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Leave It to Beaver Lonesome Beaver (TV-G) When Wally leaves on a trip with the Boy Scouts, Beaver finds that he is lonely and that his other friends are too busy to entertain him.
Leave It to Beaver Cleaning Up Beaver (TV-G) Wally matures and begins to take an interest in his appearance but his neatness bothers the Beaver.
Perry Mason The Case of the Fugitive Nurse (TV-PG) A doctor fakes his death on a plane crash so he can be with his mistress in Mexico and his wife must stand trial for the body double that was actually killed.
Matlock The Temptation (TV-PG) While Leanne is gone, her house gets broken into and her diary is stolen in a lonely criminal's desperate attempt to try and win her love and affections.
Leave It to Beaver The Perfect Father (TV-G) Ward becomes jealous for his sons' attention when they spend time away from home in favor of going to another house that has a basketball goal.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver and Poncho (TV-G) Beaver trades a glass doorknob for a Chihuahua that Larry found in his garbage can in hopes that he can actually keep the dog.
Perry Mason The Case of the One-Eyed Witness (TV-PG) Perry encounters a witness who is vital to a murder case, but her plea is not well-structured and could possibly be disregarded because she has troubled vision
Matlock The Crook (TV-PG) Matlock is afraid the judge will throw the book at his client, a choir member who was accused of killing the person who snitched on him for stealing books.
Leave It to Beaver The State vs. Beaver (TV-G) Beaver ends up in trouble with a traffic officer after Ward helps Beaver and Wally build a miniature race car powered by the lawn mower motor.
Leave It to Beaver The Broken Window (TV-G) While playing baseball in the street, the boys hit a ball through the Cleaver's window resulting in Ward taking disciplinary actions.
Perry Mason The Case of the Deadly Double (TV-PG) A woman, who suffers from multiple personality disorder, goes under hypnosis so a split personality that witnessed a murder can be revealed.
Matlock The Murder Game (TV-PG) Matlock, Leanne and Cliff go to a murder mystery weekend on an island with three strangers and the pretend murder victim actually turns up murdered.
Leave It to Beaver Train Trip (TV-G) Wally and Beaver talk Aunt Martha in letting them buy their own tickets to head home to Mayfield on a train.
Leave It to Beaver My Brother's Girl (TV-G) Wally thinks that he hates girls so he wants to attend the school dance with Eddie Haskell.
Perry Mason The Case of the Empty Tin (TV-PG) A woman hires a fellow companion to prove she is the heir to an estate, but as they get near to closing the deal, he is found dead.
Matlock Brennen (TV-PG) Matlock goes up against a formidable prosecutor when he defends a client who has been wrongly accused of murdering a city councilwoman.
Leave It to Beaver Next Door Indians (TV-G) Beaver wants to make an impression on the neighborhood kids and tells a tall tale about an Indian attack.
Leave It to Beaver Tenting Tonight (TV-G) Ward plans a camping trip with his boys after a disappointing weekend at the movies but is called away to work at the last minute.
Perry Mason The Case of the Half-Wakened Wife (TV-PG) A man goes to see an old companion for a friendly visit and gets charged with his murder, but fortunately Perry is also another old friend of his.
Matlock The P.I. (TV-PG) The daughter of a Los Angeles private investigator takes some incriminating photographs that result in the wrong man being accused of murder.
Trackdown Killer Takes All (TV-G) A Texas Ranger and acting sheriff of the town of Porter, Texas, pursues an assortment of wanted fugitives, including bank robbers, horse thieves and killers.
Trackdown Outlaw's Wife (TV-G) A Texas Ranger and acting sheriff of the town of Porter, Texas, pursues an assortment of wanted fugitives, including bank robbers, horse thieves and killers.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Scorched Feather (TV-G) A man hires Paladin to protect his father from being killed at the hands of the vengeful Comanche war chief who holds a grudge against him.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Return of the Lady (TV-G) An imperious British aristocrat, who was one of Paladin's former clients, sends Paladin an invitation to give her away in her upcoming wedding.
Maverick According to Hoyle (TV-G) While aboard a riverboat, Bret becomes the victim of a Southern belle's poker scheme, and he learns that years ago, he took the woman's father for $50,000.
Beakman's World Polar Exploration, Beakmania & Circular Motion (TV-G) Chilling facts about the North and South Poles; the crew discovers the bloody details about the lamprey; how ice skaters spin so fast.
Beakman's World Sunken Treasure, Beakmania & Archimedian Screw (TV-G) Mysteries behind sunken treasures; science recipe for Punch ala Art; how a simple tool like a screw, can be considered a machine.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Population Solutions (TV-G) Bill Nye explains how groups of living things compete for food and space, including the problems that can arise when populations get out of balance.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Animal Locomotion (TV-G) Bill examines the fascinating and ever-varying methods that different species of animals use in getting around; a parody is made for Bush's "Everything Zen".
Saved by the Bell The Friendship Business (TV-G) For a class project, the gang work together to create friendship bracelets but Zach's selfish nature undercuts their efforts to work as a team.
Saved by the Bell Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind (TV-G) Things proceed to get out of hand during the filming of a student movie, when a reporter visits Bayside following tales of alien sightings.
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Leave It to Beaver Music Lesson (TV-G) Beaver's parents are pleased that he wants to play in the school band but he doesn't do well and can't tell his mom and dad.
Leave It to Beaver New Doctor (TV-G) Wally receives special attention when he gets sick, so Beaver pretends to be sick hoping for the same treatment.
Perry Mason The Case of the Desperate Daughter (TV-PG) The daughter of a German immigrant pretends to have romantic feelings for a man whom she believes has come to America to have her stepmother deported.
Matlock The Godfather (TV-PG) Matlock reluctantly allows his house to be used for a wedding reception, but a murder after the bachelor party leads to more unwanted guests.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Old Friend (TV-G) While cleaning out the garage, Beaver finds his teddy bear and throws him away after being told that he is too old for stuffed animals.
Leave It to Beaver Wally's Job (TV-G) Wally agrees to paint garbage cans for Ward who decided to give him 50 cents for each one he completes, but after learning he could be paid more loses interest.
Perry Mason The Case of the Daring Decoy (TV-PG) Two men's battle for sole proprietorship of an oil company, leads to death of a secretary who was used as a spy during the ordeal.
Matlock The Idol (TV-PG) A Georgia-bred, Harvard educated defense attorney uses his team of associates to build cases in defense of his clients, and tries to find the real wrongdoers.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Bad Day (TV-G) Beaver accidentally rips his suit pants at the park and offers a ridiculous story to his parents when they ask how it happened.
Leave It to Beaver Boarding School (TV-G) After talking to a friend in military school, Wally decides he wants to go too, but Ward and June are not convinced it's the best place for him.
Perry Mason The Case of the Hesitant Hostess (TV-PG) A grief stricken man, charged with murder, receives a sympathetic Perry's defense services free of charge.
Matlock The Idol, Part 2 (TV-PG) Ben Matlock searches for evidence to clear the name of a young lawyer, who asked his hero Matlock for help when he is accused of murder.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver and Henry (TV-G) Ward, Beaver and Wally go on the hunt for what is eating June's plants, and they decide to keep the rabbit they find out is the culprit.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver Runs Away (TV-G) Beaver plays with a power tool and accidentally puts two holes in the garage after being talked into using the drill by Wally.
Perry Mason The Case of the Screaming Woman (TV-PG) The husband, a bullied secretary and a doctor involved in illegal activities are all suspects in the murder of a gossip columnist.
Matlock The Accused, Part 1 (TV-PG) A journalist claims to have killed a mobster in mere self-defense during an interview when he accused her of using plagiarism in her stories.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Guest (TV-G) Beaver is anxious to have a friend stay for the weekend until a fight between the two of them breaks out on the first night, and Beaver punches his friend.
Leave It to Beaver Cat Out of the Bag (TV-G) Beaver and Wally help neighbors who have gone out of town by caring for their cat only to lose control when Eddie scares the cat with his dog.
Perry Mason The Case of the Fiery Fingers (TV-PG) The husband of a wealthy woman is under fire when she is poisoned to death and it also discovered that his first wife died of poisoning also.
Matlock The Accused, Part 2 (TV-PG) Matlock takes on a case involving a scorned journalist charged with murdering a shady character, but the defendant claims she acted in self-defense.
Trackdown Chinese Cowboy (TV-G) A Texas Ranger and acting sheriff of the town of Porter, Texas, pursues an assortment of wanted fugitives, including bank robbers, horse thieves and killers.
Trackdown The Set Up (TV-G) A Texas Ranger and acting sheriff of the town of Porter, Texas, pursues an assortment of wanted fugitives, including bank robbers, horse thieves and killers.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Monster of Moon Ridge (TV-G) The residents of Moon Ridge, Colorado insist that the mountains are inhabited by monstrous creatures and that a man's daughter was taken by one.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Long Hunt (TV-G) A man hires Paladin to hunt down a murderous, half-Native American fugitive, who is hiding deep in the mountainous wilderness of New Mexico.
Maverick Substitute Gun (TV-G) Bart agrees to help a sheriff prevent a murder of a saloon owner who has been threatened, as he wants to kill the man who has fallen in love with his wife.
Beakman's World Whales, Beakmania & Optical Illusions II (TV-G) The importance of the great mammals; how spiders feed on their victims; the optical illusion behind 3-D pictures.
Beakman's World Sound Barrier, Beakmania & Healthy Living (TV-G) Beakman breaks the sound barrier to find out what the boom has to do with speed; Nurse Phoebe soothes an ailing foot blister; advice about healthy living.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Earthquakes (TV-G) Bill offers comedic commentary and scientifically driven explanations for geological movements and the patterns of tectonic plates.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Pollution Solutions (TV-G) Bill Nye shows the importance of preparing for the future by recycling, researching, and developing new ways to combat the pollution problem.
Saved by the Bell Screech's Birthday (TV-G) Screech becomes upset when his friends forget his birthday, so Zack and company have him promoted to hall monitor to make up for it.
Saved by the Bell Blind Dates (TV-G) When Zack gets one too many detentions and faces a suspension, Belding offers him a free pass if Zack goes on a date with his niece, Penny.
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