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The Beverly Hillbillies The Great Crawdad Hunt (TV-G) The Clampetts offer to share their box of crawdads they receive from home with everyone at the bank, while Granny tries to make her own moonshine.
Leave It to Beaver Tire Trouble (TV-G) Beaver wants to raise chinchillas and begins building a cage in the garage, but when Beaver changes his mind Ward tries to get him to clean up the mess he made.
The Brady Bunch Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up (TV-G) Jan's friend accidentally sends a party invitation to Marcia which causes Jan to get fed up with being middle child and she arrives at party sporting a wig.
Gilligan's Island Ship Ahoax (TV-G) Hostility erupts when the castaways grow tired of living so close together, prompting the Professor to diagnose everyone with a case of "island madness."
Happy Days Two Angry Men (TV-G) Fonzie takes Howard to court to sue him after Fonzie's pigeon cage falls through the roof of his apartment during a horrible blizzard.
The Andy Griffith Show Big Brother (TV-G) Howard becomes a "Big Brother," but gets off to a tempermental start that unintentionally causes conflict when he falls for his "little brother's" big sister.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Dress Shop (TV-G) After mistaking the Clampetts for a poor family, a store owner tries to give them jobs when they visit after buying it; Elly takes part in a fashion show.
Leave It to Beaver Pet Fair (TV-G) A pet fair at school has Beaver feeling left out since he doesn't have a pet, but he tells everyone he has a parrot.
The Brady Bunch The Drummer Boy (TV-G) Peter, Jan and Cindy are accepted into their schools glee club, but Bobby is depressed that he wasn't picked for the club himself and his parents encourage him.
Gilligan's Island Feed the Kitty (TV-G) The Skipper gains an unlikely companion in a caged lion after he bravely takes on the task of removing a nagging thorn from the beast's paw.
Happy Days Beauty Contest (TV-G) When Richie, Potsie and Ralph stage a beauty contest at Arnold's in order to meet girls Richie is uneasy, but reconsiders when a cheerleader he likes enters.
The Andy Griffith Show Opie's Most Unforgettable Character (TV-G) Opie finds himself having trouble with completing a writing assignment that is suppose to be a trubute to his father, prompting porr marks from his instructor.
The Beverly Hillbillies House of Granny (TV-G) While trying to open their new dress store early but without a key, Jed and Jethro are arrested for trying to break in; the doorman takes on responsibility.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Library Book (TV-G) Ward lets Beaver check out a book on his library card but when Beaver loses the book he is convinced that Ward will be thrown in jail.
The Brady Bunch Coming Out Party (TV-G) Mikes boss invites him and his family on a fishing trip on his boat, but Cindy gets sick with a case of tonsillitis, which postpones the family trip.
Gilligan's Island Operation: Steam Heat (TV-G) Gilligan's discovery of a hot water spring has the castaways overjoyed at the thought of plumbing, but the Professor thinks it means a volcano will erupt soon.
Happy Days Bringing Up Spike (TV-G) Spike is persuaded to take a role as an accomplice during a burglary at Arnold's house and it is up to Fonzie to set him straight and keep him out of trouble.
The Andy Griffith Show Goober's Contest (TV-G) Due to a printing error, Floyd mistakenly believes he has won the gas station's contest and a large cash prize, but Goober can't afford to pay the prize amount.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Call Your Shot (TV-G) When an alcoholic becomes desperate to determine the whereabouts of his missing son, he turns to Josh in hopes that he will be able to find him.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Secret Ballot (TV-G) With the town's competitive mayoral race getting underway, Josh provides his assistance to one of his friends who is campaigning for office.
The Rifleman Shivaree (TV-G) Aaron Pelser and his wagon train crowd want a couple to get married in North Fork so they can throw the couple a celebratory shivaree.
The Rifleman The Deadeye Kid (TV-G) A tough boy from Brooklyn joins two men as they travel on their wagon, but serious accusations come about after one of the men is mysteriously killed.
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Amnesiac (TV-G) Secret Service agent Jim West is injured while trying to stop a gang of outlaws from stealing a stagecoach's shipment of the smallpox vaccine.
I Love Lucy Lucy Is Matchmaker (TV-G) Lucy plays the role of matchmaker when she is introduced to a friend of the Mertzes who happens to be an eligible bachelor and a lingerie salesman
I Love Lucy Lucy Wants New Furniture (TV-G) Lucy unsuccessfully attempts to hide the expensive new furniture she purchased without Ricky's consent by putting it in the kitchen.
The Love Boat: Two Grapes on the Vine (TV-PG)
Love, American Style Love and the Blue Plate Special (TV-PG) A woman who works as a waitress in her mother's diner meets a wealthy singer and sparks fly between the two as she starts to win over the popular artist.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Continental Touch (TV-G) A fashion house transforms Elly May with new clothes, and Mrs. Drysdale doesn't recognize her; she thinks she is a princess and plans to throw her a party.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver and Andy (TV-G) Ward is approached by an old friend who asks to paint his house, but June worries that he may not be completely over his pat alcohol problems.
T.J. Hooker The Streets (TV-PG) While searching for a mugger who leaves a Bible as his calling card, Hooker and Romano are left to contend with an overzealous news reporter.
Hawaii Five-0 Cocoon, Part 1 (TV-PG) A friend's murder causes McGarrett to go undercover as member of a shipyard repair crew where he finds that a mysterious ship may have sinister purposes.
The Beverly Hillbillies Jed Incorporated (TV-G) The Clampetts head down to the site of Jed's new company in order to see how it all works, and the day ends with them throwing money out the window.
Leave It to Beaver Larry's Club (TV-G) Larry declares that he is starting his own exclusive club when Beaver joins a group called the Bloody Five and doesn't ask him to become a member.
T.J. Hooker God Bless the Child (TV-PG) A friend of Hooker's daughter is pumped full of drugs and pushed off a roof, but he doesn't believe the incident was simply a suicide.
Hawaii Five-0 Cocoon, Part 2 (TV-PG) McGarrett is programmed by U.S. Intelligence to provide false information to enemy agents and discover the identity of the traitor working for Wo Fat.
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The Beverly Hillbillies Granny Learns to Drive (TV-G) Granny decides to take driving in her own hands after being appalled that she is expected to pay a cab driver for a ride home, but she refuses.
Leave It to Beaver The Hypnotist (TV-G) After seeing someone being hypnotized in a movie, Beaver wants to do the same but Eddie wants to play a trick on Beaver and pretends Beaver has hypnotized him.
T.J. Hooker Hooker's War (TV-PG) Hooker and Romano try to pull over a van for running a red light and find themselves in pursuit of armed and dangerous gun runners.
Hawaii Five-0 Full Fathom Five (TV-PG) Wealthy women mysteriously vanish while visiting the Hawaiian Islands and McGarrett sends a female police officer undercover to draw out the perpetrators.
The Beverly Hillbillies Cabin in Beverly Hills (TV-G) Granny gets a special cabin in the backyard for her birthday; a student, under the impression that the Clampetts are oppressed servants, tries to save them.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Bike (TV-G) Beaver wants to ride his new bike to school instead of taking the bus and his parents reluctantly agree, but his bike is stolen the first day.
T.J. Hooker The Witness (TV-PG) Two criminals rob and murder an innocent man, while a young woman witness it, but when she volunteers to identify the murderers, her life is put in danger.
Hawaii Five-0 Strangers in Our Own Land (TV-PG) McGarrett begins an investigation when a native-born Hawaiian official is assassinated and learns some residents resented his development plans for the islands.
The Beverly Hillbillies Jed Foils a Home Wrecker (TV-G) Mr. Drysdale does everything possible to protect the Clampetts' old cabin from the demolishers that Mrs. Drysdale hires; a professor looks around.
Leave It to Beaver Ward's Baseball (TV-G) Ward's treasured autographed baseball becomes the object that Larry and Beaver just can't keep their hands off of.
T.J. Hooker Second Chance (TV-PG) When a dancer is murdered and a lock of her hair is found missing, Hooker believes a killer he pursued eight years ago is back in operation.
Hawaii Five-0 Tiger by the Tail (TV-PG) A lounge singer stages his own kidnapping as a publicity stunt, but when his father offers a large ransom for his son's safety, the stunt becomes a real crime.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Corner (TV-G) While dealing with the murder of his friend, Josh is shocked to learn he is charged with the homicide, forcing him to prove that he is innocent of it all.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Eager Man (TV-G) A fugitive attempts to negotiate his capture with Josh by offering himself up, but only if his wife is given a share in the bounty for his return.
The Rifleman The Angry Man (TV-G) The McCains try to tolerate bitter neighbor Abel MacDonald, but cannot stand it anymore when he won't allow his injured boy to get medical treatment.
The Rifleman The Woman (TV-G) A rumor that has no facts to back it up causes North Fork's outspoken feminist schoolteacher to be attacked by a mob of angry townspeople.
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Simian Terror (TV-G) While visiting a U.S. Senator at his plantation home, Secret Service agents Jim West and Artemus Gordon learn of a dark and mysterious secret.
I Love Lucy Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress (TV-G) Lucy and Ethel realize they have purchased the same exact dress for the upcoming talent show at the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League.
I Love Lucy Equal Rights (TV-G) Lucy and Ethel demand equal rights for women, so Ricky and Fred demand separate checks for the four of them when they go out to dinner.
The Love Boat The Kissing Bandit; The Witness; Mike and Ike (TV-G) A quiet guy puts on a mask and makes it his mission to kiss every woman on the ship; a woman follows around a guy who she knows witnessed something.
Love, American Style Love and the Old-Fashioned Father A father with traditional values finds himself in the middle of a younger generation he doesn't understand and a neighbor much more conservative than he is.
The Beverly Hillbillies Jethro's Graduation (TV-G) Jethro is excited to attend his sixth grade graduation, but someone doesn't want him to attend and goes to great lengths to prevent him from showing up.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver Finds a Wallet (TV-G) Beaver and Larry are sent on an errand by Mrs. Cleaver and on their way they find a wallet with a large amount of cash inside that they take to the police.
T.J. Hooker King of the Hill (TV-PG) A racing champion is falsely accused of theft when robbers on a crime spree use a specially designed car for "hill racers" and coincidental evidence frames him.
Hawaii Five-0 Samurai (TV-PG) McGarrett learns that a notorious Japanese crime boss has been targeted for death by Japanese assassins and in order to survive he needs police protection.
The Beverly Hillbillies Jed Becomes a Movie Mogul (TV-G) After Drysdale purchases a movie studio known as Mammoth Pictures for Jed, the whole family decides to visit their newest property.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver and Violet (TV-G) Mr. Rutherford asks the Cleavers to join his family on a picnic and Beaver is horrified that Violet spends the whole time with him and even kisses him.
T.J. Hooker The Empty Gun (TV-PG) A liquor store robbery leads to a police officer being shot dead and when the arresting officer doesn't avenge his fallen comrade, anger starts to rise.
Hawaii Five-0 ...And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin (TV-PG) Danno gets involved in a shooting while off duty and he may go to prison unless McGarrett can find a missing gun and prove Danno acted in the line of duty.
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