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Wagon Train The Jasper Cato Story (TV-G) Major Adams learns that a friend, who works as a newspaper editor in a small town, may be in danger and sets off to find him before someone else does.
Charlie's Angels Waikiki Angels (TV-PG) The beaches of Honolulu beckon, but the Angels' vacation is interrupted when a Congressman's son is attacked on his honeymoon.
Mama's Family Bubba's House Band (TV-PG) Bubba books a rock band named The Bonecrushers to perform at his school's homecoming, and instead of staying at a hotel, the group stays at Mama's.
The Jeffersons The Jeffersons Go to Hawaii, Part 4 (TV-G) George and Tom are shipwrecked on an island filled with natives after their boat flips over and the natives tell them of a real estate development.
Wagon Train The Vivian Carter Story (TV-G) When a woman discovers that her beloved fiancé is already married, another passenger in the wagon train attempts to win her heart.
Charlie's Angels Hula Angels (TV-PG) After the owner of a nightclub is kidnapped, a million dollar ransom is sent for, leaving the Angels much work to do before they can bring the man home.
Mama's Family Mama Takes Stock (TV-PG) Vint is on the verge of losing his job due to a corporate takeover, and Mama uses her long-forgotten stock certificate in an effort to save his job.
The Jeffersons God Bless Americans (TV-G) George prepares for his appearance on a talk show, but when the host discovers George is supporting a Cuban refugee he doesn't want him to come on.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Vanishing Act (TV-G) While the townspeople are being entertained by the performance of a magician who is visiting the community, the bank winds up being robbed.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Mental Lapse (TV-G) A man suffering from amnesia turns to Josh for help in hopes the Army veteran-turned bounty hunter can jog his memory about his identity and past.
The Rifleman The Promoter (TV-G) After crossing paths with an ex-convict, Lucas and Mark make it their mission to reform him into a law-abiding and productive citizen.
The Rifleman The Illustrator (TV-G) After a drunken artist is mistakenly charged with murder, Lucas encourages the man to use his artistic abilities to identify the actual killer.
The Wild Wild West The Night of Montezuma's Hordes (TV-G) Secret Service agents Jim West and Artemus Gordon are put in danger when a group of Aztec warriors catch the two of them with priceless artifacts.
Gilligan's Island Meet the Meteor (TV-G) The Professor believes a space rock that landed on the island is radioactive and has his suspicions confirmed when each of the castaways begins to age rapidly.
Gilligan's Island Up at Bat (TV-G) Gilligan gets carried away with thinking he is a vampire after a bat bites him and begins dreaming that he is a blood-sucker living in 19th century Europe
The Jeffersons Alley Oops (TV-G) George has no choice but to ask Tom to fill in for his sick bowling teammate for a competition with another cleaner even though he hasn't played in years.
The Jeffersons And the Doorknobs Shined Like Diamonds (TV-G) Louise is distressed to learn the building she grew up in will be torn down and reminisces about her childhood and the day of her wedding.
The Love Boat The Man Who Loved Women; A Different Girl; Oh, My Aching Brother (TV-G) A man finds himself interested in three women, while he does not know the three are travelling companions; Captain Stubing's godson is a guest on the ship.
Wagon Train The Sister Rita Story (TV-G) Major Adams asks Flint to travel to Nevada in the company of three nuns, who plan to open a mission school there for American Indian children.
Charlie's Angels Moonshinin' Angels (TV-PG) The Angels take a trip into the deep South due to a feud between two families that has carried through generations creating problems for all around.
Mama's Family War of the Roses (TV-PG) Mama and Iola grow roses for a flower show, and when their flowers cross-pollinate, the ladies spar over ownership after being told the rose is a sure winner.
The Jeffersons Sorry, Wrong Meeting (TV-G) Due to an outbreak of robberies, Tom decides to go to a tenant meeting and invites George to go with him, not realizing it's a Ku Klux Klan meeting.
Wagon Train The Matthew Lowry Story (TV-G) When a Quaker with one arm refuses to fight those who ridicule him, the other passengers in the train come to believe that he's a coward.
Charlie's Angels He Married an Angel (TV-PG) Believing they have been cheated out of $100,000, two sisters enlist the help of the Angels to locate the con man who took their money.
Mama's Family Mama Takes a Dive (TV-PG) Mama is turned down for the bank loan she needs for the purchase of a new furnace, but she slips on a roll of pennies and is convinced to sue the bank.
The Jeffersons My Hero (TV-G) George receives a lot of attention after he helps a woman escape a mugger, but he finds a bodyguard for himself when he gets attacked.
Wagon Train The Swift Cloud Story (TV-G) An American Indian chief threatens to attack the wagon train, leading the travelers to capture his lame son and heal his wounds in return for safe passage.
Charlie's Angels Taxi Angels (TV-PG) The owner of a cab company is badly burned by an explosion, and the Angels go undercover to find the perpetrator.
Mama's Family The Big Nap (TV-PG) Mama is addicted to watching detective films, and when Iola's mother goes missing, Mama dreams she is a private investigator working on the case.
The Jeffersons I Buy the Songs (TV-G) Louise feels unappreciated at Valentine's Day after Tom writes Helen a poem and George offers her money as a gift when he forgets about the day.
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Wagon Train Vincent Eaglewood Story (TV-G) A meek, but serious, schoolteacher takes his students on a nature hike, despite warnings that hostile American Indian tribes could be lurking nearby.
Charlie's Angels Angel on the Line (TV-PG) The Angels go to a singles club that has a telephone at each table where women have been called and told they are too pretty to be allowed to live.
Mama's Family Pinup Mama (TV-PG) Mama and Iola make a flyer to attract men to a church dance, but when Bubba jokingly puts Mama's head on a bikini clad body, the men get the wrong idea.
The Jeffersons Small Fish, Big Pond (TV-G) George lies about his wealth in order to be included in an exclusive business group and he is asked to give a large sum of money for a new fountain.
Wagon Train The Clara Duncan Story (TV-G) When an artist suddenly goes missing, his father and his fiancé join the wagon train in a desperate attempt to find him and bring him home.
Charlie's Angels Chorus Line Angels (TV-PG) The Angels get into a dance troop in order to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a few of the dancers in the group.
Mama's Family Guess Who's Going to Dinner (TV-PG) Vint wins a Mother's Day dinner for two, and as Mama and Naomi fight over who is more deserving of the dinner, Vint is unable to make up his mind.
The Jeffersons Not So Dearly Beloved (TV-G) George finally fires a manager at his store, but the man dies during the firing process and George has to talk about him at the funeral.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Angela (TV-G) Knowing who killed her father, a woman seeks revenge on the murderer, but he is already being sought by the bounty hunter for a string of other crimes.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Monster (TV-G) An elephant trainer must be stopped after using the massive beast to scare the townspeople away so that he can rob the local bank while they are gone.
The Rifleman The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town (TV-G) Lucas, Mark and Marshal Torrance explore a nearby ghost town, where they meet the Newman family and learn the secret about the mystery of a lost gold mine.
The Rifleman Dark Day at North Fork (TV-G) Lucas is left blinded from an explosion and must fight his depressed mood in order to prepare for a meeting with an impressive gun-wielding enemy.
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Circus of Death (TV-G) Secret Service agents Jim West and Artemus Gordon attempt to track down a gang of counterfeiters before a flood of fake bills damage the U.S. economy.
Gilligan's Island Where There's a Will (TV-G) An ailing Mr. Howell decides to leave his fortune to the castaways, but a luau held in his honor has him suspecting the others want to collect the money sooner.
Gilligan's Island Man with a Net (TV-G) The castaways hope to be saved by a British butterfly collector who comes to the island in pursuit of a rare species, but he refuses to leave without his catch.
The Jeffersons Florence's New Job, Part 1 (TV-G) George is campaigning for a cleaning contract with a big hotel and invites the owner over to convince him, but the owner takes a liking to Florence.
The Jeffersons Florence's New Job, Part 2 (TV-G) Florence starts her new job, but finds herself doing difficult tasks like firing maids and informing George he won't be getting the hotel's cleaning contract.
The Love Boat Ship of Ghouls (TV-G) Julie's friend used to be a glamorous model but an automobile accident changed that and left her facially disfigured; Julie convinces her to embrace life again.
Wagon Train The Kate Parker Story (TV-G) A couple volunteer to stay behind with an injured woman, but while one half of the couple has good intentions, the other half is hatching a sinister plot.
Charlie's Angels Stuntwomen Angels (TV-PG) A self-styled modern Robin Hood has been causing trouble at the movie studios, leading the Angels to enroll in stunt school in an effort to stop him.
Mama's Family Look Who's Breathing (TV-PG) Mama must fill in for Vint as Naomi's coach for a childbirth class, but Mama creates chaos when she gives the class the reality of childbirth.
The Jeffersons Louise's Father (TV-G) George thinks he has uncovered that Louise's father didn't die when she was young, but is actually still alive when he sees a man's picture in the newspaper.
Wagon Train The Steve Campden Story (TV-G) When a ferocious winter storm seals off a mountain pass with snow, Major Adams sends Flint and two others on a scouting mission to find a way through.
Charlie's Angels Attack Angels (TV-PG) The president of a large corporation hires the Angels in order to learn the truth about why several of his executives have been murdered recently.
Mama's Family There's Nothing Like the Dames (TV-PG) Mama's chance to join a prestigious women's club is jeopardized when Vint and Naomi purchase a rundown mobile home that breaks down in Mama's driveway.
The Jeffersons Now You See It, Now You Don't, Part 1 (TV-G) Everyone dresses as movie stars for Halloween and Louise looks through Harry's telescope and is frightened to see a strange murder in progress.
Wagon Train Chuck Wooster, Wagonmaster (TV-G) When a ferocious blizzard brings the wagon train to a halt, Major Adams, Flint and Bill vanish, forcing Charlie become the passengers' new leader.
Charlie's Angels Angel on a Roll (TV-PG) During the investigation into the theft of $100 bills, Kris encounters an electronics genius who soon becomes the main suspect in her case.
Mama's Family Bye Bye Baby (TV-PG) Mama tries to calm Naomi's motherhood fears by sharing stories from her own pregnancy, but Naomi needs Mama the most when she goes into labor.
The Jeffersons Now You See It, Now You Don't, Part 2 (TV-G) Louise is confronted by the killer disguised as a rabbit that she witnessed murdering someone and fears he will kill her with a carrot.
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