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Programs for WREX-DT3 on Sunday, October 22, 2017
12:00 AM
The Outer Limits The Invisible Enemy (TV-PG) An expedition to Mars finds itself in peril from hidden alien predators.
1:00 AM
The Outer Limits Wolf 359 (TV-PG) A scientist recreates a planet in miniature and watches as it progresses beyond the present.
2:00 AM
Lost in Space Collision of the Planets (TV-PG) The Robinsons and Dr. Smith battle a dangerous band of space hippies, who have landed on their planet with the intention of blowing it up.
3:00 AM
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea The Return of Blackbeard (TV-G) Nelson and Crane try to regain control of their ship and protect the President, who is nearby, when Blackbeard's ghost wants Seaview, drafting Kowalski to help.
4:00 AM
Swamp Thing Tatania Arcane resurrects his wife, but he finds out that the woman is an imposter, and a few hours in his lab leads him to learn his wife's true whereabouts.
4:30 AM
Swamp Thing Mirador's Brain When Arcane's genius mentor dies, Arcane transports his guide's knowledge into his own brain, but he ends up transferring over his mental illnesses as well.
5:00 AM
ALF A Little Bit of Soap (TV-G) ALF decides to write his own script for a soap opera, and after he has finished the project, he attempts to contact the show about using his script.
5:30 AM
ALF I've Got a New Attitude (TV-G) When ALF sees Kate's mother does not have a serious relationship with someone, he sets her up on a date with a man he thinks will suit her.
6:00 AM
Mystery Hunters Shag Harbor UFO Crash; Ilkley Moor Alien (TV-G) Araya investigates a UFO crash in Nova Scotia; Christina tracks down a photo of what could be a real alien; Doubting Dave makes a compass.
6:30 AM
Mystery Hunters Ghost Ship; Underground Vaults (TV-G) Araya sails the waters of New Brunswick where a flaming ghost ship has been spotted. Christina goes to a hidden city underneath the streets of Scotland.
7:00 AM
Beakman's World Microwaves, Beakmania & Spiders (TV-G) Beakman imparts factoids & dispels myths about arachnids; how microwave ovens use waves of electromagnetic energy to heat food, water & light fluorescent bulbs.
7:30 AM
Beakman's World Earwax, Beakmania & Rocket Engines (TV-G) Beakman explores the mysteries of the human ear, including why we have earwax and why ears pop, before introducing Robert Goddard, the father of rocketry.
8:00 AM
Bill Nye the Science Guy Population Solutions (TV-G) Comic and scientist Bill Nye presents an informative lesson in a range of subjects that include ecology, biology, chemistry and physics.
8:30 AM
Bill Nye the Science Guy Animal Locomotion (TV-G) Bill examines the fascinating and ever-varying methods that different species of animals use in getting around; a parody is made for Bush's "Everything Zen".
9:00 AM
Saved by the Bell Isn't It Romantic? (TV-G) Valentine's Day has arrived at Bayside, leaving Zack and all of his chums remembering their most romantic memories from years past.
9:30 AM
Saved by the Bell Wrestling With The Future (TV-G) Slater and his father fight over where he will attend college; Jessie becomes a cheerleader and frets over being accepted to college.
10:00 AM
Saved by the Bell Class Rings (TV-G) Zack purchases class rings for all of his friends from a suspicious salesman, and he is devastated when they are proved to be phony.
10:30 AM
Saved by the Bell Cut Day (TV-G) Jessie sparks up a protest about the serving of plastic cups and their lack of biodegradability; Zack partakes in Senior Cut Day while avoiding Mr. Belding.
11:00 AM
The Brady Bunch The Hustler (TV-G) The president of Mikes architectural firm gives Mike a pool table as a gift to thank him for doing a good job, and there is a mixed reaction to the gift.
11:30 AM
The Brady Bunch The Hair-Brained Scheme (TV-G) Bobby starts selling hair tonic door-to-door to earn money and Greg decides to buy a bottle for him right before his graduation from school.
12:00 PM
The Brady Bunch The Honeymoon (TV-G) Two widows with their own kids wed amid the chaos of a blended family as the boys' dog, Tiger chases the girls' cat throughout the wedding party.
12:30 PM
The Brady Bunch Dear Libby (TV-G) The kids get worried that their parents are not happy together when Marcia finds a letter in an advice column in the newspaper, and that they may be to blame.
1:00 PM
The Facts of Life Ain't Miss Beholden (TV-PG) Jo's future at Eastland is in jeopardy when she finds out her scholarship funds are drying up and that Blair may be her only hope to stay.
1:30 PM
The Facts of Life The Source (TV-PG) Natalie is under pressure to disclose her source for a controversial article on a schoolmate's clandestine abortion she has written for the school paper.
2:00 PM
Mama's Family Bed and Breakdown (TV-PG) While the Tri-State Fair visits the town, Mama comes up with the idea to rent out a room in the house to earn money for a new oven door.
2:30 PM
Mama's Family Naomi's Identity Crisis (TV-PG) A hit to the head causes Naomi to become an amnesiac, and Mama takes advantage of the situation by telling Naomi she was a perfect housekeeping daughter-in-law.
3:00 PM
I Love Lucy Ethel's Birthday (TV-G) Lucy decides to offer to help Fred go birthday shopping for the perfect present for Ethel, but the gift she picks out is a pair of toreador pants.
3:30 PM
The Lucy Show Vivian Sues Lucy (TV-G) When Viv stumbles on Jerry's toy, Lucy thinks she might be subject to a lawsuit; Viv is appalled at Lucy's thoughts and takes advantage of the situation.
4:00 PM
The Love Boat A Rose Is Not a Rose; Novelties; Too Rich and Too Thin (TV-G) An entertainer scheduled to perform drops out, and she gets a friend to impersonate her; a novelties salesman propositions a woman he met at a convention.
5:00 PM
The Love Boat Best Ex-friends; All the Congressman's Women; Three Faces of Love (TV-G) Isaac is impressed with the ship's new barmaid; a congressman's daughter complicates his engagement; a make-up man tests his fiancée's fidelity.
6:00 PM
Touched by an Angel Reunion (TV-G) After returning home for her mother's funeral, Megan Brooks starts to rekindle a relationship with her high school sweetheart Sam.
7:00 PM
Columbo (TV-PG) A disheveled homicide detective with the LAPD is frequently underestimated by his suspects until he springs his trap and brings criminals to justice.
9:00 PM
Touched by an Angel Operation Smile (TV-G) In a strip club, Monica meets an exotic dancer named Ginger, and learns that her young daughter Emily was born with a disfiguring cleft palate.
10:00 PM
The Honeymooners The Sleepwalker (TV-G) When Norton starts walking in his sleep, Ralph does what he can to cure him and soon learns that the sleepwalking is connected to a dog Norton had as a child.
10:30 PM
The Odd Couple Oscar's Birthday (TV-G) For Oscar's birthday, he simply wants to avoid another one of Felix's parties this year, but Felix seems to be planning something, much to Oscars dismay.
11:00 PM
Cheers The Last Picture Show (TV-PG) Sam decides to leave the bar in the capable hands of a previous owner, while he and the guys go to a drive-in movie theater that is closing down.
11:30 PM
The Bob Newhart Show The Crash of 29 Years Old (TV-G) Faced with her 29th birthday, Carol realizes she's not getting any younger and decides to quit her job in order to find fulfillment in her life.
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