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Hazel Hazel Plays Nurse (TV-G) George starts feeling under the weather, and Hazel refuses to let him out of bed despite that he has to meet with an important client; she acts as a nurse.
The Partridge Family Danny Drops Out (TV-G) Danny keeps getting into trouble at school and decides that he wants to drop out, so Shirley asks his teacher to talk him out of the idea.
Three's a Crowd Jack Gets Trashed (TV-PG) Jack gets upset when garbage collector raises their fee for the third time that year; he decides to fight back by speaking about it on the radio.
The Ropers And Who's Been Sleeping in My? (TV-PG) Stanley and Helen come home to find a young woman has been living in their upstairs store room for the past two weeks; Helen wants to let her stay.
Three's Company Jack Goes the Distance (TV-PG) Jack challenges an obnoxious Reagle Beagle patron to a fight, but problems arise when he learns that his opponent is an accomplished boxer.
Gimme a Break! Katie's Korner (TV-PG) Nell worries Katie may do something drastic because of her relationship troubles despite being engaged, low income and possibly closing her store.
McHale's Navy Will the Alligator Take the Stand? (TV-PG) After Captain Binghamton comes up with a scheme to frame McHale and his crew for the supposed theft of his wallet, Parker get blamed for the crime.
McHale's Navy The British Also Have Ensigns (TV-PG) Captain Binghamton temporarily assigns a clumsy British Sub-Lieutenant to the 73 crew, but the Lieutenant discovers Fuji and places him under arrest.
Father Knows Best Betty and the Jet Pilot (TV-G) Betty falls madly in love with a charming jet pilot, but she faces a difficult choice when the military opts to transfer him to remote Alaska.
Father Knows Best Trip to Hillsborough (TV-G) Jim and Margaret allow Bud to go on a research trip as long as his friend Kippy comes along, but when Kippy cancels, Bud elects to go anyway.
Dennis the Menace The Fifty-Thousandth Customer (TV-G) Mr. Finch announces to the exciting throngs of locals that he intends to rewards his store's fifty-thousandth customer with a five-minute shopping spree.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Pee Wee League (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is left with little choice but to take over for Henry as Dennis' pee wee baseball coach after the youth's father becomes ill.
McHale's Navy Senator Parker, Suh! (TV-PG) Parker becomes frustrated over being passed over for another promotion, but Gruber's plan to vent his anger lands him in the Navy's jail.
McHale's Navy Fountain of Youth (TV-PG) The crew attempts to convince Binghamton that he has found the fountain of youth, when a secret distillery begins to run off into a stream.
Father Knows Best An Evening to Remember (TV-G) When acclaimed Hollywood actor Cornel Wilde gets stranded in town, he seeks the help of Jim Anderson, but instead finds his starstruck family and friends.
Father Knows Best Bud Buys a Car (TV-G) Bud buys a cheap car to impress a girl, but he discovers that the girl is not impressed and the car needs a lot more work than he had figured.
Dennis the Menace Mr. Wilson's Inheritance (TV-G) Mr. Wilson receives a large inheritance that he intends to put into a charitable foundation, but Dennis mistakes his intentions and hires a construction crew.
Dennis the Menace Dennis Is a Genius (TV-G) Dennis is mistakenly labeled as having an intelligence level that far exceeds those of his peers when the entire school is given a test for geniuses.
McHale's Navy The Great Eclipse (TV-PG) McHale's negotiations with head-hunters on a nearby island over an airstrip right-of-way hinge on Parker's persuasiveness when chosen as their witch doctor.
McHale's Navy McHale and His Jet Set (TV-PG) McHale and the crew of the PT-73 become involved in an elaborate charade to get Captain Binghamton out of a real estate deal for oceanfront property.
Father Knows Best Safety First (TV-G) Bud is assigned to do community service after getting a traffic ticket, but to his dismay, he is forced to work as the school crossing guard.
Father Knows Best Bud, the Hero (TV-G) A girl sees Bud as the perfect way to make her boyfriend jealous, but after he foils a bank robbery and becomes famous, Bud changes her tune.
Dennis the Menace The Lucky Piece (TV-G) An irate Mrs. Wilson does her best to bring Dennis the good fortune that her husband falsely promised with a supposedly lucky coin he gives the youngster.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Bank Account (TV-G) Mr. Wilson gets a temporary position with the local bank, and Dennis sees an opportunity to convince him to open up an account for him.
Growing Pains Career Decision (TV-G) When Jason receives a job offer, he and Maggie discuss which of them will stay home with the children, and a published spelling error causes trouble for Maggie.
Growing Pains Extra Lap (TV-G) The Seaver's favorite uncle unexpectedly dies during a visit to their home, causing Mike to begin having haunting dreams about his uncle.
Growing Pains Jason and the Cruisers (TV-G) Maggie develops an intricate plan to surprise Jason by reuniting him with his beloved rock band from his years as a college student.
Growing Pains Fast Times at Dewey High (TV-G) The Seaver children are faced with yet another new school year providing challenges for all three of them; a bully threatens to meet Ben after school.
Growing Pains Long Day's Journey into Night (TV-G) In a selfish attempt to meet the popular Mike Seaver, a cheerleader befriends Carol, so she can be invited to their house in hopes of securing a date with Mike.
Growing Pains Call Me (TV-G) Jason and Maggie are shocked when they receive their outrageous phone bill and they accuse Mike once they discover a list of calls to an erotic phone service.
Growing Pains Bringing Up Baby (TV-G) The Seaver family is busy making preparations for the arrival of their newest member, such as transforming one of their bedrooms into a nursery.
Growing Pains The Obscure Objects of Our Desire (Part 1) (TV-G) While participating in an extensive house-cleaning project together, the Seaver family comes across several items that elicit a variety of precious memories.
Growing Pains The Obscure Objects of Our Desire (Part 2) (TV-G) When the Seaver family teams up together to work on a spring cleaning project, they discover several objects that elicit memories of the past.
Growing Pains How the West Was Won, Part 1 (TV-G) Mike and Boner decide to lead an organized protest to display to school officials their anger and disagreement with the decision to fire Coach Lubbock.
Growing Pains How the West Was Won, Part 2 (TV-G) During Mike and Boner's protest to have their favorite coach rehired by the school, the cops arrive to arrest Jason, Mike, Carol and Boner.
Growing Pains Graduation Day (TV-G) When Mike finally makes it to his high-school graduation, his family reminisces about the times when it seemed as if he would never make it to graduation.
Growing Pains Jason vs. Maggie (TV-G) Ben asks to get his ear pierced and Maggie and Jason disagree about what their response should be, leading them both into a huge fight.
Growing Pains Mike, Kate and Julie (TV-G) Mike sees his ex-girlfriend, Julie, during his Valentine's Day date with Kate; Carol hosts a singles movie night; Ben shows his manly side to Laura Lynn.
Get Wild at the San Diego Zoo (TV-G) A variety of animals housed at the San Diego Zoo are featured, allowing viewers to learn about each creature's living habits, nuanced behaviors.
Wild World at the San Diego Zoo Rhinos, Armadillos and Leafcutter Ants (TV-G) Viewers are invited into the lives of dedicated zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo and the special animals they care for; key facts are presented on each animal.
All In with Laila Ali Pole To Pole (HD, TV-G) Laila shares the story of ultra marathon runner Pat Farmer that set out on a treacherous route from the North and South Poles; an Olympic skier Lindsay Vonn.
All In with Laila Ali Endangered (HD, TV-G) A woman who rescues orphaned orangutans; Asian elephants demonstrate their incredible aptitudes; one man's dedication to rescue rhinos from extinction.
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Growing Pains Back to School (TV-G) Mike has a difficult first day teaching his students; Carol loses excitement over living in a college dorm; Ben & Chrissy have tough first days back in school.
Growing Pains Stop, Luke and Listen (TV-G) When Mike discovers his most accomplished student in remedial class is homeless, he decides to help the struggling young man get back on his feet.
Growing Pains In Vino Veritas (TV-G) Mike attempts to assist his best student, who is homeless, by convincing Jason and Maggie to allow the youth to live with them in the house temporarily.
Growing Pains Paper Tigers (TV-G) Tensions mount between Jason and Maggie, as they both compete for a job writing a newspaper column; Ben wishes he did not have to wear glasses.
Growing Pains The Young and the Homeless (TV-G) Mike's career is put in jeopardy when Luke runs away from the Seaver house; Mike's upcoming television role gains Carol some new friends.
Growing Pains Jason Sings the Blues (TV-G) Jason finds out that he needs surgery when he accompanies an apprehensive Luke to the doctor for a routine check-up; Mike must organize his father's banquet.
McHale's Navy Christy Goes Traveling (TV-PG) Desperate to be there for his daughter's 2nd birthday, Christy goes AWOL in a mail sack to San Diego with the crews help, but complications soon set in.
McHale's Navy The Missing Link (TV-PG) Annoyed with Parker, the captain arranges for his transfer to an island the Japanese use for target practice, but his niece wants him around to study his body.
Father Knows Best Betty, the Track Star (TV-G) Betty wins a big race with her school track team and gets elected the queen of an upcoming school dance, but she is unable to figure out what she wants.
Father Knows Best The Spelling Bee (TV-G) When Kitten is worried about an upcoming spelling bee, Betty gives her a magical coin to ease her mind, but Kitten accidently loses the lucky charm.
Dennis the Menace Through Thick and Thin (TV-G) Dennis and his fellow cub scouts put together a circus to raise funds, and Mr. Wilson conditionally agrees to step into the costume of a fearsome lion.
Dennis the Menace Calling All Bird Lovers (TV-G) A passionate birdwatcher regales her fellow enthusiasts with authentic bird calls when Mr. Wilson hosts a get-together at his home.
McHale's Navy Fuji's Big Romance (TV-PG) A visiting dignitary is expecting Binghamton to provide a demonstration of good will between the local natives and the Navy, but the timing is inconvenient.
McHale's Navy The Stool Parrot (TV-PG) The captain's new 'no fraternization' policy forces McHale and the crew to rethink party plans, but their new mascot, a talking parrot, spills the beans.
Father Knows Best Bud, the Philanthropist (TV-G) Bud decides to make a charitable donation to the local church, but his friend Kippy skews the circumstances and makes it look like he gave the money.
Father Knows Best Baby in the House (TV-G) Jim and Margaret volunteer to help with Betty's latest baby-sitting job so that she can go out, and they find it makes them feel like new parents again.
Dennis the Menace Silence Is Golden (TV-G) Dennis finds that he has nobody to speak to after his parents lament his incessant talking and Mr. Wilson promises a gift in exchange for a day's silence.
Dennis the Menace Dennis Has a Fling (TV-G) Dennis finds himself uncomfortable on the spot when he accidentally makes a promise to two different people concerning his latest school assignment.
McHale's Navy The PT 73 Follies (TV-PG) A survival test on an island presumed deserted results in Binghamton, Parker and the 73's crew being captured by the enemy, but they stall for time with a show.
McHale's Navy The Truth Hurts (TV-PG) In a sneaky move, Captain Binghamton takes advantage of access to sodium pentothal, giving injections to McHale's crew in order to gain evidence against them.
Father Knows Best Class Prophecy (TV-G) Jim runs into an old college pal who was a medical student when they last met, only to find that now he's a traveling salesman who's not happy with his life.
Father Knows Best The Art of Romance (TV-G) Wanting to make a good impression, Bud seeks advice from Jim about how to impress a young woman he likes, while the girl decides to talk with Margaret.
Dennis the Menace Frog Jumping Contest (TV-G) Dennis decides to enter his frog into a jumping contest between fellow amphibians, and a competitive Mr. Wilson makes a wager with Sgt. Mooney.
Dennis the Menace Where There's a Will (TV-G) Mr. Wilson alters his will in order to promise Dennis a gold watch, and the elder neighbor soon experiences signs that he is not long for this world.
McHale's Navy The Late Captain Binghamton (TV-PG) A simple plan to tamper with the captain's x-rays, making it appear he's dying, backfires when he decides to lead the crew in what might be a suicide mission.
McHale's Navy McHale's Floating Laundromat (TV-PG) Binghamton installs Carpenter in the 73 crew as the executive officer to spy on the guys and assigns Parker to laundry duty, forcing the crew to craft a plan.
Father Knows Best Margaret Disowns Her Family (TV-G) Margaret becomes extremely involved in the life of a young woman who is having serious reservations about having a baby and starting a family.
Father Knows Best Grandpa Retires (TV-G) For health reasons, Margaret's dad wants to retire from the printing industry, but Jim and Margaret discover another motivation for his plans.
Dennis the Menace Mr. Wilson's Uncle (TV-G) Mr. Wilson feels compelled to follow a strict workout plan after his visiting uncle laments his nephew's severe lack of physical fitness.
Dennis the Menace A Quiet Evening (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is all settled in for a relaxing evening of solitude, before Henry convinces him to watch over Dennis and two of his neighborhood friends.
McHale's Navy All Chiefs and No Indians (TV-PG) Binghamton takes advantage of an order to ship out all chief petty officers scheduling CPO examinations for McHale's entire crew, but they get wind of the plot.
McHale's Navy Pumpkin Takes Over (TV-PG) A surprise visit from Binghamton's wife has McHale and Parker scrambling to conceal the fact Admiral Rogers thinks he's married to a pretty young nurse.
Father Knows Best Shoot for the Moon (TV-G) When members of the Anderson family face several crises of confidence, a homeless handyman with a refreshing attitude offers to help them out.
Father Knows Best Follow the Leader (TV-G) When Bud's classmates develop a plan to rebel against an unpopular teacher, Bud is forced to decide whether to join them or stand by the teacher.
Dennis the Menace The Private Eye (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is irate in the wake of having his wallet stolen by a mysterious thief, whom both Dennis and Tommy try to help police officers to locate.
Dennis the Menace Mr. Wilson's Housekeeper (TV-G) Mr. Wilson comes to regret hiring a housekeeper to help his wife, after the persistent woman proceeds to boss him around his own home.
Hazel A Matter of Principle (TV-G) Hazel gets a parking ticket, which puts her in too sour of a mood to act as a maid to Georges important client; she plans to fight the ticket.
The Partridge Family Queen for a Minute (TV-G) Lauries friend tries out for the school basketball team but because she is a girl she is rejected from the team, which Laurie sees as a reason to speak out.
Get Wild at the San Diego Zoo (TV-G) A variety of animals housed at the San Diego Zoo are featured, allowing viewers to learn about each creature's living habits, nuanced behaviors.
Wild World at the San Diego Zoo Animal Medical Check-Ups and Koalas (TV-G) Viewers are invited into the lives of dedicated zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo and the special animals they care for; key facts are presented on each animal.
All In with Laila Ali Ghost Jumper (HD, TV-G) Laila tells the story of a fearless base jumper named Cedric Dumon who explored the jungle of Chacapoyas in Peru to perform a thrilling jump from a waterfall.
All In with Laila Ali A Bright Future (HD, TV-G) An impoverished seventeen-year-old is rescued by a life in surfing; young women are given the chance to attend pilot school; skateboarder Ryan Sheckler.
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