanny Me and Mrs. Joan (TV-PG) Maxwell accidentally runs into his estranged father after not having seen him since he abandoned the family for his secretary; Brighton attends ballet classes.
The Nanny The Taxman Cometh (TV-PG) Fran is audited by the IRS and appeals the $5000 bill they issue her; Maxwell tries to reconnect with Brighton; Jay Leno asks the Sheffields to watch his dog.
Frasier Four for the Seesaw (TV-PG) The Crane brothers get a weekend double date with two beautiful women after giving a spontaneous gesture, but Niles can't help feeling that he's betrayed Maris.
Frasier To Kill a Talking Bird (TV-PG) Niles' new bird picks the night of his housewarming party to firmly ensconce itself on Niles' head and constantly repeat a quote meant to stay private.
Will & Grace Jingle Balls (HD, TV-14) Grace is hired to decorate the front store window of Barney's; Will is embarrassed to introduce his friends to the ballet dancer he likes.
Will & Grace Whoa, Nelly (HD, TV-PG) Will and Grace set Tina up on a date to lure her away from Will's dad, but the man is gay; Karen buys a gay breeding horse by mistake.
The Nanny An Affair to Dismember (TV-PG) When Maxwell's younger brother arrives from Paris, Fran is charged with showing him around the town, leading to a blossoming romance between the two.
The Nanny Tattoo (TV-PG) When Maggie announces she wants a tattoo, it is revealed that Fran already has one of her own, a fact that intrigues Maxwell and disgusts a disapproving Sylvia.
Frasier Roz's Krantz and Gouldenstein Are Dead (TV-PG) Roz starts volunteering at a retirement home to complete her community service, but she's not welcomed after the people she visits start dying.
Frasier The Unnatural (TV-PG) Roz's injury leaves the KACL baseball team down a player, so Frederick suggests that his father step up, forcing Frasier to take a crash course.
Will & Grace Grace in the Hole (HD, TV-14) Grace rediscovers an old friend while visiting Karen's husband in prison; Rosario advises her liquored-up boss to stand by her man.
Will & Grace Dyeing is Easy, Comedy is Hard (HD, TV-PG) Elliot's mother, Bonnie, gets irate when Jack lets him bleach his hair; Grace attends her ex-fiancé's wedding with Will, who poses as a tennis pro.
The Nanny The Car Show (TV-PG) Maggie convinces Fran to enter a beauty contest in order to win her a car; Fran runs over a rabbit during a driving lesson with Maxwell.
The Nanny Hurricane Fran (TV-PG) Fran and Val decides to forgo family time with the Sheffields and take a holiday vacation, but end up caught in a hurricane; C.C. falls on Niles' waxed floor.
Frasier Roz's Turn (TV-PG) Frasier accidentally ruins Roz's chances of branching out on her own with a radio show after remarking about her audition to Bebe.
Frasier Ham Radio (TV-PG) Frasier experiments with the arts by trying to produce a classic radio drama, but his perfectionist directing style has the actors revolting.
Will & Grace Someone Old, Someplace New (HD, TV-PG) Will and Grace look for a larger domain, and in the process illegally sublet their apartment; Jack stumbles onto Karen's low-life mother.
Will & Grace Something Borrowed, Someone's Due (HD, TV-PG) Now that Will and Grace are in their larger apartment, they hunger for the closeness the smaller one brought and wish they hadn't sub-let the old place.
The Nanny Danny's Dead and Who's Got the Will? (TV-PG) Fran attends her ex-fiancé's funeral and begins to feel she has no real value to the Sheffield family; Maxwell's critical grandmother pays him a visit.
The Nanny Kissing Cousins (TV-PG) When Fran finds the perfect new boyfriend only to find out that he's her cousin, Maxwell suggests she overcome her distress by meeting with a therapist.
Frasier Three Dates and a Breakup, Part 1 (TV-PG) Niles ends up competing with Frasier for eligible women at a benefit dinner for a theater group; Martin and Sherry attend an ice skating event.
Frasier Three Dates and a Breakup, Part 2 (TV-PG) Martin's true feelings for Sherry are exposed following their break-up, so Frasier uses his therapeutic skills to bring them back together.
Will & Grace Cheatin' Trouble Blues (HD, TV-PG) Will is excited to present his reconciled parents with a cruise on their anniversary, but he soon finds out they each have a secret.
Will & Grace Went to a Garden Potty (HD, TV-PG) Will's parents divorce so he inherits a garden gnome, Squatsie, and plants the childhood relic in his apartment's community area, but its visit is short-lived.
The Nanny The Fifth Wheel (TV-PG) As part of a therapeutic experiment, Fran vows to rid her life of men but loneliness sets in when she decides to join C.C., Val and their dates.
The Nanny The Nose Knows (TV-PG) Fran is not impressed with her therapist's behavior after she witnesses him in a personal setting; C.C. needs a date for an awards show.
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