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Alias Smith and Jones The Posse That Wouldn't Quit (TV-PG) Heyes and Curry hide out at a ranch and become close to the owner's kids so when they are captured by a determined posse the family decides to help them escape.
Alias Smith and Jones Six Strangers at Apache Springs (TV-PG) Smith and Jones encounter a lady evangelist, an Indian agent, a hotelkeeper and a devious woman in the deserted town of Apache Springs.
The Voyager with Josh Garcia Elephant-Sized Fun (HD, TV-G) Josh learns about the ancient art of dyeing fabric and tastes authentic Thai food; Josh's final adventure includes two Asian elephants.
Wilderness Vet When Doctor Becomes Patient (HD, TV-G) After Dr. Oakley treats other people's pets for an entire week, the tables turn when her dog needs an operation, which reminds her what about being a patient.
Frasier Frasier Loves Roz (TV-PG) One of Niles' patients, a compulsive womanizer, is dating Roz, and Frasier tries to warn her without breaking patient confidentiality.
Frasier The Focus Group (TV-PG) Frasier becomes obsessed when one member of a focus group says he doesn't like the show, and he inadvertently ruins the man's life trying to find out why.
Will & Grace No Sex 'N' the City (HD, TV-14) When Grace offers some romantic advice to Will, the results prove to be detrimental; Karen and Jack decide what to watch next when their favorite TV shows end.
Will & Grace Fred Astaire and Ginger Chicken (HD, TV-14) Will questions his true feelings for Vince after Grace doesn't appear to give their relationship her blessing; Jack holds auditions for Karen's replacement.
The Nanny Oy Vey, You're Gay (TV-PG) Maxwell decides to transform his image by hiring a publicist, who proceeds to give him a 'bad boy' makeover; Maxwell begins to fall for his publicist.
The Nanny The Party's Over (TV-PG) Fran and Val decide to find single men in the city by hosting a singles party at the Sheffield's house while Maxwell and C.C. are out of town.
Frasier You Can Go Home Again (TV-PG) Roz gives Frasier a copy of his first broadcast at KACL for his third anniversary, reminding him of his arrival in Seattle and reuniting with his family.
Frasier The Two Mrs. Cranes (TV-PG) Daphne's ex-fiancé is coming to America to visit, and in a heat of panic, she tells him that she is married to Niles to keep him from pursuing her.
Will & Grace I Never Cheered for My Father (HD, TV-14) Will's father's new mistress turns out to be Will's mother; Jack's son tries out for the cheerleading squad and Jack couldn't be more proud.
Will & Grace Speechless (HD, TV-14) Will's faded dream of becoming a playwright sparks to life after he agrees to help Jack write his commencement speech for nursing school.
The Nanny The Two Mrs. Sheffields (TV-PG) Maxwell's judgmental mother arrives at the Sheffield house for a visit, and she immediately turns adversarial towards Fran; Maxwell asks Fran to marry him.
The Nanny Having His Baby (TV-PG) Fran contemplates being artificially inseminated after learning that her ex-fiancé has fathered a child; Fran agrees to look after a movie star's child.
Frasier Love Bites Dog (TV-PG) Frasier is itching to go on his date with the very attractive woman Roz set him up with, but a problem arises when Bulldog steals her away.
Frasier The Impossible Dream (TV-PG) Frasier is having a recurring dream of finding himself in bed with Gil Chesterton, so he engages the help of Niles to interpret what it means.
Will & Grace I Do: Part I (HD, TV-14) Lyle and Karen decide to forego their picturesque fall wedding and elope to Las Vegas accompanied by faithful friends Will and Jack.
Will & Grace Oh, No, You Di-in't Part 2 (HD, TV-14) Will and Jack surprise everyone at Karen and Lyle's wedding reception by inviting Jennifer Lopez; Will confronts Leo, who is feeling guilty about his actions.
The Nanny The Unkindest Gift (TV-PG) Fran and the Sheffield's travel to Hollywood in order to appear on a television show that is featuring a humorous home video that Fran sent in.
The Nanny The Kibbutz (TV-PG) Maxwell attempts to keep Maggie away from boys for the Christmas holiday by sending her away to a Jewish collective community on Fran's advice.
Frasier A Crane's Critique (TV-PG) Martin becomes friends with an exceptionally reclusive author, which makes Niles and Frasier overjoyed, but their exuberance winds up costing everyone.
Frasier Head Game (TV-PG) Niles counsels a slumping NBA star to victory but is mortified to find out that the player only is using his head as a good luck charm.
Will & Grace FYI: I Hurt, Too (HD, TV-14) Jack returns from being on tour and Karen wants him to give Jennifer Lopez a song she wrote; Will gets the brunt of Grace's anger over Leo's indiscretions.
Will & Grace Back Up Dancer (HD, TV-14) Jack decides to audition to become one of Janet Jackson's back up dancers; Will hopes a return to work will heal Grace's broken heart.
The Nanny An Offer She Can't Refuse (TV-PG) Fran discovers that the man she is dating is possibly connected to a crime family, but she becomes too scared to end the relationship.
The Nanny Fashion Show (TV-PG) Fran becomes featured negatively in a fashion magazine after Maxwell leaves the house in a rush and brings her a handbag that doesn't match her outfit.
Frasier Mixed Doubles (TV-PG) Frasier convinces Niles not to convey his true feelings to Daphne but regrets it when he finds out that Daphne picks up a Niles-clone in a bar.
Frasier A Lilith Thanksgiving (TV-PG) The Cranes visit Lilith and Frederick over the Thanksgiving holiday, and Lilith and Frasier try to get Frederick admitted into a prestigious school.
Will & Grace One Gay at a Time (HD, TV-14) Grace sees an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting as a cheap method to get free therapy; Will and Jack become members of a focus group evaluating gay-themed TV shows.
Will & Grace Company (HD, TV-14) Will and Grace's attempt to befriend a neurotic neighbor doesn't go quite as well as they had planned; Jack's office workers tease him about his Cher doll.
The Nanny Where's Fran? (TV-PG) Fran decides to quit after Maxwell hurts her feelings and refuses to apologize, but Maxwell realizes he has made a mistake attempts to find her.
The Nanny The Grandmas (TV-PG) When Fran learns that her mother has kicked her father out of the house, she enlists the help of her grandmothers to get the couple back together.
« The Virginian High Stakes (TV-PG) The Virginian disguises himself as a fugitive to identify his friend's murderer, but he must figure out a way to bring the culprit to trial alive.
The Virginian Linda (TV-PG) Romance blossoms between the Virginian and an attractive courier and ultimately interferes with his original mission of delivering horses to Texas.
McCloud Encounter with Aries (TV-PG) McCloud receives a frantic call for intervention from a world-famous astrologer, who reveals that his wealthy wife has been kidnapped by criminals.
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Alias Smith and Jones Smiler with a Gun (TV-PG) Heyes and Curry meet a gold miner and a young cowboy and they begin working the mine together until the cowboy takes the gold and all of the provision.
Alias Smith and Jones Something to Get Hung About (TV-PG) Heyes tries to convince a runaway wife to return to her husband, while Curry works on distracting the gentleman with her.
The Voyager with Josh Garcia Life's a Beach (HD, TV-G) During Josh's exploration of Sydney, he views the coastal landscape from a seaplane, discovers the city's beach culture and tries basket weaving.
Wilderness Vet Big Animals, Big Problems (HD, TV-G) Despite the danger that can come from performing exams on large animals, Dr. Oakley remains determined to help every one of them.
Frasier Our Father Whose Art Ain't Heaven (TV-PG) Frasier offers a false compliment about a painting to get better service, so Martin buys him the painting, thinking Frasier loves it.
Frasier Dad Loves Sherry, the Boys Just Whine (TV-PG) Martin has a new girlfriend, Sherry, who has an in-your-face personality, and Frasier and Niles have issues dealing with her and try to avoid contact.
Will & Grace Key Party (HD, TV-14) When Grace sees Vince purchasing a key for Will's birthday, she convinces him that it's a terrible idea; Jack and Karen give Will a painting for his birthday.
Will & Grace Newlydreads (HD, TV-14) Will and Jack try to help a bookstore owner, and Grace and Karen's first job after their divorces is for a lovey-dovey newlywed couple.
The Nanny Your Feets Too Big (TV-PG) Fran prepares to attend a foot modeling reunion but experiences an age-related crisis when she realizes her feet have grown a whole shoe size.
The Nanny Where's the Pearls? (TV-PG) Fran suffers from a bout of amnesia and can't remember where she placed Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry, a valuable string of black pearls.
Frasier Liar! Liar! (TV-PG) Frasier and Niles feel that they are responsible for a former classmate's life of crime after they pinned a transgression on him in high school.
Frasier Three Days of the Condo (TV-PG) Frasier is denied permission to install an antique door knocker at his condo and decides to fight back against the condo board president.
Will & Grace Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine (HD, TV-PG) Will and Grace are horrified to discover that Vince and Nadine are the exact opposites of themselves, and Karen quits her job with Grace.
Will & Grace Saving Grace Again, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Grace decides to enter the dating scene to get her mind off Leo; when Karen and Jack want to meet new people, they decide to set each other up on blinds dates.
The Nanny The Hockey Show (TV-PG) Fran dates an extremely superstitious athlete who believes she has jinxed him by wearing a pair of red shoes to a game his team lost.
The Nanny That's MidLife (TV-PG) When Maxwell loses a tennis match to Fran, he undergoes an extreme mental crisis that prompts him to adapt a youthful wardrobe and purchase a sports car.
Frasier Death and the Dog (TV-PG) Martin notices Eddie has a severe case of depression, and he hires a canine psychiatrist to help analyze Eddie's problems and come up with a cure.
Frasier Four for the Seesaw (TV-PG) The Crane brothers get a weekend double date with two beautiful women after giving a spontaneous gesture, but Niles can't help feeling that he's betrayed Maris.
Will & Grace Saving Grace Again, Part 2 (HD, TV-PG) After Will takes Grace out of town to help her forget about Leo, he runs into other problems; Jack meets an actor from an old cocoa commercial.
Will & Grace Queens for a Day, Part 1 (HD, TV-14) Will decides to take Vince's mother on a shopping trip to get to know her better, but when she hurts her foot, he must quickly figure out what to do.
The Nanny The Cantor Show (TV-PG) Fran attempts to impress a handsome cantor at her mother's temple, but her plan backfires when he suddenly becomes the star of Maxwell's latest musical.
The Nanny Green Card (TV-PG) Maxwell is upset when Fran accepts a quickie marriage proposal from Brighton's handsome, young French tutor, prompting C.C. to investigate the man's intentions.
Frasier To Kill a Talking Bird (TV-PG) Niles' new bird picks the night of his housewarming party to firmly ensconce itself on Niles' head and constantly repeat a quote meant to stay private.
Frasier Roz's Krantz and Gouldenstein Are Dead (TV-PG) Roz starts volunteering at a retirement home to complete her community service, but she's not welcomed after the people she visits start dying.
Will & Grace Queens for a Day, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) Will makes his own special Thanksgiving dinner, but Vince's mother refuses to give Will any credit, and Grace and Karen bond with Vince's young cousin.
Will & Grace Christmas Break (HD, TV-14) Will and Grace attend a holiday party at his mother's house and Grace breaks a treasured figurine, but Will convinces her to blame the damage on another guest.
The Nanny Ship of Fran's (TV-PG) Fran believes her psychic's romantic prediction will come true on the cruise vacation she is set to take with Val, which causes Maxwell to become concerned.
The Nanny Pup in Paris (TV-PG) When Maxwell takes the wrong bag on his flight, Fran tries to exchange it but ends up accompanying him on his trip after getting trapped in an airplane closet.
Frasier The Unnatural (TV-PG) Roz's injury leaves the KACL baseball team down a player, so Frederick suggests that his father step up, forcing Frasier to take a crash course.
Frasier Roz's Turn (TV-PG) Frasier accidentally ruins Roz's chances of branching out on her own with a radio show after remarking about her audition to Bebe.
Will & Grace Board Games (HD, TV-PG) A disgruntled high school classmate seeks revenge by trying to become the president of Walker, Inc.; Jack and Grace suspect Vince is cheating on Will.
Will & Grace Partners (HD, TV-14) Vince may complicate Will's chances of becoming a partner at the law firm; Karen refuses to believe Rosario is ill; Grace gets a blind date.
The Nanny The Tart with Heart (TV-PG) After confessing his love for Fran during what appeared to be their final moments, Maxwell infuriates Fran by rescinding his emotional declaration.
The Nanny The Cradle Robbers (TV-PG) Maxwell adamantly objects to Maggie dating a man who is eight years her senior and orders Fran to put a stop to the relationship; C.C. battles insomnia.
« The Virginian Legacy of Hate (TV-PG) Grainger, Shiloh's new owner, arrives in Medicine Bow and has conflict with a neighbor who has harbored resentment from blaming him for her husband's death.
The Virginian Jacob Was a Plain Man (TV-PG) After accidentally killing a man while working as a bartender in Medicine Bow, a deaf, mute man finds work as a ranch hand at Shiloh.
McCloud Somebody's Out to Get Jennie (TV-PG) An engineer appears to have died in an airplane crash, until allegations of embezzlement lead McCloud to investigate his mentally unstable secretary.
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