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McHale's Navy Rumble on Taratupa (TV-PG) Binghamton's attempt to pin Taratupa's bootlegging operation on McHale and his crew lands them in the brig where they hatch a scheme to discredit the captain.
McHale's Navy All Ahead, Empty (TV-PG) An electronics wizard trained at MIT arrives to automate the PT 73, making it a remote-controlled vessel and the 73 crew obsolete, but human ingenuity wins out.
Father Knows Best Proud Father (TV-G) Jim tries his hardest to teach the kids to solve their own problems courageously, but his desperate attempt to lead by example backfires hilariously.
Father Knows Best Father Delivers the Papers (TV-G) Jim pressures Bud to do well on his paper route, but when Bud cannot perform due to an injury, Jim is forced to step in and take over the job.
Dennis the Menace Henry's New Job (TV-G) A desperate Dennis attempts a number of tricks in hopes of keeping his father from accepting a lucrative job offer that would require them to move away.
Dennis the Menace Wilson's 2nd Childhood (TV-G) Mr. Wilson researches the behavioral patterns of modern-day youths by spending some extra time with Dennis and all of his friends.
McHale's Navy The Vampire of Taratupa (TV-PG) Binghamton abandons a plan to send Parker to a hazardous location when he learns of his rare blood type, but his protection plan borders on imprisonment.
McHale's Navy Birth of a Salesman (TV-PG) After losing his job at home, the captain goes on a high-pressure sales binge in an effort to prove to an insurance tycoon he can sell life-insurance policies.
Father Knows Best No Partiality (TV-G) Jim runs into a parental dilemma when he tries to figure out how to deal with a situation concerning Kitten and Betty both liking the same young man.
Father Knows Best Close Decision (TV-G) Jim grounds Bud from playing baseball because he is a slacker, but when he sees his favorite team on the losing side, Jim starts to reconsider his decision.
Dennis the Menace Jane Butterfield Says (TV-G) Mr. Wilson believes that his firsthand experience will allow him to make single women happy through the temporary assignment of a romance column.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Hermit (TV-G) Dennis attempts to spend some quality time with an isolated individual, while Mr. Wilson grills the man about his possible service in the Civil War.
McHale's Navy A Star Falls on Taratupa (TV-PG) Headline-hungry movie star, Mimi St. Clair, heads to Taratupa where she plans to get marooned with the crew as a publicity stunt, but plans seem to go astray.
McHale's Navy Make Room for Orvie (TV-PG) Binghamton sets a new crew member the task of spying, but when the crew's chimp steals the PT-73 and engages the enemy he's not sure where his loyalty lies.
Father Knows Best Art of Salesmanship (TV-G) Bud takes a new job and hopes to get rich quickly, but when it is not as lucrative as he planned for it to be, Jim demands that he stick with it anyway.
Father Knows Best Father's Private Life (TV-G) Jim decides to withdraw from the family to see if the children can work out solutions to their own problems, but his plan drastically backfires.
Dennis the Menace My Uncle Ned (TV-G) A freak weather accident and his uncle's refusal to confirm crucial details stand in Mr. Wilson's way when he writes a book about his relative.
Dennis the Menace Junior Astronaut (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is selected to be the next chairman for the local chapter of Junior Astronauts, and his contest allows one lucky winner to meet an astronaut.
McHale's Navy War, Italian Style (TV-PG) The coastal town of Voltafiore, Italy is the new base of operations for McHale and the crew where Binghamton unwittingly located them next to a wine cellar.
McHale's Navy The Bathtub Thief (TV-PG) Trapped behind enemy lines for the sake of a hot shower, McHale, Parker, Gruber and Tinker pose as an Italian family to evade capture and rescue the captain.
Father Knows Best Lessons in Civics (TV-G) Jim becomes extremely upset when he learns that a new highway is being built through his old community, which holds special memories to his life.
Father Knows Best First Disillusionment (TV-G) After losing a job opportunity to another teenager who fudges his resume, Bud understands the lesson and tries to apply it to his personal life.
Dennis the Menace Wilson's Little White Lie (TV-G) Mr. Wilson tells Dennis that he has fallen ill in order to get a day to himself, but the persistent youngster leads the neighborhood to believe he is dying.
Dennis the Menace Dennis, the Rain Maker (TV-G) Dennis overhears his frustrated father wishing for a storm to come and cancel his golfing plans, and the youngster recruits his friends for a rain dance.
McHale's Navy Marriage, McHale Style (TV-PG) In order to make a good impression on the visiting Undersecretary of State, Binghamton gets help from the townsfolk and McHale who throw a wedding party.
McHale's Navy Giuseppe McHale (TV-PG) McHale has a reunion with his look-alike Italian cousin, who stands in for him when Binghamton comes by and McHale is away, saving him from an AWOL charge.
Father Knows Best Woman in the House (TV-G) Jim wants to invite a friend and his wife over to the house, but Margaret does not like the man's wife because she makes her feel uncomfortable.
Father Knows Best New Girl at School (TV-G) A beautiful new girl shows up at school, and Bud Anderson falls instantly in love with her, but when she starts dating his best friend, Bud's friendship ends.
Dennis the Menace The Creature with the Big Feet (TV-G) Dennis tramples through Mr. Wilson's yard in oversized shoes, and the massive footprints he leaves causes Mr. Wilson to suspect a monstrous invasion.
Dennis the Menace Dennis, the Confused Cupid (TV-G) Dennis sits down with his parents and neighbors for an explanation into grown-ups' fascination with the joys of a romantic connection.
Hazel Just Me, Harold and the Universe (TV-G) Hazel decides to enter a contest to prove that she is the best housekeeper in town in order to try and win a trip for two to the World's Fair.
The Partridge Family Home Is Where the Heart Was (TV-G) Chris and Tracy have left the kitchen in disarray again and Shirley scolds them; Chris proposes to Tracy that they should run away.
Get Wild at the San Diego Zoo (TV-G) A variety of animals housed at the San Diego Zoo are featured, allowing viewers to learn about each creature's living habits, nuanced behaviors.
Wild World at the San Diego Zoo Rhinos, Armadillos and Leafcutter Ants (TV-G) Viewers are invited into the lives of dedicated zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo and the special animals they care for; key facts are presented on each animal.
The Wildlife Docs Baby Update (HD, TV-G) The wildlife doctors check in on baby animals they've helped and returned to the wild; a check on a baby Gravvy zebra and a baby kangaroo that was hand-raised.
The Wildlife Docs Flying Fox and The Three Bears (HD, TV-G) A mother black bear and her cubs walked into a populated area while looking for food and now Busch Gardens will be bringing the mother to her new home.
Hazel Mix-Up on Marshall Road (TV-G) Much to the dismay of George, Hazel attempts to sell the neighbor's house to George's newlywed partner and his bride when they look for a house.
The Partridge Family Fellini, Bergman, and Partridge (TV-G) Laurie bets Keith about making a better movie.
Three's a Crowd King For a Day (TV-PG) When Jacks restaurant gets a good review, it inflates his ego as a chef and business owner; the business starts to attract celebrities due to the review.
The Ropers Family Feud (TV-PG) Stanley and Jeffrey plan to put on a puppet show to celebrate a shared birthday between Helen and David; Stanley reveals the location of the surprise present.
Three's Company Doctor in the House (TV-PG) When Jack's grandfather visits, his plan to impersonate a doctor in order to make a good impression goes well until Grandpa Tripper asks to observe him at work.
Gimme a Break! Cat Story (TV-PG) When Officer Simpson and his cat cannot be found, an eyewitness informs Carl that he saw someone trying to save the cat stranded over the river.
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McHale's Navy A Nip in Time (TV-PG) When the crew discovers how much money can be made in the war-souvenir market, they plan a foray into an off-limit town to search, but are soon captured.
McHale's Navy Piazza Binghamtoni (TV-PG) McHale and Mayor Lugatto join forces to rescue Ensign Parker, who is in the brig on trumped-up charges brought by Captain Binghamton after a spaghetti incident.
Father Knows Best Kathy Makes Magic (TV-G) Kathy trades her skaters to a friend for a magician's box and uses it to start performing magic tricks for the family, but Bud and his friend make fun of her.
Father Knows Best Advantage to Betty (TV-G) A reporter publishes an article on Betty's tennis team going to the championships and puts Betty front and center, but Betty's partner becomes jealous.
Dennis the Menace Dennis Goes to Washington (TV-G) Dennis finds himself appointed as a diplomat to the state Senator by the mayor, and Mr. Wilson tags along to Washington, DC, in hopes of helping.
Dennis the Menace The Big Basketball Game (TV-G) Several of Dennis' careless basketball teammates harass their best player in order to force the frustrated youngster to quit the squad.
McHale's Navy The Bald-Headed Contessa (TV-PG) Caught partying at the home of an Italian contessa, Parker poses as the lady in question to fool the admiral into thinking the party had her approval.
McHale's Navy Voltafiore Fish-Fry (TV-PG) McHale is conned into a fishing expedition by Mayor Lugatto, acting with Binghamton, in order to frame him for war profiteering and disobeying direct orders.
Father Knows Best The Big Test (TV-G) Anticipating a big test, Bud studies harder than he ever has before, but when he passes with flying colors, his teacher accuses him of cheating.
Father Knows Best Father Is a Dope (TV-G) Jim suspects his upcoming hunting trip is going to be sabotaged by the family, using tricks they learned from watching a humorous sitcom on television.
Dennis the Menace Wilson's Allergy (TV-G) A recent surge in allergic reactions causes Mr. Wilson to believe that having Dennis around is proving to be a danger to his ongoing healthiness.
Dennis the Menace Baby Booties (TV-G) Mrs. Wilson stitches together a handful of cloth booties in order to cover her husband's golf clubs; Dennis spreads a rumor that his neighbors are pregnant.
McHale's Navy A Wine Cellar Is Not a Home (TV-PG) McHale and the crew find antique furniture on a mission, but it's confiscated by Binghamton, then Colonel Harrigan and it takes a fake attack to retrieve it.
McHale's Navy Vino, Vino, Who's Got the Vino (TV-PG) When McHale and the crew stumble on a cache of the famous Voltafiore Chianti, they scheme to return it to the townsfolk, defying the Binghamton and Lugatto.
Father Knows Best Spirit of Youth (TV-G) Jim and Margaret maintain that they are not the old fogeys the children think they are, but when they attend their class reunion, they change their tune.
Father Knows Best Bud, the Ladykiller (TV-G) Bud rudely turns down an unappealing classmate who likes him and hurts her feelings, but his parents find out and demand that he apologize immediately.
Dennis the Menace My Four Boys (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is forced to pretend that neighbor Dennis and several of the youth's friends are his own children after entering a writing contest for parents.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Homing Pigeons (TV-G) Mr. Wilson and Henry track down a runaway pigeon that happens to be carrying a piece of paper that contains a valuable stock-trading tip.
McHale's Navy The McHale Opera Company (TV-PG) McHale and Lugatto are forced to cast Binghamton in the lead if repairs to the local opera house are to be realized and surprise even themselves with a comedy.
McHale's Navy The Good Luck Fountain (TV-PG) McHale and the crew attempt to convince Binghamton that he has been cursed for shutting down the town square's wishing well in order to help the mayor.
Father Knows Best Margaret's Premonition (TV-G) When Margaret makes a series of eerily correct predictions about life circumstances, Jim and the family become convinced that she has psychic powers.
Father Knows Best Bad Influence (TV-G) Bud discovers that his new best friend is a kleptomaniac, but only after it is too late, when he is accused of the young man's series of robberies.
Dennis the Menace A Tax on Cats (TV-G) Mr. Wilson volunteers to become the town cat-catcher in order to help the police department to enforce their newest regulation on licensing.
Dennis the Menace The Uninvited Guest (TV-G) Henry has to leave town for New York on a business trip and Alice ends up spending the evening with her mother-in-law, leaving Dennis with the Wilson's.
McHale's Navy Blitzkrieg at McHale's Beach (TV-PG) When Colonel Harrigan discovers McHale's party beach, he wants it for his own playground, forcing Binghamton to move the 73 crew into his building in town.
McHale's Navy Reunion for PT 73 (TV-PG) Binghamton thinks he will finally be rid of McHale and his gang after confiscating taped confessions of their past crimes, but McHale comes up with a plan.
Father Knows Best Betty Hates Carter (TV-G) Jim decides to set up a blind date for Betty, but after finding out about it, she becomes furious and decides to take all her anger out on her date.
Father Knows Best Jim, the Tyrant (TV-G) After having a stressful day while at work, Jim decides to take it out on the family, declaring himself a tyrant, who will rule with an iron fist.
Dennis the Menace Dennis Plays Robin Hood (TV-G) Mrs. Elkins calls the police after Mr. Wilson mistakes her new edger with the one that Dennis has secretly borrowed without telling him.
Dennis the Menace The Three F's (TV-G) Mr. Wilson spends an entire day as a student after lamenting the "unnecessary" programs that have caused his taxes to rise sharply.
Hazel A Lesson in Diplomacy (TV-G) Hazel is forced to keep her opinions to herself on Thanksgiving when an international diplomat from Russia comes to visit the home of the Baxters.
The Partridge Family Waiting for Belero (TV-G) Keith wants to move out on his own and get his own apartment so that he may have the peace and quiet he craves to write music, and Shirley lets him move.
Get Wild at the San Diego Zoo (TV-G) A variety of animals housed at the San Diego Zoo are featured, allowing viewers to learn about each creature's living habits, nuanced behaviors.
Wild World at the San Diego Zoo Animal Medical Check-Ups and Koalas (TV-G) Viewers are invited into the lives of dedicated zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo and the special animals they care for; key facts are presented on each animal.
The Wildlife Docs Hook, Line & Blinkers (HD, TV-G) The Wildlife Docs work to help a tiny male animal afflicted with a persistent cyst; a bush baby has a large exam coming up; a loon has an emergency.
The Wildlife Docs Gorilla My Dreams! (HD, TV-Y) "The Wildlife Docs" discover a complication with a female gorilla's baby that could be deadly, and schedule an emergency surgery in hopes of saving their lives.
Hazel To Build or Not to Build (TV-G) In an attempt to convince George to renovate the kitchen, Hazel employs the help of Dorothy as the two concoct various schemes to get what they want.
The Partridge Family I Am Curious, Partridge (TV-G) Danny gets a job writing articles for the local newspaper documenting the exciting lives of the Partridge Family but he makes up facts about them.
Three's a Crowd Jack Gets Trashed (TV-PG) Jack gets upset when garbage collector raises their fee for the third time that year; he decides to fight back by speaking about it on the radio.
The Ropers The Other Woman (TV-PG) Secretly listening to Stanley's phone call with an unknown woman, Helen assumes he is cheating on her; Jeffrey has a counterproductive plan to land a job.
Three's Company Critic's Choice (TV-PG) Jack invites a stingy food critic to dinner at the apartment, but the man drinks all the wine, ignores the food and tries to romance the girls.
Gimme a Break! Police Mamas (TV-PG) Nell and Addy become cops due to most of the other officers suffering from food poisoning, and the two are called to investigate a burglary in progress.
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