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Wanted: Dead or Alive Eager Man (TV-G) A fugitive attempts to negotiate his capture with Josh by offering himself up, but only if his wife is given a share in the bounty for his return.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Legend (TV-G) When Josh learns there is gold to be claimed, he goes on the search, but he soon finds himself battling against two desperados wanting it for themselves.
The Rifleman The Wyoming Story, Part I (TV-G) Lucas works as a federal undercover agent to investigate rumors in Wyoming about weapons sales to rebellious American Indians, but his life gets put in danger.
The Rifleman The Wyoming Story, Part II (TV-G) Mark travels to Wyoming to find Lucas, who is working as a federal undercover agent closely following a gang selling arms to rebellious American Indians.
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Surreal McCoy (TV-G) Agents Jim West and Artemus Gordon discover that Dr. Loveless has invented a device that can transport assassins and thieves into and out of paintings.
Mama's Family Santa Mama (TV-PG) Vint accepts a holiday job playing Santa at the mall, and although Mama is not in the Christmas spirit, she must fill in for Vint when he loses his voice.
Mama's Family Mama Gets Goosed (TV-PG) Mama's cousin sends her a goose for their Christmas dinner, but Vint, Naomi and Bubba befriend it and fight Mama to keep it alive.
The Jeffersons The Christmas Wedding (TV-G) The Christmas spirit fails to reach Tom and George, who argue over the preparations for Lionel and Jenny's wedding because of their choice of minister.
The Jeffersons All I Want for Christmas (TV-G) Dressed as Santa Claus, George finds himself in bind after promising kids at the Help Center that they will get anything they want for Christmas.
The Love Boat Santa, Santa, Santa; Another Dog Gone Christmas; Noel's Christmas Carol (TV-G) The cruise schedules three men to play Santa Claus; Vicki lets a lonely comedian borrow her dog; a woman requests that Ace pose as her fiancé.
Wagon Train The Jane Hawkins Story (TV-G) Flint encounters a wounded girl who is being tracked by a hired gunman; after agreeing to protect her, Flint sets off to find the gunman and stop him.
Charlie's Angels Angels in the Backfield (TV-PG) The Angels investigate a women's professional football team that is being threatened by a group of motorcyclists who are attacking individual athletes.
Mama's Family The Love Letter (TV-PG) After Naomi gives Vint and Bubba a love test from a magazine, a love letter is passed around and has everyone thinking it was written for them.
The Jeffersons The Marriage Counselors (TV-G) When Louise discovers that Tom and Helen are taking a class in an effort to improve their marriage, she attempts to convince George to go to one with her.
Wagon Train The Candy O'Hara Story (TV-G) When a widower traveling in the wagon train falls in love with a woman Major Adams was once involved with, the major warns him against becoming too attached.
Charlie's Angels The Sandcastle Murders (TV-PG) A seaside strangler who is targeting blue-eyed blonde women may have Kris in mind as his next victim.
Mama's Family Steal One, Pearl Two (TV-PG) When Iola's valuable string of pearls goes missing, she quickly accuses Bubba of stealing it after he purchases an expensive new drum set.
The Jeffersons Louise's Friend (TV-G) George gets upset when he finds out Louise has become friends with a male member of her French class and he tells her men and women can't be just friends.
Wagon Train The River Crossing (TV-G) The train encounters a flooded river and is forced to stop and make camp; Flint learns that a tribe of Comanche Indians plan to launch an attack at dawn.
Charlie's Angels Angel Blues (TV-PG) When a country music singer dies after telling her father she was coming home, the Angels are called to investigate and learn a secret she was hiding.
Mama's Family Where There's Smoke (TV-PG) Mama vies for the presidency of the Church Ladies League by having Rev. Meechum and his wife to dinner, but a runaway from Bubba's reform school shows up.
The Jeffersons The Old Flame (TV-G) George is excited to learn his mother will be bringing one of his old crushes to dinner, but George is overwhelmed with her actions when they're alone.
Wagon Train The Roger Bigelow Story (TV-G) A young pastor who is planning to start a new church in California encounters an injured outlaw; Major Adams counsels against helping the bandit.
Charlie's Angels Mother Goose Is Running for His Life (TV-PG) The owner of a toy company, known as "Mother Goose," hires the angels to protect him, believing a rival is out to kill him after he has a series of accidents.
Mama's Family Fly Naomi (TV-PG) Naomi grows tired of her professional and personal life, and when she decides to become an airline attendant, the family is not very supportive.
The Jeffersons Jenny's Opportunity (TV-G) Jenny gets the chance to attend Oxford in England for the summer, but an argument erupts when Lionel finds out his company won't allow him to transfer.
Wagon Train The Jeremy Dow Story (TV-G) A drifter offers to help a couple drive their wagon, but when he encounters the couple's young son, he realizes he will have to finally face his haunting past.
Charlie's Angels Little Angels of the Night (TV-14) The Angels go undercover in an apartment where many prostitutes live in order to discover the culprit behind a series of murders involving blonde women.
Mama's Family Desperately Seeking Anyone (TV-PG) Having grown tired of Iola's constant presence, the Harpers try to set her up on a date, but the gentleman sets his sights on someone other than Iola.
The Jeffersons George the Philanthropist (TV-G) In an effort to win a local philanthropy award George promises a large amount of money to a youth center, but doesn't want to follow through when he loses.
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Wanted: Dead or Alive Railroaded (TV-G) In spite of his claims of innocence, charges are filed against a youth for the murder of a local detective, but Josh hopes to prove the boy right.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Double Fee (TV-G) Due to an opera star's plotting, Josh finds himself in the middle of a kidnapping case, forcing him to not only save the victim, but his reputation as well.
The Rifleman Death Trap (TV-G) After seeing Dr. Simon Battle, Lucas knows he has seen him before and realizes that he is a former gunslinger who he fought some time ago.
The Rifleman The Queue (TV-G) A Chinese man struggles against prejudice while trying to make a future for his son by opening up a laundry business in North Fork.
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Colonial Ghost (TV-G) Agent West travels to Gibsonville to make sure the town is safe for the president to visit, but when he arrives, he finds the town practically deserted.
Mama's Family Porn Again (TV-PG) Mama finds a pornographic magazine in Bubba's room, and after discovering Naomi sold it to him at Food Circus, Mama forms a boycott against the store.
Mama's Family Have It Mama's Way (TV-PG) Mama and Bubba become co-workers when they are both offered jobs at a fast food restaurant, but their working relationship is less than ideal.
The Jeffersons Louise's Physical (TV-G) Though George, Tom, Helen, Harry and Florence are preparing a surprise party for Louise, she is in no mood for celebrations after taking her physical.
The Jeffersons Once a Friend (TV-G) George learns a surprising discovery concerning an old Navy friend that causes his wife to believe he may be cheating on her with another woman.
The Love Boat The Congressman Was Indiscreet; Isaac's History Lesson; Winner Take Love (TV-G) A congressman escapes from being unjustly involved in a scandal by boarding the Pacific Princess; Isaac has a clash with a lovely intellectual snob.
Wagon Train The Patience Miller Story (TV-G) A Quaker missionary serving as a schoolteacher for American Indian children becomes involved in a vicious conflict between the Comanche and the Arapaho.
Charlie's Angels The Jade Trap (TV-PG) The Angels role play to entrap a gigolo who murdered a wealthy woman and framed a jewel thief for the crime.
Mama's Family Birthright (TV-PG) An anonymous letter left at the Harper home by a woman looking for the son she gave up at birth convinces Vint that he is adopted.
The Jeffersons The Grand Opening, Part 1 (TV-G) Two men hear George talk about how much money he has while celebrating an office opening at a bar, and they break into his apartment, finding Louise there.
Wagon Train The Sam Elder Story (TV-G) A passenger blames a retired Army captain, who was invited to join the wagon train by Bill Hawks, for his son's death during the Civil War.
Charlie's Angels Angels on the Run (TV-PG) When a man who drives a dump truck is kidnapped at gunpoint, his wife becomes worried and hires the Angels to bring him back home.
Mama's Family Grandma USA (TV-PG) Bubba enters Mama into the Grandma USA contest, and when she is picked as a contestant, Mama is persuaded to compete for the chance to win a dream kitchen.
The Jeffersons The Grand Opening, Part 2 (TV-G) George tries to get together the money Louise's kidnappers are demanding, but George soon learns they have kidnapped Florence instead of Louise.
Wagon Train The Weight of Command (TV-G) Bill Hawks is sent to explore an abandoned adobe hut with two passengers, but while they're out, they're attacked by a group of Cheyenne warriors.
Charlie's Angels Antique Angels (TV-PG) Bosley and the girls don the disguises of Keystone Cops to catch the thief who stole radioactive gas and plan to use antique cars to take it out of the country.
Mama's Family Buck Private Bubba (TV-PG) Following a breakup with his girlfriend, a depressed Bubba is easily convinced to enlist in the Army by a former Army Sergeant of Vint's.
The Jeffersons George's Help (TV-G) Louise convinces George to let a student from the Help Center help out at his store as a part of a special program, but an expensive jacket is soon missing.
Wagon Train The Prairie Story (TV-G) As the wagon train continues its journey from east to west, a small group of female passengers find themselves gradually worn down by the perils they must face.
Charlie's Angels Angels in Vegas, Part 1 (TV-PG) When a second employee of the Tropicana dies in a car accident, the casino's boss hires the Angels to go undercover to investigate; Kelly becomes a dancer.
Mama's Family Mama's Cousin (TV-PG) Mama is annoyed when her worldly and sophisticated cousin comes for a visit, causing Mama to feel insecure and question her own accomplishments.
The Jeffersons George's Legacy (TV-G) Fearing he will leave nothing great behind when he dies, George gets a bust made out of himself that everyone else believes is a joke.
Wagon Train The Path of the Serpent (TV-G) An experienced mountain man agrees to guide a young woman through dangerous terrain to see her dying father, who was injured by a tribe of Ute Indians.
Charlie's Angels Angels in Vegas, Part 2 (TV-PG) An investigation into the deaths in Vegas reveal a motive from the casino owner's rival, a man interested in driving Frank out of business.
Mama's Family Mama with the Golden Arm (TV-PG) After defeating a tough biker during an arm wrestling contest, Mama competes in the senior's division and goes into training for her upcoming match.
The Jeffersons Good News, Bad News (TV-G) Helen gets the job at the Help Center editing their newsletter, which makes Louise upset because she wanted the position; George uses it to his advantage.
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