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Have Gun, Will Travel The Gospel Singer (TV-G) When citizens join forces to improve the reputation of their town, they hire Paladin to get rid of the undesirable, violent criminals that plague the area.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Race (TV-G) A rancher hires Paladin to ride in a high-stakes horserace against a Comanche reservation, but Paladin switches sides because of the rancher's devious tactics.
Rawhide Incident of the Gallows Tree (TV-G) Quince is visiting Cottonwood where the local Pair-A-Dice Saloon is at and he stumbles into Major Courtney who starts an intense fight.
The High Chaparral The New Lion of Sonora, Part 1 (TV-PG) Victoria and Manolito race to the side of their dying father who surprises everyone by leaving his entire estate and cattle herd to his bumbling brother Don.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Hanging of Aaron Gibbs (TV-G) After Paladin runs into a black woman with dead mule, he agrees to help her continue her journey to the mining town where her husband is scheduled to be hanged.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Piano (TV-G) A prominent German pianist's beloved piano is stolen and held for ransom just before he scheduled to give a concert for a now-wealthy former saloon hostess.
Rawhide Incident of the Married Widow (TV-G) Miss Abigail owns The Silver Slipper Salon in Calvin where Rowdy notices a dead war hero's portrait, Abigail's husband, who miraculously is still alive.
The High Chaparral The New Lion of Sonora, Part 2 (TV-PG) Victoria and Manolito race to the side of their dying father who surprises everyone by leaving his entire estate and cattle herd to his bumbling brother Don.
Have Gun, Will Travel Ben Jalisco (TV-G) After a vicious murderer escapes from prison, he seeks revenge against his traitorous wife, who aided in his capture, and Paladin, who brought him to prison.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Brothers (TV-G) After Paladin captures an outlaw suspected of murdering his client's husband, he decides to take a gamble by transporting his prisoner across the harsh desert.
Rawhide Incident of the Pale Rider (TV-G) Rowdy acts in self defense when he kills a would-be-robber and is later haunted by the man's apparent resurrection as a new drover.
The High Chaparral Sangre (TV-PG) The Cannon family faces an impending Apache war after holding a wounded leader of the tribe hostage at the ranch, causing the calvary to come knocking.
Have Gun, Will Travel A Drop of Blood (TV-G) Paladin is invited to be the best man in the wedding of a Jewish immigrant he once helped, but the wedding and its guests are threatened by an escaped criminal.
Have Gun, Will Travel A Knight to Remember (TV-G) A wealthy Mexican family hires Paladin to find their missing, aging patriarch, who has embarked on a delusional quest to seek adventure on the frontier.
Rawhide Incident of the Comanchero (TV-G) Two nuns have decided to enlist in the drover's who are aiding in shielding a Comanchero from renegades colleagues who are out for blood.
The High Chaparral The Hostage (TV-PG) Morgan MacQuarie, a long-time robber, endangers the life of Victoria and Wind after his last raid leaves everyone nearby in danger.
Have Gun, Will Travel Blind Circle (TV-G) When the Cattlemen's Association grants amnesty to the last of the old cattle rustlers, their bloodthirsty bounty hunter decides to track and kill the rustler.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Kid (TV-G) After winning a poker game against a loudmouthed miner, Paladin is shocked to learn that his winnings include temporary custody of the miner's unruly son.
Rawhide Incident of the Clown (TV-G) A philologist and former clown finds himself in a trail camp as he tries to compile a dictionary of the Comanche language so the townsfolk can understand.
The High Chaparral A Man to Match the Land (TV-PG) Tasked with completing a sale of wild horses for the Army, the Cannon men ride to find a band of wild horses only to be confronted by angry Apaches.
Tarzan The Deadly Silence, Part 1 (TV-G) Tarzan tries to stop a bloodthirsty Colonel from taking over an African village but when a hand grenade explodes near him, Tarzan is temporarily deafened.
Tarzan The Deadly Silence, Part 2 (TV-G) Tarzan is still deaf after his encounter near hand grenades and he must rely on his animal friends to help him stop a Colonel and his heavily armed soldiers.
The Greatest American Hero The Hit Car (TV-PG) A mobster wants revenge against Ralph and Bill, so he enlists his girlfriend to help him with his scheme, pretending she wants to testify against him.
Daniel Boone Onatha (TV-G) After Daniel and Mingo save a small black girl from drowning, two slave hunters claim to own her, but Daniel and Mingo aren't letting her go without a fight.
Travel Thru History Nashville (TV-G) The hosts explore the historical landmarks in Nashville, Tennessee, including the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Grand Ole Opry, and the Hermita.
The Coolest Places on Earth Coolest Mountain Escapes (HD, TV-G) A look at the best skiing and mountain retreats on earth, including Whistler, Telluride, and the Switzerland.
Zoo Clues Animal Athletes (HD, TV-G) Host Bill Lloyd takes viewers to different areas of the world to discover what makes an animal an athlete.
Walking Wild at the San Diego Zoo Klipsringers and Kavai Forest Birds (HD, TV-G) Dedicated individuals who work at the San Diego Zoo share glimpses into the world of wild animals providing a unique and up-close look at each animal.
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Have Gun, Will Travel Mark of Cain (TV-G) Hoping to research the physical traits of criminals and killers, a British criminologist hires Paladin to guide him to the residence of a notorious gunfighter.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Exiles (TV-G) A Mexican general recruits Paladin to facilitate his negotiations with a count and countess who are suspected of stealing millions of dollars' worth of bonds.
Rawhide Incident of the Black Ace (TV-G) A Gypsy and his daughter enter the camp as they are being pursued by a cattleman, who claims that he is entitled to daughters hand in marriage.
The High Chaparral Destination Tucson (TV-PG) The Cannon family comes to settle in the Arizona territory during the 1870s, despite warning from local authorities about deadly Apache raids in the area.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Hunt (TV-G) Paladin is deceptively lured into the Oregon wilderness by a Russian prince, who wants to cure his boredom by hunting Paladin as human prey.
Have Gun, Will Travel Dream Girl (TV-G) After spending years in the mountains uncovering a fortune in gold, a naïve miner hires Paladin to escort him and his gold harvest back into town.
Rawhide Incident of the Hostages (TV-G) Three children have been kidnapped by passing Arapahos, which puts the fatherly drovers in danger; Yellow Sky intends to return to the tribe that raised her.
The High Chaparral The Arrangement (TV-PG) John and Buck set out for Mexico to try and strike a peace treaty with their new rival, Don Sebastian Montoya, but the man proposes several conditions.
Have Gun, Will Travel One, Two, Three (TV-G) While on a seemingly innocent mission to find an elusive man, Paladin learns there's something amiss after hearing that everyone he's contacted has been killed.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Waiting Room (TV-G) Paladin's life is threatened when he accepts an extremely dangerous job to escort two infamous brothers to their hanging in another territory.
Rawhide Incident of the White Eyes (TV-G) Domingo, Lieutenant Carter and the Butlers are eventually rescued through the heroic efforts of Favor and Jesus, but trouble soon follows.
The High Chaparral The Ghost of Chaparral (TV-PG) Victoria tries to help John get over the death of Annalee; Blue and John fight over whether or not to save a wounded Indian.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Trap (TV-G) Paladin is forced to take refuge inside a secluded inn during a storm, but the inn is also inhabited by a suspicious, trigger-happy sheriff and his prisoner.
Have Gun, Will Travel Don't Shoot the Piano Player (TV-G) A sweet-natured woman hires Paladin to track down her missing fiancé and save him from a life of debauchery after he runs away to a notorious saloon district.
Rawhide Incident at Rio Doloroso (TV-G) Don Francisco Maldonaldo imposes a brutal sentence for Favor and Rowdy that involves both of them dying for the justice of his deceased son.
The High Chaparral Best Man for the Job (TV-G) The Apaches take three hostages after losing several of their own on the Cannon's ranch, leading to a rescue effort sure to result in sudden death.
Have Gun, Will Travel Alice (TV-G) A young woman travels west and hires Paladin to track down her wealthy mother to find out the reason her school tuition was abruptly cut off.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Man Who Struck Moonshine (TV-G) A desperate man moves to the middle of nowhere in order to tame his chronic alcoholism, but he instead ends up unearthing a spring of moonshine.
Rawhide Incident at Alkali Sink (TV-G) Burt Harvey decides to marry the lovely Lorraine Stanton at their camp and Rowdy agrees to take Burt and his forty head to Big Horn Basin.
The High Chaparral A Quiet Day in Tucson (TV-G) Buck, Manolito and Billy Blue are sent into Tucson for supplies, but get caught up in the fun of the city including women, drinking and music.
Tarzan Village of Fire (TV-G) Tarzan tries to recover a stolen serum that was taken by a chief from a tribe of natives, as only it can save the life of his friend who was bitten by a Jaguar.
Tarzan The Day of the Golden Lion (TV-G) Tarzan and the other natives are training to compete in an athletic championship but somebody has been attempting to steal the prize.
The Greatest American Hero Saturday Night on Sunset Boulevard (TV-PG) When a Russian defector goes on the run, Bill reluctantly recruits some of Ralph's students to help in the pursuit.
Daniel Boone Dan'l Boone Shot a B'ar (TV-G) A settler bears a grudge against the bear that killed his father and brother and insists on tracking down the animal and confronting it face to face.
Travel Thru History Wilmington (TV-G) The hosts explore the history of Wilmington, North Carolina, including its significance in both the Civil War and World War II, and its importance for fishing.
The Coolest Places on Earth Best Beach Getaways (HD, TV-G) Viewers get an exclusive look at various activities, including surfing and snorkeling at the Bahamas, the South Pacific and Coastal North America.
Zoo Clues Animal Senses (HD, TV-G) A look at how some animals can swallow with their eyes, have ears on their knees and pick up scents 100,000 more powerful than humans.
Walking Wild at the San Diego Zoo A Panda Hearing Study and Arctic Foxes (HD, TV-G) Dedicated individuals who work at the San Diego Zoo share glimpses into the world of wild animals providing a unique and up-close look at each animal.
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