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Gimme a Break! Knock Three Times (TV-PG) Nell is hypnotized to remember where she placed Katie's graduation ring, but they forget to remove the spell, causing Nell to reveal secrets after three knocks.
Webster Good Grief (TV-G) Katherine struggles to cope with the sudden loss of her mother, but her attempts to keep feelings bottled up inside frustrate George and Webster.
Mr. Belvedere Marsha's Job (TV-G) After Marsha receives the great news she passed the bar exam, she finds it very difficult to find a job at a law firm; Mr. Belvedere goes on a crash diet.
The Hogan Family Animal House David, Rich and Burt steal a wolverine to get attention while Mark and Willie set Sandy up in a computer dating service without her knowledge.
Silver Spoons Twas the Night Before Christmas (TV-PG) Alfonso spends the holidays without his mother; Freddy's family winds up homeless and are offered refuge when the Strattons offer to take them in.
My Two Dads To Thine Own Elf Be True (TV-G)
Gimme a Break! Valentine (TV-PG) On Valentine's Day, Nell gives everyone advice on their dates for the evening, but when everyone's plans are ruined, their romantic evenings are jeopardized.
Webster One More Shot (TV-G) Webster's passion for the game of basketball is quickly frustrated by his lack of height, but George cheers up the downtrodden youth with a special meeting.
Mr. Belvedere Moonlighting (TV-G) Mr. Belvedere meets a girl in line at a fast food restaurant who needs him more than the Owens family does; two families battle for Mr. Belvedere.
The Hogan Family Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow David fools the twins with a lie, they make him think that he is losing his hair; the pressure of his driver's test retake gets to Michael and he fails.
Silver Spoons Lulu's Back in Town (TV-PG) Edward wants his former governess to take charge of his beloved hamburger restaurant, but the mischievous Rick and Alfonso have another plan in mind.
My Two Dads You Only Surprise the Ones You Love (TV-G) When Judge Wilbur is going to be honored, Joey, Michael and Nicole try to find some friends or family who could come to the ceremony.
Gimme a Break! The Big Apple, Part 1 (TV-PG) After Addy and Nell win a trip on a game show, they leave and accidentally switch suitcases with another traveler, which has narcotics and a weapon inside.
Webster Great Expectations: Part 1 (TV-G) Katherine gets violently ill, ruining her and George's second honeymoon; Uncle Phil discovers his girlfriend's infidelity whilst in Hollywood with Webster.
Mr. Belvedere The Wedding (TV-G) Kevin is excited to learn his old high school friend is coming to town with a major announcement; Wesley's pet myna bird flies out of the window.
The Hogan Family Dad's First Date Michael nervously gets back into dating but it doesn't go as well as he wants; David does his best to avoid getting too into an English assignment.
Silver Spoons The Trouble with Grandfather (TV-PG) Grandpa Stratton announces his plans to retire and decides to enjoy a new lifestyle complete with a blonde bombshell and fancy sports car.
My Two Dads Kind of a Drag (TV-G) When Nicole discovers she has put on the "out list" at school, she is determined to get off of it; Joey's girlfriend won't let him break up with her.
Gimme a Break! The Big Apple, Part 2 (TV-PG) After finding drugs and a gun in a switched suitcase, Nell and Addy learn the owner of the suitcase is near, and they are forced into a deadly situation.
Webster Great Expectations: Part 2 (TV-G) In the wake of his girlfriend's act of treachery with his producer, Webster's Uncle Phil is shocked to discover that he has lost his part to her.
Mr. Belvedere Fall Guy (TV-G) When George, Marsha and Mr. Belvedere all go out to the opera, Wesley is left at home all alone; Kevin ruins Marsha's "Home Sweet Alabama" pillow.
The Hogan Family Foiled Again David falls for the woman his best friend Burt is attracted to but doesn't know what to do when Burt challenges him for her affection.
Silver Spoons All the Principal's Men (TV-PG) When Ricky issues a cable news report that claims the cafeteria serves horse meat, the principal calls for him to identify his source.
My Two Dads When You Wish ... (TV-G) When Nicole enters a rock TV music channel contest and wins, she gets to go on a musical dream date with whom ever she wants; Michael plays the piano.
Doogie Howser, M.D. The Grass Ain't Always Greener (TV-PG) Shortly after deciding to end his relationship with Wanda, Doogie decides to start dating a smart and sexy cheerleader for the Lakers.
Coach The Rosebrocks of Wisconsin (TV-PG) Hayden complains that Kelly is spending too much time with her new family in Wisconsin, until she forces him to finally meet her in-laws.
Murphy Brown Anchors Away (TV-PG) Jim is sent away to Libya so the network can try out an attractive anchor named Miller but the rest of the team sabotages the new hire to save Jim's job.
Wings Stop in the Name of Love (TV-PG) Brian and Alex attempt to assure that their relationship lasts longer than a couple of weeks by not sleeping with one another yet.
Becker Sue You, Part 2 (TV-PG) John can't decide whether to settle Vinny's lawsuit against him until he realizes how many people depend on him, but then has second thoughts.
Hazel Kindly Advise (TV-G) Suzy is upset to learn that Barbara has enrolled her in charm school, something Deirdre had insisted on Barbara doing; there she would learn social graces.
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Becker Trials and Defibrillations, Part 3 (TV-PG) When it comes to the trial for the malpractice John has been charged with, things don't go well with the witnesses for his case and John wants to testify.
Gimme a Break! TV or Not TV (TV-PG) Nell has everyone spend quality time together instead of watching television, but when she and Carl hear what is airing that night, they make other plans.
227 You Gotta Have Art (TV-PG) When Mary helps Eva straighten up her gallery, she becomes a pop-art sensation over night and is invited on the "Joan Rivers Show".
What's Happening!! Going, Going, Gong (TV-PG) As the new manager of a kid's song and dance group, Raj is convinced they are ready to try out for the Gong Show but runs into competition from Rerun.
Gimme a Break! Rodeo (TV-PG) An ill Grandpa takes Joey to the rodeo, but when his illness takes a turn for the worse, he is rushed to the hospital and is in jeopardy of losing his life.
Webster Who's to Blame (TV-G) George and Katherine demonstrate trust in Webster by allowing him to spend an evening at home alone, but his enthusiasm leads him to brag to the wrong people.
Mr. Belvedere Christmas Story (TV-G) Mr. Belvedere is having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit; Kevin and Heather decide they don't want to come home for Christmas.
The Hogan Family Save Baby Mark David tries to get his brothers to help sweep out the chimney by lighting a fire under them but Mark does a slow burn when he gets stuck inside the fireplace.
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Gimme a Break! Katie's College (TV-PG) When Katie tries opening her own business instead of going college, Nell recalls her promise to the girls' deceased mother that they would all attend college.
Webster Chained (TV-G) George's act of defiance is followed by a series of unfortunate occurrences when he throws away Webster's chain letter to teach him a lesson.
Mr. Belvedere G.I. George (TV-G) When Wesley has to find someone to speak in front of his class about something they lived through, he volunteers George to tell his Korean War stories.
The Hogan Family Saturday Night Feverish Willie lies and tells a girl that Mark is a great dancer, leaving Mark to worry that his two left feet will ruin his chances with her.
Silver Spoons Marry Me, Marry Me, Part 1 (TV-PG) When Kate receives a promising job offer from another company, the news prompts Edward to take the relationship to the next level by proposing.
My Two Dads (TV-G)
Gimme a Break! The Center (TV-PG) As Grandpa visits a senior citizen center, he learns the space is shared with youth, due to their center being burned down; fight between lovers takes a toll.
Webster The Triangle (TV-G) Katherine immediately assumes the very worst when Webster shows her a photograph of Bill's car parked mysteriously in front of a local motel.
Mr. Belvedere Kevin's Model (TV-G) When Kevin's friend talks him into taking an art class, he falls in love with one of the nude models; Wesley breaks a window in the living room.
The Hogan Family Tobacco Road Sandy picks up habitual smoking again after trying to teach Willie a lesson about the dangers of cigarettes.
Silver Spoons Marry Me, Marry Me, Part 2 (TV-PG) After initially turning down the marriage proposal, Kate reconsiders his request but not without some serious pleading from Edward and Rick.
My Two Dads Soho's by You (TV-G) After Michael forces the family to move into his apartment, Joey has a difficult time fitting into his uptown life, and Nicole has no playmates.
Gimme a Break! Class of '84 (TV-PG) During a graduation ceremony, a family man reveals some startling information in regards to all of his achievements while in school.
Webster The Truth Hurts (TV-G) Katherine attempts to come up with excuses for not wearing a dress that Webster gives her for her birthday, and she is forced to tell the truth.
Mr. Belvedere Commentary (TV-G) When George is assigned to do editorials during his broadcast at the TV station, he chooses to condemn the singing of the National Anthem at sporting events.
The Hogan Family The Big Sleep David needs someone to be part of his sleep deprivation experiment and Sandy agrees to be the experiment's guinea pig.
Silver Spoons Rick and the Legend (TV-PG) Edward believes Rick's friend is nothing but trouble but tries to stay neutral even though he has reason to believe the youngster has a habit of stealing.
My Two Dads Crime and Punishment (TV-G) When Nicole and her best friend sneak out of the house to go to the movies in New Jersey, the dads try to agree on the most suitable punishment.
Gimme a Break! New Orleans, Part 1 (TV-PG) In New Orleans, Nell's date makes a surprising offer, and when Joey notices a man staring at him from a distance, he tells Nell he may know who the man is.
Webster Hello, I Must Be Going (TV-G) Katherine's aunt makes a special visit to the Papadapolis household, where Webster attempts to spark up some romance between her and George's father.
Mr. Belvedere The Diary (TV-G) With Heather's 16th birthday rapidly approaching, George has a hard time dealing with his young daughter growing up; Wesley searches for his lost snake.
The Hogan Family Secretarial Poole A widower and his sister raise three boys in the suburbs of Chicago while trying to re-enter the dating scene and deal with everyday family life.
Silver Spoons Trouble with Words (TV-PG) Olympic track and field athlete Bruce Jenner helps Alfonso get to the root of his schoolwork struggles by attributing his troubles to dyslexia.
My Two Dads Nicole's First Date (TV-G)
Doogie Howser, M.D. Guess Who's Coming to Doogie's (TV-PG) After Doogie runs into the former gang member who once held him hostage, he tries to help the boy out by arranging for him to get a job at the hospital.
Coach Carnival Knowledge (TV-PG) Coach Watkins decides to take his revenge out on Hayden when he volunteers to man a booth at the university's upcoming annual carnival.
Murphy Brown TV or Not TV (TV-PG) A sitcom inspired by FYI sends a star out to study for her part which just happens to be Murphy Brown.
Wings Bye-Bye, Bunny (TV-PG) Lowell and Bunny make their separation final by signing the divorce papers, but that may not necessarily stop them from sleeping together.
Becker Psycho Therapy (TV-PG) John is released from jail and sentenced to see a therapist, and Jake's girlfriend has a habit of relating every detail of her life.
Ice Hogs Warm-up Show Analysts preview the upcoming IceHogs matchup with player profiles, game trends, expert commentary, team needs, interviews, and highlights from prior matches.
Dear John Pilot (TV-PG) John reluctantly attends his first meeting for divorcees, but only after accidentally wandering into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting across the hall.
Coach Haven't I Slept with You Somewhere Before? (TV-PG) Hayden believes that Minnesota State's new president may be a woman he once dated, and his own job may be in jeopardy because of it.
Murphy Brown Miles' Big Adventure (TV-PG) Miles stumbles upon the story of a lifetime while vacationing on a tropical island.
Wings Business or Pleasure (TV-PG) A potential investor for Joe's struggling small airport becomes unexpectedly involved with Helen and stirs up trouble for Joe's business deal.
Becker Breakfast of Chumpions (TV-PG) The purchase of tickets to a pancake breakfast a young girl is selling leads to trouble for John; Reggie believes a friendly customer stole her good luck.
Gimme a Break! The Spirit of Christmas (TV-PG) A neighbor approaches Nell and Addy to borrow oil, and after learning he is single, the women invite him to stay and compete for his affection.
Gimme a Break! (TV-G) An outspoken and unapologetic housekeeper is hired by a widowed police chief to assist with the raising of his three young daughters.
Webster (TV-G) After losing both of his parents to a car accident, a quirky seven-year-old is sent to live with a family friend in downtown Chicago.
Mr. Belvedere (TV-G) A middle-class family living in suburban Pittsburgh hires a posh English housekeeper when their mother decides to go back to school.
The Hogan Family A widower and his sister raise three boys in the suburbs of Chicago while trying to re-enter the dating scene and deal with everyday family life.
Silver Spoons (TV-PG) A wealthy, childlike toy magnate strives to make adjustments when he takes on the responsibility of rearing the young son he's never met.
My Two Dads (TV-G)
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