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Programs for WREX-DT3 on Wednesday, August 16, 2017
12:00 AM
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Impromptu Murder (TV-PG) A strange man suddenly confesses to murdering an innocent woman who stopped by his house after he blatantly misidentifies a body floating in a river.
12:30 AM
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Little White Frock (TV-PG) An elderly actor invites a playwright and his beloved wife over for a quiet dinner where he tells them a powerful story about a lost romance.
1:00 AM
Mannix Race Against Time (Matter of the Heart, A) (Part 2) (TV-PG) Mannix and Dr. Considine find themselves in danger as is the dictator on whom Dr. Considine is operating; they find out somebody is a traitor.
2:00 AM
Ironside Downhill All the Way, Part 1 (TV-PG) When a political campaign manager is murdered, a young witness with a mental disorder is put in danger, and so is Ironside when he makes a plan.
3:00 AM
77 Sunset Strip The Tarnished Idol (TV-PG) A private eye who works out of an office at 77 Sunset Strip in Hollywood as his cases lead him all over the world.
4:00 AM
Our Miss Brooks Principal for a Day (TV-G) A fun-loving, cynical high school English teacher deals with unexpected situations caused by students and faculty.
4:30 AM
The Donna Reed Show How To Handle Women (TV-G) An upper middle-class housewife gets into humorous situations with her pediatrician husband and teenage children as she tries to juggle life and charity drives.
5:00 AM
Mister Ed Ed Writes Dear Abby (TV-G) Mister Ed decides to write a letter to a Dear Abby advice column for some advice on his love life, and her response inspires him to pack his backs and go.
5:30 AM
I Love Lucy The Indian Show (TV-G) Lucy desires to debut in the Indian sketch at the Tropicana, so she pays off a performer and appears carrying Little Ricky as an indian would on her back.
6:00 AM
Petticoat Junction He Loves Us, He Loves Us Not (TV-G) There may be a case of sibling rivalry when the Bradley girls fall under the impression that Steve is actually in love with one of them.
6:30 AM
My Three Sons Dear Robbie (TV-G) When Robbie is given the chance to write an advice column for the school newspaper, he ends up advising a young woman to elope with her boyfriend.
7:00 AM
My Three Sons A Car of His Own (TV-G) When Mike offers Robbie his old car, Robbie turns him down in favor of finding a special set of wheels that are his and his alone.
7:30 AM
Leave It to Beaver June's Birthday (TV-G) June's birthday has Wally and Beaver arguing over what to buy with the five dollars that Ward gave them.
8:00 AM
Perry Mason The Case of the Irate Inventor (TV-PG) A cheating wife refuses to give her husband a divorce because of wanting his new invention, but when he returns to town, he finds her dead in his office.
9:00 AM
Matlock Matlock's Bad, Bad, Bad Dream (TV-PG) Matlock has a dream that he, Leanne, Billy and Cliff have gone back to the year 1932 and are involved in the murder of a saxophone player.
10:00 AM
Remington Steele Bonds of Steele (TV-PG) Laura finds herself working alone on the murder investigation of an accountant, while Steele is planning his marriage to a call-girl to avoid deportation.
11:00 AM
The Big Valley Caesar's Wife (TV-G) Audra reunites with her childhood sweetheart in a budding romance, but his new attractive step-mother is actually interested in him and is jealous of Audra.
12:00 PM
Gunsmoke The Cabin (TV-PG) Marshal Matt Dillon and his trusted deputy use their six-gun skills and wits to maintain law and order in the rough and tumble Old West town of Dodge City.
12:30 PM
Gunsmoke Dirt (TV-PG) Marshal Matt Dillon and his trusted deputy use their six-gun skills and wits to maintain law and order in the rough and tumble Old West town of Dodge City.
1:00 PM
Bonanza Blood on the Land (TV-G) Unwelcome on the Ponderosa, a sheepherder decides he wants the land for himself, taking Adam hostage in a bid to get Ben to sign over the deed as ransom.
2:00 PM
The Rifleman The Young Englishman (TV-G) Lucas finds himself in more trouble than he expects when he makes accusations that the foreman of a neighboring ranch rustled some of his cattle.
2:30 PM
The Rifleman The Gaucho (TV-G) The Argentez family buys Rumson's old property and moves into North Fork, but suspicions arise when Nita Argentez's latest suitor is found murdered.
3:00 PM
The Beverly Hillbillies The Great Crawdad Hunt (TV-G) The Clampetts offer to share their box of crawdads they receive from home with everyone at the bank, while Granny tries to make her own moonshine.
3:30 PM
Leave It to Beaver Tire Trouble (TV-G) Beaver wants to raise chinchillas and begins building a cage in the garage, but when Beaver changes his mind Ward tries to get him to clean up the mess he made.
4:00 PM
The Brady Bunch Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up (TV-G) Jan's friend accidentally sends a party invitation to Marcia which causes Jan to get fed up with being middle child and she arrives at party sporting a wig.
4:30 PM
Gilligan's Island Ship Ahoax (TV-G) Hostility erupts when the castaways grow tired of living so close together, prompting the Professor to diagnose everyone with a case of "island madness."
5:00 PM
Happy Days Two Angry Men (TV-G) Fonzie takes Howard to court to sue him after Fonzie's pigeon cage falls through the roof of his apartment during a horrible blizzard.
5:30 PM
The Andy Griffith Show Big Brother (TV-G) Howard becomes a "Big Brother," but gets off to a tempermental start that unintentionally causes conflict when he falls for his "little brother's" big sister.
6:00 PM
M*A*S*H I Hate a Mystery (TV-PG) The camp is searched after a number of thefts occur, and after all of the stolen items are found in Hawkeye's locker, he starts up his own investigation.
6:30 PM
M*A*S*H Germ Warfare (TV-PG) Hawkeye and Trapper help out a North Korean soldier by siphoning a pint of Frank's blood, but when the soldier contracts hepatitis, the two have to test Frank.
7:00 PM
The Andy Griffith Show The Shoplifters (TV-G) Barney devises a plan to catch the shoplifter at Weaver's Department Store by disguising himself as a mannequin, unaware that Mr. Weaver is also investigation.
7:30 PM
The Andy Griffith Show Andy's Vacation (TV-G) Andy goes on a camping trip in the woods to get away from his duties as sheriff, but trouble finds him when an escaped prisoner discovers his campfire.
8:00 PM
Mama's Family Aunt Gert Rides Again (TV-PG) Mama is determined to help an aunt rekindle her spark for life after being in a nursing home changes her from vivacious and lively to listless and sedate.
8:30 PM
ALF Alone Again, Naturally (TV-G) When ALF stumbles across an article in a tabloid's magazine, regarding an alien being spotted in Barstow, he believes it may be his cousin from his own planet.
9:00 PM
Hogan's Heroes Kommandant of the Year (TV-G) Stalag 13 is named one of the best prison camps in all of Germany, which Klink and his men consider to be an honor; it's really just a distraction.
9:30 PM
Hogan's Heroes The Late Inspector General (TV-G) The camp gets a visit from Inspector General, and Hogans men try to prevent Colonel Klink from being transferred to the Russian Front.
10:00 PM
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Steve Lawrence (TV-G) Carol plays an accident-prone woman who attempts to buy a pair of shoes from the Oldest Man; the gang performs a parody of the classic film-noir "Laura."
10:30 PM
Perry Mason The Case of the Baited Hook (TV-PG) A man confronts his partner about missing money and his partner is later found dead after he admits to being the sole culprit in an $80K embezzlement scandal.
11:30 PM
The Twilight Zone Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (TV-PG) An anxious man is horrified during a flight when he looks out of the window and sees a frightening creature on the wing of the plane trying to damage an engine.
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