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Programs for W22EE-D1 on Wednesday, August 16, 2017
12:00 AM
Quantum Leap Thou Shalt Not... - February 2, 1974 (TV-PG) Having leapt into the life of a rabbi, Sam attempts to help his brother and sister-in-law mend their relationship as they mourn the death of their son.
1:00 AM
Simon & Simon Baja, Humbug (TV-PG) Rick gets fed up with the business after a particularly hard case and decides to start a charter boat business, and tries to convince AJ to join him.
2:00 AM
Make Room for Daddy Kathy, the Secretary (TV-G) Danny is tired of his wife, Kathy, overspending the money he earns; after many complaints, Kathy convinces Phil to give her a job as his own personal secretary.
2:30 AM
Make Room for Daddy The Quiz Show (TV-G) Frank's mother is in need of a new washing machine and has an idea to get the money for it quickly; he convinces Danny to make an appear on a quiz show.
3:00 AM
The Dick Van Dyke Show Turtles, Ties and Toreadors (TV-G) Rob hires a maid for his overworked wife, but he ends up with a woman who speaks no English, has a broken arm, and expects to work and live at the home.
3:30 AM
The Dick Van Dyke Show The Sound of Trumpets of Conscience Falls Deafly on a Brain That Holds Its Ears (TV-G) Rob is told that he might have to testify since he is the only witness to a robbery, but when he gets to the police station he is overwhelmed.
4:00 AM
Hot Tub Paradise ThermoSpas designs and builds the best custom hot tubs, spas, and swim spas, and sells them factory direct to the consumer.
4:30 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
5:00 AM
Bronco La Rubia (TV-G) Bronco finds himself attracted to the strange mystery surrounding a Mexican bandit, a troublesome young woman and the location of some hidden gold.
6:00 AM
The Lone Ranger Uncle Ed (TV-PG) The Lone Ranger and Tonto pursue three killers, who have escaped into a small farming community, and befriend an aging pioneer with a dramatic past.
6:30 AM
The Lone Ranger Jornada Del Muerto (TV-PG) An outlaw is pursued by the Lone Ranger and Tonto, after he has murdered many and caused deadly Indian rebellions while living amongst the Apaches.
7:00 AM
The Lone Ranger Sunstroke Mesa (TV-PG) As the Lone Ranger and Tonto apprehend a gang of hostile bandits, they demonstrate the good characteristics of the human nature to encourage a misguided youth.
7:30 AM
The Lone Ranger Sawtelle Saga's End (TV-PG) After bandits have been traveling throughout the region and robbing the banks, the Lone Ranger and Tonto search for clues to stop them.
8:00 AM
Lassie The Miracle (TV-PG) The Holts and their friends on looking for the runaway boy, not knowing he is hiding with Lassie and her puppies in the cave; they encounter a mountain lion.
8:30 AM
Lassie The Innocents (TV-PG) Lassie continues her journey, teaching her puppies about predators and how to survive in the wild, and she takes shelter in an abandoned building.
9:00 AM
Little House on the Prairie Enchanted Cottage (TV-PG) Charles travels with Mary to the specialist in the next town when it appears that her eyesight may be coming back while Adam struggles to accept the change.
10:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote If a Body Meet a Body (TV-PG) A murder investigation reveals that the wrong body was put in the wrong coffin after an accusation that the deceased was murdered.
11:00 AM
Adam-12 Log 56: Vice Versa (TV-PG) Malloy forgets to renew his driver's license, so Reed is forced to drive the police car; the partners discover an infant abandoned in a dumpster.
11:30 AM
Adam-12 Log 106: Post Time (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed investigate the case of a printer whose press has been stolen; an old man refuses to leave his house; the partners pull over an odd motorist.
12:00 PM
Emergency! Above and Beyond ... Nearly (TV-G) Roy and John receive citations for a case they don't remember; the paramedics treat an elderly man with a broken ankle; a cliff rescue takes place at night.
1:00 PM
Quincy, M.E. Of All Sad Words (TV-PG) A club owner is killed when his club burns down and his wife, who is also believed to have killed other men in her life, becomes the main suspect.
2:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote Unfinished Business (TV-PG) A retired policeman decides to revisit an unsolved murder in which Seth was a major suspect, but his attempts to find the culprit lead to yet another murder.
3:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote One White Rose for Death (TV-PG) Jessica meets two East German defectors at a concert in Washington, D.C. and witnesses a murder.
4:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie The Third Miracle (TV-PG) The stagecoach Adam and Mary are riding crashes, killing the driver, trapping Adam and a third passenger underneath, and leaving Mary to search for help.
5:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie Annabelle (TV-PG) When the circus comes to town, Nels takes pains to keep the townspeople from finding out the fat woman is his sister and stays silent as the patrons mock her.
6:00 PM
The Munsters Herman the Rookie (TV-G) The manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers recruits Herman to step in as a new member of the team when he is conked on the head by one of Hermans line drives.
6:30 PM
The Munsters Country Club Munsters (TV-G) Herman learns on TV that he has won a membership to a local country club, and is decided that he may be able to take up golf; culture clash at the club.
7:00 PM
Frasier Don Juan in Hell, Part 1 (TV-PG) Frasier has divided interest in two women, Lana and Claire, and cannot decide which to pursue, so he asks his family and strangers for advice.
7:30 PM
Frasier Don Juan in Hell, Part 2 (TV-PG) Frasier finally gets some sound advice, but it comes from two of the most unlikeliest sources in a dream sequence featuring Frasier's many exes.
8:00 PM
Frasier The First Temptation of Daphne (TV-PG) Daphne tries to find out if Niles is having an affair with one of his patients; a loose cricket has Frasier and Martin on the hunt.
8:30 PM
Frasier The Return of Martin Crane (TV-PG) While heading to his first day at his new job, Martin reminisces about his last days on the police force; someone else has to take care of Eddie.
9:00 PM
Ten Secret Stories Dogs
9:30 PM
Ten Secret Stories Iconic Roles
10:00 PM
Miami Vice Down for the Count, Part 1 (TV-PG) When a drug lord offers to take over a young boxer's career, his manager turns him down and is killed; Detective Zito becomes the fighter's new manager.
11:00 PM
Baywatch Double Jeopardy (TV-PG) Alex goes on a trip to celebrate her grandmothers ninety-third birthday with the rest of her family when she encounters some trouble on the way.
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