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Mr. Belvedere The Play (TV-G) Wesley has been cast as the lead in the school play and he is ready to play the part; however, when the director quits the play, Mr. Belvedere takes over.
Mr. Belvedere Thief (TV-G) When Heather gets a job at a music store, her new football star boyfriend assumes he can use her to rip off the store; Wesley and Mr. Belvedere play gin rummy.
Webster Web Trek Webster suddenly finds himself in the captain's seat of the Starship Enterprise in an alternate and future reality after a video game goes haywire.
Webster Another Ballgame The parents of a seven-year-old sparkplug pass away in an automobile accident, and he is sent away to live with his father's best friend and former teammate.
Barney Miller Eviction, Part 2 (TV-G) A S.W.A.T. team is forced to get involved with the hotel tenant situation, and Detective Dietrich discovers the true identity of his amnesic girlfriend.
Dear John Hole in One (TV-PG) Kate has to attend her aunts funeral, where she encounters her former husband who, much to her dismay, is very well liked by the rest of her family.
Bewitched The Leprechaun (TV-G) An angry leprechaun from Darrin's family shows up at the Stephens house to reclaim his rightful pot of gold from one of Darrin's wealthiest clients.
Bewitched Double Split (TV-G) An unexpected incident at a party causes problems between Darrin and Larry, and Samantha is forced to use her magical powers to make the situation right.
Barney Miller Wojo's Problem (TV-PG) Wojo goes to Barney with an issue his captain would rather not discuss; the precinct's female officer starts dating a man who is jealous of her male coworkers.
Newhart Once and A Half Million Dollar Man (TV-PG) Socialite Scooter Drake stops by to look at the Stratford while he is in Vermont scouting for an inn to purchase, and makes the Loudons lucrative offer.
Three's Company Friends and Lovers, Part 1 (TV-PG) Janet and Philip agree to get married in the trio's apartment; Jack proposes to Vicky; Terri is able to land a nursing job in Hawaii.
Welcome Back Kotter Caruso's Way Vinnie keeps goofing off in gym class, which irritates the gym teacher; the teacher takes punishment too far when the teacher hits Vinnie.
Bewitched Disappearing Samantha (TV-G) Darrin, Samantha, Larry and Louise attend a seminar where the speaker claims witches don't exist, so Samantha goes on a mission to prove him wrong.
Bewitched Follow That Witch, Part 1 (TV-G) A client's ruthless assistant investigates the Stephens' home life and attempts to blackmail Samantha when he learns that she is really a witch.
Barney Miller "Quo Vadis?" (TV-PG) Barney and the 12th Precinct discover the truth behind why a woman suddenly wants to shut down a nude-painting exhibit at a local art gallery.
Newhart The Little Match Girl (TV-PG) Dick visits Michael in a sanitarium where he's vacationing and runs into a talented, well-known illustrator with a penchant for burning things.
Three's Company Friends and Lovers, Part 2 (TV-PG) Vicky declines Jack's proposal but agrees to move in together; the trio of friends leave the apartment and go their separate ways.
Welcome Back Kotter Sweatgate Scandal There has been a break-in at the Principal's office, and the Sweathogs want to investigate; to do so, the boys join the staff at the school newspaper.
Bewitched Follow That Witch, Part 2 (TV-G) Samantha uses her magical powers to expose Leach's evil scheme and twitches him to Mexico, but Leach makes a promise that he will come back.
Bewitched Divided He Falls (TV-G) When Darrin's work interferes with an important family vacation, Endora gets angry and clones Darrin so that he can work and go on vacation.
Barney Miller Hostage (TV-PG) A stubborn ventriloquist refuses to take credit for the harsh remarks his dummy makes, and a prisoner escapes and threatens the lives of the officers.
Newhart Buy, Buy Blues (TV-PG) Stephanie tries to forget her problems with Michael by losing herself in a mad shopping spree; a much calmer Michael walks away from the sanitarium.
Three's a Crowd Family Affair (TV-PG) After Jack and Vicky settle in, Vicky learns that Jack hasn't told anyone in his family that the two are living together; he receives a visit from his aunt.
Welcome Back Kotter Kotter and Son Kotter's father, who has never approved of his career choice, comes from a great distance to see his son at work with his class; he takes over the lesson.
Bewitched A Bum Rap (TV-G) Samantha gets extremely nervous when she finds out that Darrin's eccentric uncle is going to visit; Samantha mistakes a con man for Darrin's uncle.
Bewitched Man's Best Friend (TV-G) A warlock falls in love with Samantha, and after she flat out rejects him, he turns himself into a shaggy dog and tries to ruin her relationship with Darrin.
Barney Miller Evaluation (TV-PG) The police officers get extremely nervous when Barney is forced to do work evaluations, and Harris arrests a numerologist who refuses to reveal his real name.
Newhart Homes and Jo-Jo (TV-PG) The station manager offers Joanna her own television program as a lead-in for "Vermont Today," but Dick is uncomfortable with her co-host's smarmy manner.
Three's a Crowd The Happy Couple (TV-PG) After Jack gets turned down for a bank loan, Mr. Bradford offers to pay for the restaurants sprinkler system but he has one condition; Jack must marry Vicky.
Welcome Back Kotter Chicken a la Kotter Kotter needs the money to pay for an oral surgery to fix his teeth, he becomes so desperate to be able to pay it off that he gets a second job.
Bewitched The Catnapper (TV-G) In an attempt to expose that Samantha and Endora are witches, Charlie Leach kidnaps a Siamese cat from the Stephens household and holds it for ransom.
Bewitched What Every Young Man Should Know (TV-G) Samantha and Endora attempt to figure out if Darrin would have still wanted to marry Samantha if he knew she was a witch before tying the knot.
Barney Miller The Sighting (TV-PG) A crazy man upsets his wife when he liquidates all of his assets into gold, and Wojo makes a claim that he spotted an unidentified flying object.
Newhart Georgie & Bess (TV-PG) Georgies family friend, whom he calls "Aunt Bess", visits the inn for the first time in many years but she is quite different from the person George remembers.
Three's a Crowd The Maternal Triangle (TV-PG) Jack tries to convince Vickys divorced parents to get back together, as he hopes their reconciliation to convince Vicky to agree to marry him.
Welcome Back Kotter The Littlest Sweathog Kotter learns that his wife, Julie, is with child; however, she is not as thrilled about it as he is and Kotter is concerned about why.
Mr. Belvedere Grandma (TV-G) When Heather and Angela participate in an Adopt-a-Grandparent program at a retirement home, they end up befriending a grumpy old man.
Mr. Belvedere Debut (TV-G) After a near-death experience, George quits his sports writing job and starts doing things he always wanted to do, including taking a career as a lounge singer.
Webster Happy Un-Birthday With the circumstances of his new living arrangement still overwhelming him, Webster gets much-needed attention by pretending his birthday has arrived.
Webster Consulting Adults Webster attempts to fine-tune his athletic skills by trying out for his school's football squad, but Katherine doubts the soundness of the decision.
Dennis the Menace The Fifty-Thousandth Customer (TV-G) Mr. Finch announces to the exciting throngs of locals that he intends to rewards his store's fifty-thousandth customer with a five-minute shopping spree.
Father Knows Best Bud, the Millionaire (TV-G) In hope of teaching Bud the value of money, Jim decides to increase his allowance and changes it to 10 dollars a week, but Bud does not spend it wisely.
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Mr. Belvedere Kevin's Date (TV-G) Kevin is nervous about taking a girl out on his birthday with a reputation for being easy; Wesley refuses to eat Brussels sprouts and goes on a hunger strike.
Mr. Belvedere Reunion (TV-G) On the same weekend, George attends his high school reunion while Marsha has a convention in Atlantic City; Mr. Belvedere meets a persistent woman.
Webster Katherine's Swan Song Katherine attempts to spend some quality time with Webster, who is busily preoccupied with a close friend that has left her family behind.
Webster Saying Goodbye A shocked George and Katherine are forced to break the news to Webster when it becomes clear that he's unaware of his parents' deaths.
Barney Miller Inauguration (TV-PG) Officer Harris is put in a difficult dilemma and forced to do some personal soul searching when he is offered a job on the mayor's security squad.
Dear John The Blunder Years (TV-PG) John wants to reunite with an author, recalling how his relationship with her was the greatest love of his youth.
The Addams Family Halloween with the Addams Family (TV-G) Gomez accidentally invites two criminals into the house when he thinks they are trick-or-treaters; Wednesday wants to play with Gomez's new carving knife.
Bewitched The Witches Are Out (TV-G) Darrin gets fired from his job by Larry after Samantha convinces him to use a beautiful young witch for an important advertisement campaign.
Dennis the Menace Haunted House (TV-G) George and Henry attempt to uncover the truth when the two of them invest in a property that turns out to be seemingly haunted by ghouls.
Hazel A Haunting We Will Go (TV-G) A real estate client believes that Steve sold to her a haunted house without telling her it's haunted, which infuriates her; she sues Steve and his office.
Green Acres The Ballad of Molly Turgiss (TV-G) Eb inadvertently mentions a women of folklore and the Douglas' are haunted, while Oliver tries to write a song about her but can't get any cooperation.
The Addams Family Halloween, Addams Style (TV-G) Wednesday's Halloween is ruined when a neighbor insists to her that witches don't exist and the family decides to hold a séance to talk to a witch relative.
The Addams Family Addams Cum Laude (TV-G) Pugsley and Wednesday have trouble at school so Gomez buys it and plans to run it properly until all of the other parents remove their children.
The Addams Family The Addams Policy (TV-G) Morticia has a new flame thrower, so Fester tests it and sets their polar bear on fire.
The Addams Family Morticia's Romance, Part 1 (TV-G) Morticia relates the story to her children of how she and Gomez met each other on the day of their 30th wedding anniversary.
The Addams Family Morticia's Romance, Part 2 (TV-G) Pugsley and Wednesday cannot sleep until Morticia finishes her story, so she decides to explain how she ended up marrying Gomez.
The Addams Family Morticia, the Breadwinner (TV-G) After learning that the stock market is doing poorly and that thousands of people are going broke, Morticia finds ways for the family to make money.
The Addams Family The Addams Family Meets the VIPs (TV-G) Dignitaries from an Iron Curtain country want to see a typical American family and with a random pick from the phone book end up visiting the Addams family.
Bewitched The Girl with the Golden Nose (TV-G) Darrin works extra hard at his job so that he can afford to buy Samantha a mink coat, but he later suspects she used witchcraft to help him.
Bewitched Prodigy (TV-G) Gladys introduces Samantha and Darrin to her brother who is a musical prodigy but he gave up playing the violin after an embarrassing incident 30 years earlier.
Barney Miller Kidnapping, Part 1 (TV-PG) A department store tycoon is abducted by a radical political activist; Wojo is forced to arrest a prostitute and her Arkansas business manager.
Newhart Don't Worry, Be Pregnant (TV-PG) Michael and Stephanie return from their six month honeymoon, surprising everyone when they see the pair is expecting a child, and they are not prepared.
Three's a Crowd Jack's Problem (TV-PG) Jack has trouble in the bedroom, and Vicky wonders what the cause of it would be; she talks to her mother about it, and her answer has Vicky more concerned.
Welcome Back Kotter Has Anyone Here Seen Arnold? Horshack takes on an important role in a school play, but the other Sweathogs make fun of him for taking an interest in acting; Horshack runs away.
Bewitched Nobody's Perfect (TV-G) Samantha takes toddler Tabitha to the doctor for a routine checkup where she discovers that her baby has inherited her magical powers.
Bewitched The Moment of Truth (TV-G) Tabitha's unrestrained powers cause Aunt Clara to believe she is losing control of her abilities; Darrin discovers the truth about Tabitha's powers.
Barney Miller Kidnapping, Part 2 (TV-PG) Officer Wojo delivers ransom money for the abducted department store tycoon, and an imprisoned prostitute attempts to seduce Wojo and the victim's son.
Newhart Get Dick (TV-PG) Dick is guilty of burning down Maison Hubert after enjoying an after-dinner cigar, so the Loudons graciously offer to give Hubert a room at the Inn.
Three's a Crowd Vacation From Sex (TV-PG) Mr. Bradford thinks that Jack and Vicky have little in common besides enjoying the sex, so Jack and Vicky decide to prove the man wrong.
Welcome Back Kotter There Goes Number 5 Arnold finally returns to school and reveals that his fifth stepfather has just passed away; and in his absence, he decides he needs to grow up.
Bewitched Witches and Warlocks Are My Favorite Things (TV-G) The Witches Council orders a meeting to test Tabitha's burgeoning abilities; Endora is insistent that Samantha send Tabitha to a school for witches.
Bewitched Accidental Twins (TV-G) Aunt Clara babysits Jonathan Tate and accidentally uses her magical powers to turn him into a set of twins; Aunt Clara tries to remember the counter spell.
Barney Miller Accusation (TV-PG) When a tough accusation is made against Dietrich, Lieutenant Scanlon of Internal Affairs is forced to make a special visit to the 12th Precinct.
Newhart Poetry and Pastry (TV-PG) Dick is chosen to judge the town's annual poetry and pastry contest and becomes the object of Miss Goddard's affections.
Three's a Crowd A Matter of Money (TV-PG) A counterfeit one-hundred dollar bill has been found in Jacks Bistros bank account, and the police stop by to question Jack, and identify the counterfeiter.
Welcome Back Kotter I'm Having Their Baby Kotter goes away for a teacher's conference, and the Sweathogs decide to spend time with the still-pregnant Julie; she is not so enthusiastic about it.
Mr. Belvedere Deportation, Part 1 (TV-G) Wesley is thrilled about getting a dog, but first he must do well on an exam; when he gets an A, Wesley feels guilty and tells Mr. Belvedere that he cheated.
Mr. Belvedere Deportation, Part 2 (TV-G) Mr. Belvedere is released from prison; Wesley tries to find a woman who could marry Mr. Belvedere so he can get a green card and stay in the country.
Webster Green Eyed Monster George and Webster enjoy themselves while playing games with a young girl that draws Katherine's jealousy over her youthful enthusiasm.
Webster Second Time Around After noticing that George and Katherine have been fighting more as of late, Webster decides to plan an official wedding ceremony.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Pee Wee League (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is left with little choice but to take over for Henry as Dennis' pee wee baseball coach after the youth's father becomes ill.
Father Knows Best The Old Days (TV-G) For a PTA fundraiser, Jim and Margaret get to decide how their kids will dress, and Bud and Betty get to decide how their parents will dress.
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