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Hazel Hazel's Nest Egg (TV-G) Harold is studying for his tests so he may pass and become a tenderfoot in his scout troop; Hazel decides to encourage him by promising a share of stock.
The Partridge Family Star Quality (TV-G) Danny earnestly contemplates leaving the band, even to the point where he holds try-outs for his replacement; now it is up to Shirley to convince him otherwise.
Get Wild at the San Diego Zoo (TV-G) A variety of animals housed at the San Diego Zoo are featured, allowing viewers to learn about each creature's living habits, nuanced behaviors.
Wild World at the San Diego Zoo Spider Monkeys and Hippos (TV-G) Viewers are invited into the lives of dedicated zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo and the special animals they care for; key facts are presented on each animal.
The Wildlife Docs Lions and Tigers and Cheetahs Oh My (HD, TV-G) A Malayan tiger gives birth to a litter of three cubs at Busch Gardens Tampa; three lion cubs arrive from South Africa to be hand-raised by specialists.
The Wildlife Docs Kudo's to Kodo & The Penguins (HD, TV-Y) Two specialists are brought in to assess a female gibbon who is suffering a health crisis, and a family of otters become part of an unlikely fix to the problem.
Hazel Hazel and the Halfback (TV-G) The Baxters receive a visit from New York Giants football star Frank Gifford.
The Partridge Family The Red Woodloe Story (TV-G) The Partridges and their manager try to attend a Sunday church service while on the road, and Shirley and Reuben recognize the singer at the church,
Three's a Crowd A Matter of Money (TV-PG) A counterfeit one-hundred dollar bill has been found in Jacks Bistros bank account, and the police stop by to question Jack, and identify the counterfeiter.
The Ropers Power Play (TV-PG) Knowing Helen has been waiting to have her sister and brother-in-law over for a dinner party, Stanley hides that the power is off for not paying the bill.
Three's Company Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (TV-PG) When Terri invites her doctor friend to dinner to help him unwind from the stresses of work, Jack and Janet think that he is a patient of the psychiatric ward.
Gimme a Break! Melissa (TV-PG) Nell encourages a woman to go on a date with Carl, and later, the woman, feeling guilty, reveals a secret about her identity to Nell.
The Joey Bishop Show Ellie Goes to Court (TV-G) Ellie finds herself going to the courthouse in order to contest against paying a traffic ticket, one that she insists was unjustly issued.
McHale's Navy The Hillbillies of PT 73 (TV-PG) Willy is devastated after discovering that his girlfriend is planning to marry another man, and the crew pulls out all stops to make him feel better.
Father Knows Best The Basketball Coach (TV-G) Jim decides to become the head coach of Bud's youth basketball team, but Bud does not like the idea and refuses to take orders from him on the court.
Dennis the Menace Pythias Was a Piker (TV-G) Dennis is given an assigned composition on his closest friend for schoolwork, and Mr. Wilson is touched when he is selected as the subject of his paper.
Hazel Mr. B on the Bench (TV-G) George is offered a judicial position by a prominent local judge; he is ready to accept the proposition, but hesitates as Hazel is a gossip.
The Partridge Family The Selling of the Partridge (TV-G) Certain that he will win the position of school president because of his charm and charisma, Keith is rather surprised to learn where his support comes from.
The Joey Bishop Show Jillson's Toupee (TV-G) After Joey gives Jillson a toupee as a gift, Jillson experiences a transformation in his personality; however, this change does not go over well with tenants.
McHale's Navy Monster of McHale's Island (TV-PG) The spoiled and childish son of Admiral Hanson visits the island, and Binghamton enlists McHale and his crew to get rid of him for good.
Father Knows Best Kathy, Girl Executive (TV-G) Jim and Margaret decide to put Kathy in charge of Bud's lawn mowing company, and she proves to the family that she is a successful businesswoman.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Saxophone (TV-G) Mr. Wilson fears the noise that a musical instrument Dennis wants will produce, and the neighbor tries to dissuade Henry from buying it.
Hazel License to Wed (TV-G) Dierdres daughter starts to date Hazels nephew and it looks like the couple could be getting married; Dierdre objects to the union.
The Partridge Family Diary of a Mad Millionaire (TV-G) After the Partridges perform for the reclusive multi-millionaire Sidney Rose, he likes them so much he tries to persuade them to come live with him.
The Joey Bishop Show A Hobby for Ellie (TV-G) Joey forbids Ellie from doing any housework while she is carrying another child, and encourages her to take up a new hobby to occupy her time.
McHale's Navy Uncle Admiral (TV-PG) Upon learning that a ranking member of the Promotions Board is making a quick stop on the island, Captain Binghamton begins to court him for a promotion.
Father Knows Best The Good Samaritan (TV-G) For a school project, Bud is assigned by his English teacher to perform a good deed and to write about it, but he discovers that the task is not easy.
Dennis the Menace Wilson Sleeps Over (TV-G) Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are forced to spend an evening with their neighbors when Dennis spills a bottle of deadly chemicals in their household.
Hazel Genie With the Light Brown Lamp (TV-G) Hazel reads a bedtime story to Harold about Aladdin and the magic lamp; the boy spots a gravy boat at a store window and thinks it a lamp like in the story.
The Partridge Family Me and My Shadow (TV-G) A mystery writer believes that by utilizing logic, anything is possible; in order to prove his point, he proposes the Partridges a deal they can't refuse.
The Joey Bishop Show Rusty Arrives (TV-G) Joey and Ellie are visited by Joey's nephew, Rusty Williams, who comes to stay with them for a while; they are surprised with how well he conducts himself.
McHale's Navy The Day the War Stood Still (TV-PG) While McHale and his crew are off on an extended reconnaissance mission, Captain Binghamton goes searching in their barracks for stolen goods.
Father Knows Best The Ideal Father (TV-G) Uncle Charlie arrives at the Anderson home for a visit, where he begins to believe the children are extremely spoiled after they forget about Jim's birthday.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Birthday (TV-G) Dennis wants a memorable birthday celebration, and Mr. Wilson resolves to give him one by putting together an illusion-filled performance.
Hazel The Natural Athlete (TV-G) Hazel and Mr. Baxter compete in a bowling competition against one another.
The Partridge Family Hate Thy Neighbor (TV-G) A neighbor complains to police that the family is making too much noise in the garage while they practice; a little boy, who is a big fan, admits it's his mom.
The Joey Bishop Show The Weed City Story (TV-G) Joe and Larry go out of town to play some golf but they make a mistake in stopping in a small hamlet, where Tom Weed recognizes Joey from television.
McHale's Navy Binghamton Murder Plot (TV-PG) After institution some rather harsh punishments upon McHale and his crew, Binghamton begins to suspect that they are plotting to murder him.
Father Knows Best Big Shot Bud (TV-G) Bud decides that he wants to buy his mother an expensive bottle of perfume but does not have any money, so he steals cash from the Sunday school offering.
Dennis the Menace Dennis Goes to Camp (TV-G) Mr. Wilson reluctantly agrees to take Dennis and his friends out camping in the wilderness, but a thunderstorm causes their only outlet to wash away.
Hazel New Man in Town (TV-G) One of the Baxters hires a new chauffeur, of whom both Hazel and Rosie want to catch his attention; both compete to get that attention.
The Partridge Family None But the Onely (TV-G) Keith is attracted to a new girl in his school but she learns of his reputation with the ladies and rejects him, so he asks Laurie to talk to the girl.
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Hazel Hazel and the Model T (TV-G) Hazel buys a 1920 Model T car from the Johnson family, which ends up playing a part in Mr. Griffins current business deal.
The Partridge Family Mom Drops Out (TV-G) As the family prepares for their large European tour, the booking agent thinks Shirley is too old to draw in a large crowd, so nobody will want to book them.
Get Wild at the San Diego Zoo (TV-G) A variety of animals housed at the San Diego Zoo are featured, allowing viewers to learn about each creature's living habits, nuanced behaviors.
Wild World at the San Diego Zoo Rhinos, Armadillos and Leafcutter Ants (TV-G) Viewers are invited into the lives of dedicated zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo and the special animals they care for; key facts are presented on each animal.
The Wildlife Docs A Tale Of Two Tigers (HD, TV-G) The tiger team at Busch Gardens Tampa is all too eager when asked to help begin a new bloodline of Malayan tigers, but one of the cubs born has a problem.
The Wildlife Docs A Cast of Characters (HD, TV-G) The Wildlife Doctors must perform a risky surgery to fix a wallaby's broken wrist, and provide attentive care to him throughout his difficult recovery process.
Hazel Hot Potato a la Hazel (TV-G) Hazel decides to play matchmaker by pairing her friend with the owner of an antique store.
The Partridge Family Old Scrapmouth (TV-G) Things go poorly when Laurie's braces somehow pick up radio signals during rehearsals and cause her to play a different tune than what the band is.
Three's a Crowd The Honeymooners (TV-PG) Vicky and Jack take a trip to Acapulco for their unofficial honeymoon, so they may have some private time away from Vickys overbearing father.
The Ropers Baby Talk (TV-PG) Helen reveals to Stanley she wants them to adopt a child after spending an evening babysitting, and he agrees, thinking it will shift attention away from him.
Three's Company Eyewitness Blues (TV-PG) After a robbery at the flower shop, the police feel Jack is in danger, so a police officer arrives at the apartment and lives with the trio to protect them.
Gimme a Break! Nell's Friend (TV-PG) When a misunderstanding with a friend prompts Nell to return to school for her diploma, she discovers her friend is the teacher, which leads her to quit.
The Joey Bishop Show Rusty's Education (TV-G) Rusty starts college and keeps asking Joey questions, none of which he knows how to answer; they ask for help from a bookmaker with a photographic memory.
McHale's Navy McHale and His Schweinhunds (TV-PG) Binghamton is quick to accuse a demoralized Parker of cowardice after he gets scared during a frantic chase for a Japanese patrol boat.
Father Knows Best Hard Luck Leo (TV-G) Leo arrives to the Anderson home for a special visit, where he begins to take advantage of Jim, Margaret and the kids, causing the family to become frustrated.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Tool Chest (TV-G) Dennis only worsens matters for himself, his neighbor and a cat after attempting to intervene with the creature's entrapment in Mr. Wilson's car.
Hazel Herbert for Hire (TV-G) Hazel wants George Baxter to find a position for her friend; the friend has no real experience in working and only has a degree in ancient languages.
The Partridge Family Beethoven, Brahms and Partridge (TV-G) Keiths new girlfriend play the cello in the school band and Rachel thinks Keith is wasting his talents playing rock and roll with his familys band.
227 Pick Six (TV-PG) After Mary preaches to Rose and Pearl that the lottery is a waste of time, she gets caught by Sandra seeing her buy a lottery ticket.
227 Wheel of Misfortune (TV-PG) Mary and Sandra find themselves participating in some friendly competition as contestants on the popular game show "Wheel of Fortune".
227 Washington Affair (TV-PG) Mary invites Sandra and her date, an eligible congressman, to a dinner with Brenda's teacher who has admitted her attraction to the legislator.
227 Temptations (TV-PG) After Mary is put in charge of the church's charity show, a heavenly providence occurs when the Temptations come knocking at her door.
227 Author, Author (TV-PG) Sandra is writing a romance novel whose main characters closely resemble the residents of 227; Mary is running for president of the Ladies' Auxiliary.
227 Matchmakers (TV-PG) After Sandra creates an impressive image of Rose for a video-dating service, Rose is worried she will not live up to it and disappoint her date.
The Joey Bishop Show The Sultan's Gift (TV-G) After Joey entertains at an official luncheon in honor of a visiting sultan, the potentate expresses his gratitude to Joey by sending him a gift of harem woman.
McHale's Navy Is There a Doctor in the Hut? (TV-PG) Captain Binghamton rejects the crew's application for a leave of absence, but he quickly changes his tune after hearing that a movie star will be there.
Father Knows Best Bud, the Campus Romeo (TV-G) Bud's good looks and charm begin to attract beautiful young women at his school's campus, but he starts refusing to go out with any of them on dates.
Dennis the Menace The Going Away Gift (TV-G) Dennis asks Mr. Wilson to hide a gift that he's gotten for his mother, but Mrs. Wilson finds the present and believes that its for her.
Hazel Hazel and the Lovebirds (TV-G) Hazels nephew and Georges niece's relationship still has not gotten the approval of the family, as Georges sister is trying to break them up again.
The Partridge Family Strike Out King (TV-G) Danny starts following Keith and Laurie around all the time, and even starts to emulate his brother in how he dresses and how he acts.
The Joey Bishop Show Joey Entertains Rusty's Fraternity (TV-G) Joey and his friends help Rusty Williams and his fellow fraternity in carrying out an unusual fraternity initiation stunt; they cross-dress and attend a dance.
McHale's Navy To Binghamton with Love (TV-PG) McHale gets into deep trouble when his crew steals the 73 to use as a transport to a craps game, but Binghamton, needing their help, drops the charges.
Father Knows Best Crisis Over a Kiss (TV-G) Betty starts dating a young man from her school, who Bud does not like, so Bud tries to persuade Betty to break up with the boy before something bad happens.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Fishing Rod (TV-G) Dennis discovers that his father is in need of a new fishing rod, but the misguided youth attempts to purchase one using a priceless Confederate currency.
Hazel Top Secret (TV-G) Hazel enters a senators office with a young woman, and walks out of his with some top secret papers.
The Partridge Family Reuben Kincaid Lives (TV-G) Shirley suggests that the family should show Ruben their appreciation for all he does for them, but he is not used to their new attitudes.
The Joey Bishop Show The Do-It-Yourself Nursery (TV-G) Joey has to turn the spare room in his home into a nursery for the baby after the people he initially hired quit the job themselves, due to Joey's personality.
McHale's Navy Have Kimono, Will Travel (TV-PG) Binghamton finds himself in trouble after attempting to prevent McHale and his crew from putting on a stage show for the various island personnel.
Father Knows Best Kathy Grows Up (TV-G) Kathy becomes upset with her parents' rules and begins to protest that she should be treated like an adult, so Jim and Margaret decide to teach her a lesson.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Good Example (TV-G) Dennis realizes that he stands no chance of getting a pet bird once either of his parents get a hold of his less-than-stellar report card.
Hazel The Sunshine Girls Quartet (TV-G) The girls' singing group The Sunshine Girls Quartet enter a music festival, but their audition happens on the same night as Georges reception for Mr. Griffin.
The Partridge Family Double Trouble (TV-G) Keith wants to bring a date along to the upcoming beach party and Laurie offers to set him up with one of her friends, but he has his eye on a popular girl.
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