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Unsolved Mysteries (HD, TV-14) During World War II, a couple was told that their son had died in a plane crash, but they believe he was actually captured by the enemy.
The FBI Files A Hunter's Game (HD, TV-14) Robert Hansen sexually abused women for days then sent them naked into the freezing woods where he hunted them with a rifle.
The FBI Files Rebellion in Paradise (HD, TV-14) The Macheteros (Machete Wielders), whose only goal is the creation of a sovereign Puerto Rico at all costs, claim credit for an assault on 18 unarmed servicemen
« Jade (TV-14, R, **) A district attorney searches for a woman seen in a photograph at a crime scene in the hopes that she might be able to help him solve a high-profile murder case.
Intersection (TV-14, R, **) A man suddenly facing his own mortality examines his relationships while considering the possibility of leaving his family to be with his mistress.
Corrupt Crimes Murder in the Lab (HD, TV-PG) A Yale University doctoral student disappears while working in the lab, and her body is discovered several days later crammed inside a basement wall.
Corrupt Crimes Death of the King of Pop (HD, TV-PG) A look at the moments after Michael Jackson's death and the cover up launched by his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray.
Corrupt Crimes Killer Conviction - Justice or Mistake? (HD, TV-PG) The story of how a young man in Idaho may have falsely confessed to a murder; a white supremacist opened fire at the Los Angeles Jewish Community Center.
Corrupt Crimes The Chessboard Killer (HD, TV-PG) A disturbed man launches a killing spree near Moscow; a man strives to be Russia's worst serial killer; a New York art dealer rips off his high-profile clients.
Corrupt Crimes Murder in China (HD, TV-PG) A look into the murder of a British businessman by a prominent family in the Chinese Communist Party; a look at the Hollywood Madam who provides escorts.
Corrupt Crimes Milkshake Murder (HD, TV-PG) Nancy Kissel served her husband a milkshake full of sedatives before beating him to death with a blunt object.
Corrupt Crimes Tragedy in Waco (HD, TV-PG) A look at the bloody gun battle between self-proclaimed messiah David Koresh, his followers and ATF personnel.
Corrupt Crimes Death of a Football Legend (HD, TV-PG) A look at the aftermath of a secret affair that led to the murder-suicide of Steve McNair and his mistress; a Chicago cop uses cruel and unusual punishment.
Corrupt Crimes A Motown Family Tragedy (HD, TV-PG) The death of musician Marvin Gaye is examined; the investigation into the death of a woman whose doctor husband claimed she slipped and fell inside the shower.
Corrupt Crimes Five Marriages and Five Dead Husbands (HD, TV-PG) A woman's five husbands die as the apparent consequence of years of broken marriages; an obsessively-religious man commits a violent, lethal rampage.
Corrupt Crimes Deadly Religion (HD, TV-PG) A look at the religious cult leader Jim Jones and the mass suicide of his followers that followed him to the jungles of South America.
Corrupt Crimes Casanova Serial Killer (HD, TV-PG) A handsome wanderer frequents country western bars and uses his charisma and charm to pick up women and ultimately kill them.
Corrupt Crimes Scarsdale Diet Murder (HD, TV-PG) A private school head mistress takes the life of cardiologist and diet book author Herman Tarnower in 1980; a southern community is shaken by murders.
Corrupt Crimes Murdered by Twin Daughters (HD, TV-PG) The story of a woman whose teenage twin daughters killed her and claimed that they believed she was an intruder; the explosion of TWA Flight 800.
Corrupt Crimes Cashing Out on Marriage (HD, TV-PG) A man is found dismembered in a box years after his wife claimed that he ran away with another woman; a minister swindles millions from church members.
Corrupt Crimes From NFL Stardom to Murder (HD, TV-PG) The story of former football player Aaron Hernandez; a former stripper from Las Vegas is charged with brutally murdering her husband on his birthday.
Corrupt Crimes License to Kill (HD, TV-PG) Investigators attempt to stop a murderer believed to be a doctor; after a well-liked dental hygienist files for divorce, the wife and mother vanish.
Corrupt Crimes Targeting an American Terrorist (HD, TV-PG) An American citizen is killed by a U.S. drone after raising the ranks of Al Qaeda; an accountant takes his vengeance out on his wife.
Corrupt Crimes Killer Attack at LAX (HD, TV-PG) A look at an Egyptian immigrant that opens fire at the ticketing counter for the Israeli El Al Airlines at Los Angeles International Airport.
Corrupt Crimes Singing Fame and Family Horror (HD, TV-PG) The tragic events surrounding the family of "American Idol" contestant Jennifer Hudson are explored; a suspect attempts to detonate a bomb in Times Square.
Corrupt Crimes Double Murder Affair (HD, TV-14) A husband and wife are killed as a result of an affair between a married man and married woman; the truth of the case wasn't revealed for 20 years.
Corrupt Crimes Runaway Bride (HD, TV-14) A large manhunt is launched after a bride-to-be disappears; a Mexican drug lord claims that his cartel is necessary and a protecting force against evil.
Corrupt Crimes Real Estate Tycoon's Murder (HD, TV-14) Investigators try to figure out if a murder was caused by the mob or a jealous wife; a model running a sexual con game finds herself in a deadly situation.
Corrupt Crimes Killer Sunday School Teachers (HD, TV-14) An extra-marital affair between Sunday school teachers leads to the murder of a husband; a famous Bollywood star maintains his innocence in a death.
Corrupt Crimes Deadly Siblings (HD, TV-14) A brother and sister team up and go on a murder rampage; a teacher gets involved with a former student which upsets her husband.
Corrupt Crimes Until Death Do Us Part (HD, TV-14) A man from Michigan attempts to hire a hitman for a murder; authorities accuse a suspected terrorist of planning to detonate a "dirty bomb."
Corrupt Crimes Angel of Death (HD, TV-14) Investigators look into a string of unexpected deaths at California hospitals; a bride-to-be uses deception to try to find a way out of her upcoming nuptials.
Corrupt Crimes Troubled Teen or Brutal Killer (HD, TV-14) A young Nevada woman admits to using drugs and stripping for money but she maintains that she is not a killer; a real world soap opera has a terrible twist.
Corrupt Crimes Killer Arsonist (HD, TV-14) Five firefighters lost their lives after a California arsonist sets a fire that burnt out of control; a Texan mom tries to get her daughter on the cheer squad.
Corrupt Crimes The Step-Father Murder (HD, TV-14) Investigators don't believe a young girl when she tells them that a masked intruder murdered her step-father; a young bride is killed while scuba diving.
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Unsolved Mysteries (HD, TV-14) Experts discuss the relationship between the behavior of serial killer and astrology; a member of S.A.D.D is tragically killed in a hit and run.
Unsolved Mysteries (HD, TV-14) After the body of a missing woman is found at the bottom of a cliff, authorities suspect two former classmate of committing the murder.
Unsolved Mysteries (HD, TV-PG) A night of crime leads to a murder and an arrest; authorities search for two bank robbers; an atheist's near death experience leads him to embrace religion.
« Dangerous Company (TV-PG) Officials respond to an accident to find a body, a large amount of money, survival gear and drugs, but no identification.
The Big One: The Great Los Angeles Earthquake (TV-PG, **)
Corrupt Crimes Deadly Rampage at Fort Hood (HD, TV-14) A psychiatrist for the Army begins a shooting rampage at Fort Hood marking the worst shooting at a domestic US military base; a young woman vanishes.
Corrupt Crimes Cop Killer (HD, TV-14) Former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner decides to wage war against law enforcement officers in Southern California.
Corrupt Crimes Murder in the House of Gucci (HD, TV-14) An ex-wife plots to save the family fortune by having her ex-husband, Mauarizio Gucci , killed by a hit man; a teenager devises a shocking plan of murder.
Corrupt Crimes South African Treason (HD, TV-14) A right-wing organization from South Africa called the Boeremag tries to overthrow the democratic majority in power and does it by force.
Corrupt Crimes Murder on the Lacrosse Team (HD, TV-14) Lacrosse player George Huguely from the University of Virgina goes on an alcohol binge that leads to the death of his ex-girlfriend.
Corrupt Crimes Bomb in Madrid (HD, TV-14) In an attack on Madrid, Spain, 191 people are killed and more that 1,800 are injured in one of the deadliest attacks in Western Europe.
Corrupt Crimes Passenger Plane Down (HD, TV-14) A young co-pilot named Andreas Lubitz locked the pilot out of the cockpit and crashed the German liner into a remote area of the French Alps.
Corrupt Crimes Protected By Affluence (HD, TV-14) Sixteen-year-old Ethan Couch killed four people while out drinking and driving in a Fort Worth, Texas, suburb; his attorneys claim his lifestyle was the cause.
Corrupt Crimes Texas Tower Sniper (HD, TV-14) An investigative series that recreates cases involving corruption, as various crime specialists analyze each individual case and provide their expert opinions.
Corrupt Crimes Pickaxe Murders (HD, TV-14) Police investigate a case involving a man who was nearly beheaded and a woman who was left with stab wounds from a pickaxe in an alleged murder in Texas.
Corrupt Crimes Fast Food Massacre (HD, TV-14) A pair of robbers targets a Wendy's restaurant in New York City, where they violently attack seven of the employees just before closing time.
Corrupt Crimes The Killer Nurse (HD, TV-14) While Pennsylvania and New Jersey hospital patients die from mysterious means, the work was found to be done by a kind of killer known as an "angel of death."
Corrupt Crimes Snuff Film Killers (HD, TV-14) Police question an acquaintance of a deceased woman and discover a videotape containing a recording of the victim's sexual assault and murder.
Corrupt Crimes Co-Ed Killer (HD, TV-14) An investigative series that recreates cases involving corruption, as various crime specialists analyze each individual case and provide their expert opinions.
Corrupt Crimes Attempt to Kill a President (HD, TV-PG) The story of John Hinckley Jr.'s attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan in 1981 in an attempt to gain attention from the actress he stalked.
Corrupt Crimes The Makeover Murder (HD, TV-14) A former beauty queen and prominent surgeon raise eight children together, but the family is soon torn apart after the mother is found dead in the bathtub.
Corrupt Crimes Murder in the LAPD (HD, TV-14) The Los Angeles Police Department has a history of housing corrupt officers involved in numerous crimes, until the discovery and arrest of one corrupt criminal.
Corrupt Crimes The Druglord of the Skies (HD, TV-14) A former aviation entrepreneur made his living stealing from boybands like 'NSYNC; Pablo Escobar is known as the most successful drug lord in history,
Corrupt Crimes A TV Icon Accused of Murder (HD, TV-14) Television personality Robert Blake was accused of murdering his wife; Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi was accused multiple times of abusing his power.
Corrupt Crimes Mass Murder in the Ukraine (HD, TV-14) A man nicknamed "The Beast of Ukraine" killed over 50 people; a broker used an experimental Alzheimer drug to start a famous insider trading scheme.
Corrupt Crimes Black Widows (HD, TV-14) The story of how two elderly widows set out to gain their wealth by targeting homeless men; an art investor swindled celebrities out of millions of dollars.
Corrupt Crimes Olympic Bomber (HD, TV-14) Investigators search the wilderness for Eric Rudolph after he sets off bombs at the Atlanta Olympics, an abortion clinic and a gay bar.
Corrupt Crimes Murder by Mercedes (HD, TV-14) A dentist couple finds themselves in a murderous love triangle resulting in the use of the family's car as a murder weapon.
Corrupt Crimes Long Island Roadroad Killer (HD, TV-14) Racial hatred against white people led Collin Ferguson to open fire on a Long Island Railroad train in Queens, killing 6 people and wounding 19.
Corrupt Crimes Assassination of Anna (HD, TV-14) When Russian journalist and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya was shot dead in her apartment elevator, authorities are accused of being involved.
Corrupt Crimes Cosa Nostra Killer (HD, TV-14) A contract killer for the mafia is profiled after being betrayed because he has too much imperative, clandestine information on certain criminal activities.
Corrupt Crimes Dr. Death (HD, TV-14) The life of a British doctor, who was discovered to have been giving lethal injections to his elderly female patients, is profiled.
Corrupt Crimes South African Strangler (HD, TV-14) The leader of a child advocacy group in Johannesburg is found guilty for the murders 38 individuals and must serve 2,400 years in prison.
Corrupt Crimes House of Horrors (HD, TV-14) During the investigation of a wife and child's disappearance, police discover the remains of eight more young women underneath the husband's patio.
Corrupt Crimes The Contemptuous Killer (HD, TV-14) Police in England receive letters sent by the person responsible for kidnapping and strangling a woman, seemingly taunting them that he will never be caught.
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