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Programs for WIFR-LD3 on Tuesday, March 20, 2018
12:00 AM
Miami Vice Streetwise (TV-PG) A married undercover detective has fallen for a prostitute, and the two of them help the squad find the source of some extraordinarily pure cocaine.
1:00 AM
Quantum Leap Lee Harvey Oswald, Part 1 - October 5, 1957 - November 22, 1963 (TV-14) Sam is leaping in and out of Lee Harvey Oswald, with random leaps spanning over five years, and he thinks he is there to prevent the president's assassination.
2:00 AM
Make Room for Daddy The Chess Game (TV-G) When Kathy's uncle Sean comes to town to meet her husband, a whirl of lies ensue, as Uncle Sean requests Danny tell an old chess nemesis that he has died.
2:30 AM
Make Room for Daddy The Bob Hope Show (TV-G) When Liz wrangles in Bob Hope for a Heart Fund benefit, Danny believes that Bob Hope is out to steal the show away from him.
3:00 AM
The Dick Van Dyke Show The Masterpiece (TV-G) Rob accidentally bids on an ugly clown painting with an unguarded gesture at an auction, but they start to wonder if there is a masterpiece underneath.
3:30 AM
The Dick Van Dyke Show Laura's Little Lie (TV-G) When Rob confronts Laura about her behavior around the insurance agent, Laura confesses that she lied about her age on their marriage license.
4:00 AM
Facelift in Minutes at Home Conture, the miraculous anti-aging system, allows you to look younger in minutes in the comfort of your home.
4:30 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
5:00 AM
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp A Good Man (TV-PG) Wyatt has to intervene when a minister comes into town to build a church and begins to preach against the vices of Dodge City and makes some enemies.
5:30 AM
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Death for a Stolen Horse (TV-PG) When Doc Holliday's friend Joe is arrested for stealing horses, which is punishable by hanging, Doc has a scheme ready to save Joe.
6:00 AM
The Real McCoys Grampa Apron Strings (TV-G) Grampa grows concerned that Luke with be determined to leave the farm once he gets married, so he goes about trying to ensure that the younger McCoy stays.
6:30 AM
The Real McCoys Aunt Win Steps In (TV-G) Aunt Win decides to intervene in Luke's relationship with Louise after she begins to feel that they are moving far slower than they should be.
7:00 AM
Frasier Frasier Gotta Have It (TV-PG) Frasier does his best to deny that his interest in an attractive young woman extends beyond their chemistry in the bedroom; Niles realizes he lacks passion.
7:30 AM
Frasier First Date (TV-PG) Niles' nerves get the best of him as he's preparing to ask Daphne out, but she overhears him discussing the love of his life and asks who the mystery woman is.
8:00 AM
Will & Grace Women and Children First (HD, TV-PG) Jack reunites with his childhood babysitter and starts to take on the same characteristics he had as a boy; Grace has a night out with the girls.
8:30 AM
Will & Grace Fagmalion Part Three: Bye, Bye, Beardy (HD, TV-PG) Karen's gay cousin Barry gets a makeover from Will and Jack; Grace attempts to help Will sort out his mixed emotions regarding Barry.
9:00 AM
The Nanny One False Mole and You're Dead (TV-PG) Fran loses Maxwell's trust when she discovers that a popular actress' famous beauty mark is not real and proceeds to alert a local entertainment reporter.
9:30 AM
The Nanny Call Me Fran (TV-PG) Fran realizes that she is chasing a man who has no intentions of marrying her and decides to turn their relationship into one that is strictly professional.
10:00 AM
Little House on the Prairie I'll Be Waving as You Drive Away, Part 1 (TV-PG) The sisters' competition over a new boy and Charles' financial trouble at the mill all seem insignificant when the doctor reveals that Mary is going blind.
11:00 AM
Adam-12 Log 43: Hostage (TV-PG) Two dangerous criminals hold up a diner with firearms, and when police officer Malloy stops by innocently to have a bite to eat, they shoot him.
11:30 AM
Adam-12 Log 34: Astro (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed get some support when LAPD adds a helicopter unit to their patrols, a welcome addition which helps them track down criminals.
12:00 PM
Emergency! An Ounce of Prevention (TV-G) A man trapped on a Ferris wheel has chest pains; when Roy and John appear on local TV to talk about fire prevention, a real-life emergency occurs in the studio.
1:00 PM
Quincy, M.E. D.U.I. (TV-PG) After a prominent attorney kills a pedestrian while driving drunk, Quincy lobbies for tougher punishments against those who have committed such crimes.
2:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote Dead Man's Gold (TV-PG) Jessica helps an old friend when accidents and murder hinder his expedition to dive for buried treasure.
3:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote Deadline for Murder (TV-PG) Jessica unearths the shady past of a veteran newspaper publisher.
4:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie Fagin (TV-PG) Charles buys a calf for Albert as Laura worries that her father is spending more time with him, and when Nellie Oleson teases her she hits her in the face.
5:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie Harriet's Happenings (TV-PG) Harriet Oleson's cousin starts a newspaper and makes her his gossip columnist, and her sloppy and unfair reporting soon has the entire town mad at her.
6:00 PM
The Nanny The Bird's Nest (TV-PG) Maxwell threatens to send Brighton to military school if he fails science class; Sylvia develops a mysterious rash that Fran attributes to food poisoning.
6:30 PM
The Nanny The Rosie Show (TV-PG) Fran is invited to become a regular panelist on "The Rosie O'Donnell Show," where she is responsible for answering viewer inquiries on child rearing.
7:00 PM
Frasier The Show Where Lilith Comes Back (TV-PG) Frasier's feelings for his ex-wife resurface when she surprises him in Seattle, claiming to attend a convention, but her true motives are soon revealed.
7:30 PM
Frasier A Mid-Winter Night's Dream (TV-PG) In an attempt to patch things up with Maris, Niles plans a romantic dinner, but a storm rolls in and leaves him alone with Daphne for the evening.
8:00 PM
Frasier And the Whimper Is ... (TV-PG) Frasier is convinced by Roz to go for a SeaBea, Seattle radio's highest award, but after attempting to bribe the judges, a veteran radio host tries as well.
8:30 PM
Frasier Give Him the Chair! (TV-PG) Frasier inadvertently throws out Martin's favorite chair and replaces it with another, but he is forced to go on a city-wide hunt utilizing his radio show.
9:00 PM
Will & Grace The Needle and the Omelet's Done (HD, TV-PG) Leo convinces Grace into going to dinner with his friends, who turn out to really be his parents; Will goes to get Botox injections with Karen.
9:30 PM
Will & Grace Marry Me a Little, Marry Me a Little More, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Grace and Leo get married on impulse during a TV stunt at Central Park; friends and family are offended when they find out they weren't invited.
10:00 PM
Will & Grace Marry Me a Little, Marry Me a Little More, Part 2 (HD, TV-PG) With Grace marrying Leo, Will is feeling left out and upset over losing his best friend and feels uneasy about the groom and his past.
10:30 PM
Will & Grace New Will City (HD, TV-14) Upon returning home from three months in the Caribbean, Will is frustrated to see that Jack took his place with Grace; Rosario takes the fall for Karen.
11:00 PM
The Nanny Freida Needa Man (TV-PG) Fran's Aunt Frieda arrives at the Sheffields' after going broke and being evicted, so Fran tries to get her rich boyfriend to propose and take her in.
11:30 PM
The Nanny Me and Mrs. Joan (TV-PG) Maxwell accidentally runs into his estranged father after not having seen him since he abandoned the family for his secretary; Brighton attends ballet classes.
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