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Bewitched A Majority of Two (TV-G) Aunt Clara developes feelings for a new client and plans on marrying him when Samantha involves herself in trying to locate Ocky, making the new client leave.
Bewitched Samantha's Secret Saucer (TV-G) A toy saucer is replaced by a real one complete with aliens thanks to Aunt Clara, who was trying to help Tabatha retrieve her remote controlled toy.
Barney Miller Protection (TV-PG) The Citiznry panics about the rumors that the 12th Precinct is going to be shut down, while a hood is unable to prove that he committed a crime.
Newhart Sweet and Sour Charity (TV-PG) Dick and Joanna feel that they are finally being accepted when the town asks them to organize an event for the local library.
Three's Company Cyrano de Tripper (TV-PG) Chrissy convinces Jack to secretly prepare a gourmet meal for her date, which happens to be with a very analytical critic on the subject of fine food.
Welcome Back Kotter Beau's Jest A new student arrives from New Orleans and uses his southern charm to hit on many of the girls within the school; Juan is angry with the new classmate.
Bewitched The No-Harm Charm (TV-G) After Darrin is nearly fired over a mistake at the bank, Uncle Arthur gives him a lucky charm that he claims will protect him from harm.
Bewitched Man of the Year (TV-G) Darrin is named advertiser of the year but doesn't let the glory go to his head until Endora puts a spell on him, causing random people to praise him.
Barney Miller Sniper (TV-PG) Wojo and Luger find themselves in the crosshairs of a dangerous sniper while a shady con man is selling unsuspecting people charter flights to Saturn.
Newhart Everybody Ought to Have a Maid (TV-PG) Stephanie plays up her toe injury to get out of her usual duties at the inn but regrets her actions when Dick and Joanna hire a new maid.
Three's Company Chrissy's Night Out (TV-PG) Chrissy's natural friendly behavior gets her arrested for prostitution after a policeman begins to think she is propositioning him for sex.
Welcome Back Kotter Don't Come Up and See Me Sometime Vinnie gets his own apartment, which the other Sweathogs believe is their new hangout; he informs his friends they are only welcome by invitation only.
Bewitched Splitsville (TV-G) Samantha works to reunited Gladys with Anber after learning that Gladys has plans to leave her husband, but living with Gladys isn't as easy as it seems.
Bewitched Samantha's Wedding Present (TV-G) Darrin rebuffs Endora's wedding present since it is five years too late and produced by witchcraft, and to get revenge, she shrinks him.
Barney Miller Fear of Flying (TV-PG) Even though he is afraid of flying, Wojo is assigned to escort a dangerous bigamist to Cleveland by airplane, and the criminal's wife shows up.
Newhart Saturday in New York with George (TV-PG) Dick reluctantly invites George to a literary party in New York while Joanna is stuck at home with guests.
Three's Company Stanley Casanova (TV-PG) Jack convinces one of his attractive female friends to flirt with Mr. Roper after an argument with his wife leaves the sour landlord feeling self-conscious.
Welcome Back Kotter Once Upon a Ledge A new female student is having difficulty making friends in Buchanan High, and is contemplating suicide by jumping off of a ledge outside of the school.
Bewitched Samantha Goes South for a Spell (TV-G) A jealous witch, mistaking Samantha for the woman who was carrying on with her husband, sends her back in time to 1868 New Orleans.
Bewitched Samantha on the Keyboard (TV-G) Tabitha plays piano with Endora's help and confuses a piano teacher looking for a prodigy, while Samantha takes a bet to learn to play the piano without magic.
Barney Miller Block Party (TV-PG) When a dangerous assassin is arrested at a neighborhood party, Chano gets all the credit for bringing the killer to justice, much to Wentworths dismay.
Newhart Love Letters in the Mud (TV-PG) Michael ghost-writes a love letter for Larry and offers courtship advice when he falls for Jolene, the woman of his dreams.
Three's Company Janet's High School Sweetheart (TV-PG) Janet is excited to invite her high-school crush to dinner at the apartment, but she is dismayed when the former jock begins to exhibit his sleazy true nature.
Welcome Back Kotter The Sweatmobile Carvelli offers to sell his old car to the Sweathogs, which causes them to remember one time when they bought a used car from Vinnie's uncle.
Bewitched Darrin Gone! and Forgotten? (TV-G) Endora arranged a marriage for Samantha years ago and puts her daughter in a bind when her betrothed's mother shows up and makes Darrin disappear.
Bewitched It's So Nice to Have a Spouse Around the House (TV-G) Darrin mistakes Serena for Samantha and takes her to the honeymoon site he and Samantha went to while Samantha sits at a Witches Council meeting.
Barney Miller Massage Parlor (TV-PG) Wentworth arrives at a massage parlor to arrest a dime-store cowboy while the rest of the detectives have to deal with an elderly mugger.
Newhart First of the Belles (TV-PG) Dick runs into an old college sweetheart who has booked a room at the inn to drown her divorce sorrows in a weekend of skiing.
Three's Company Jack's Uncle (TV-PG) Jack's charming uncle arrives at the apartment for a visit and creates trouble for the roommates by writing a fraudulent check and giving it to Mr. Roper.
Welcome Back Kotter Barbarino's Boo Boo Mister Woodman comes to the hospital where Vinnie works for a bunion removal surgery; Vinnie is to wheel Woodman back to his room, but loses him.
Hazel Hazel's Christmas Shopping (TV-G) Hazel gets another job in order to afford buying Christmas presents for her family and friends; she looks for a gift for Dorothy and gets a job at a store.
The Joey Bishop Show Very Warm for Christmas (TV-G) Joey's mother purchases Santa and reindeer decorations for her lawn, but she decides to leave them up year-round to remind everyone about the Christmas spirit.
The Patty Duke Show Christmas Present (TV-G) Cathy gets excited for Christmas as she'll get to spend some time with her father, but Martin learns that Cathy's father has been imprisoned in a another land.
Hazel Just 86 More Shopping Minutes to Christmas (TV-G) George declares war on Madison Avenue and tells the family that there will be no expensive gifts this year; Missy thinks the fur George is hiding is hers.
The Addams Family Christmas with the Addams Family (TV-G) Uncle Fester gets stuck in the chimney while trying to prove to Wednesday and Pugsley that Santa Claus is real and all of the adults come to the rescue.
Green Acres An Old-Fashioned Christmas (TV-G) Sam Drucker starts selling artificial Christmas trees that squirt genuine spruce spray from the top and ooze fake sap from its trunk, which horrifies Oliver.
227 The Night They Arrested Santa Claus (TV-PG) When the Jenkins, Rose and Sandra dress up like Santa to get Alexandria into the holiday spirit, they are arrested as possible Santa thieves.
Family Ties Miracle in Columbus (TV-PG) Alex works as a department store Santa and becomes concerned about a child whose traveling salesman father won't be home for Christmas.
Growing Pains A Christmas Story (TV-G) Jason attempts to give counsel to his newest patient who has been accused of poor job performance working as a department store Santa Claus.
Alice Mel's Christmas Carol (TV-G) When his waitresses refuse to work on Christmas Eve, Mel fires them, but a visit from the ghost of his past business partner gives him a change of heart.
Good Times The Traveling Christmas (TV-PG) When Keith's unforgiving boss insists on making him work on Christmas, the Evans family moves the holiday celebration to his job at the taxi cab company.
The Jeffersons George Finds a Father (TV-G) George is beside himself when old friends of the Jefferson's visit bringing information about George's mother that he is not prepared for.
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Good Times Penny's Christmas (TV-PG) Penny has her wallet stolen and jeopardizes her chances of staying with Willona by trying to steal a necklace as a Christmas gift for her.
The Jeffersons 984 W. 124th Street, Apt. 5C (TV-PG) During the Christmas season, George starts sneaking around and sending gifts to a mysterious address in Harlem, so Louise follows him.
Maude Maude's Christmas Surprise (TV-PG) Christmas at Maude's house is not merry, with Carol stuck at the Cleveland airport, Phillip spending the holiday elsewhere, and Walter and Arthur in bad moods.
Mork & Mindy Mork's First Christmas (TV-G) Mork is overwhelmed by the Christmas season until Mindy explains the religious holiday's significance, which prompts Mork to invite Susan Taylor to a party.
Family Ties A Keaton Christmas Carol (TV-PG) Alex announces that he views Christmas as a silly holiday, but he is visited by the ghosts of his sisters in his dreams later that night.
Growing Pains The Kid (TV-G) When Ben witnesses a young girl looking for food in a dumpster he demonstrates his holiday spirit by inviting her to come eat dinner at the Seaver house.
Bewitched Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (TV-G) Endora transforms Darrin into the most narcissistic person in the world, causing Samantha to fear this new attitude could cause him to lose a new account.
Bewitched Samantha's French Pastry (TV-G) Uncle Arthur brings Napoleon Bonaparte to dinner instead of bringing napoleons for dessert and can't figure out how to send him back.
Barney Miller The Election (TV-PG) During Election Day, a woman's husband withholds her from voting, and Wojo escorts a shoplifter to the voting booth but in the process loses the criminal.
Newhart It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To (TV-PG) Everyone is invited to the Vanderkellen mansion when Stephanie's cousin Ned celebrates his 100th birthday, but he drops dead in the middle of the party.
Three's Company Helen's Job (TV-PG) Chrissy and Janet feel bad for convincing Mrs. Roper to accept a job that she ends up hating, so they devise a plan to trick Mr. Roper into asking her to quit.
Welcome Back Kotter X-rated Education An unfortunate mix-up happens when Carvelli brings an X-rated film to show to the Sweathogs, and Julie brings in a sex education film to upset parents.
Bewitched Is It Magic or Imagination (TV-G) Samantha enters a slogan contest at the insistence of Mrs. Stephens, but when she wins, Darrin angrily assumes she cheated and used magic.
Bewitched Samantha Fights City Hall (TV-G) Samantha becomes aggressively involved in a fight against tearing down a local park for a business, but the land is owned by Darrin's new client.
Barney Miller The Psychiatrist (TV-PG) The department receives advice from Wojo's psychiatrist to confiscate his gun.
Newhart Chimes They Are A-Changin' (TV-PG) The town begins acting strangely when a sudden wind storm blows in; Michael rents "The Wizard of Oz" to overcome his fear of high winds.
Three's Company The Gift (TV-PG) Mr. Roper tasks Jack with buying an expensive coat as a gift for Mrs. Roper, but problems arise when Chrissy discovers the coat and thinks it's a birthday gift.
Welcome Back Kotter The Barbarino Blues The Sweathogs see Vinnie get dumped by his girlfriend; he gets too depressed and ashamed to leave his apartment when he thinks he had lost his way with women.
Bewitched Samantha Loses Her Voice (TV-G) In a practical joke, Uncle Arthur switches Darrin and Samantha's voices, and they both must cheer up Louise and Larry without letting them find out.
Bewitched I Don't Want to Be a Toad (TV-G) It's Tabitha's first day of pre-school, and she turns a student into a butterfly because of a miscommunication, but Samantha is on hand to set things straight.
Barney Miller Thanksgiving Story (TV-PG) The police officers from the 12th Precinct go on assignment when they must clean up after three mental patients who escaped and celebrated Thanksgiving.
Newhart Unfriendly Persuasion (TV-PG) Joanna has eye trouble but has a lifelong fear of ophthalmologists, and Dick is determined to help her overcome the phobia.
Three's Company The Rivals (TV-PG) Janet asks for Chrissy's help in entertaining a business prospect, but she soon becomes jealous when Chrissy and the attractive businessman hit it off.
Welcome Back Kotter Washington's Clone A younger and nerdy student wants the approval of the Sweathogs so badly that he starts to emulate Freddie, but Freddie doesn't take the imitation flattering.
Bewitched Weep No More, My Willow (TV-G) Samantha is caught in a spell that was intended to heal her ailing weeping willow but instead causes her to cry whenever the wind blows.
Bewitched Instant Courtesy (TV-G) Endora changes Darrin's personality, making him the kindest person in the world, but the change in his attitude causes a client to suspect something is wrong.
Barney Miller The Ghost (TV-PG) The officers do not believe a man who claims he had an experience with a poltergeist, but after locking him up, they begin to think otherwise.
Newhart Jail, Jail the Gang's All Here (TV-PG) A neighboring cattle rancher takes Larry, Darryl and Darryl to court for kidnapping one of his cows, and Dick agrees to defend them in court.
Three's Company The Baby Sitters (TV-PG) Janet asks Jack and Chrissy to take over her babysitting job after she schedules a date on the same night, and the duo is upset to discover the conditions.
Welcome Back Kotter Frog Day Afternoon Arnold refuses to take part in the next biology class experiment, dissecting a frog, even though it is a requirement for a passing grade; he stages a protest.
Mr. Belvedere Kevin's Model (TV-G) When Kevin's friend talks him into taking an art class, he falls in love with one of the nude models; Wesley breaks a window in the living room.
Mr. Belvedere Commentary (TV-G) When George is assigned to do editorials during his broadcast at the TV station, he chooses to condemn the singing of the National Anthem at sporting events.
Webster You Can't Go Home Again George is stuck in the middle of a landmark career decision when he is faced with the option of retiring or taking over a failing football squad.
Webster God Bless the Child Webster is pondering his spiritual beliefs when he comes to the realization that he blames his creator for his parents' tragic accident.
Dennis the Menace Calling All Bird Lovers (TV-G) A passionate birdwatcher regales her fellow enthusiasts with authentic bird calls when Mr. Wilson hosts a get-together at his home.
Father Knows Best The Promising Young Man (TV-G) Jim's boss asks him to teach his son how to be an insurance salesman, but Jim isn't sure how to tell him that Woody is not cut out for that field.
Newhart Dwight Schmidlapp Is Not a Quitter (TV-PG) Dick decides to submit his latest book under his old pseudonym, Dwight Schmidlapp, but when the publisher rejects his manuscript, he falls into a slump.
Newhart The Way We Ought to Be (TV-PG) Michael grows tired of always letting Stephanie have the upper hand in the relationship and takes Dick's advice to let her know how he feels.
Newhart Mrs. Newton's Body Lies A-Mould'ring in the Grave (TV-PG) Dick and Joanna discover that a female body had been buried in the basement of the inn and when they try to move the body they find out that she was a witch.
Newhart Locks, Stocks and Noodlehead (TV-PG) Stephanie's father visits the Stratford with a big announcement during the height of the town's Colonial Days celebration.
Newhart First of the Belles (TV-PG) Dick runs into an old college sweetheart who has booked a room at the inn to drown her divorce sorrows in a weekend of skiing.
Newhart Georgie & Bess (TV-PG) Georgies family friend, whom he calls "Aunt Bess", visits the inn for the first time in many years but she is quite different from the person George remembers.
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