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Programs for WIFR-LD3 on Sunday, November 18, 2018
12:00 AM
Ironside Not With a Whimper, But a Bang (TV-PG) A college is affected by false bomb alerts; leftist militants are suspected to be responsible but when one bomb is real, the Chief starts to look elsewhere.
1:00 AM
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Power of Attorney After a con man poses as a stock market expert and manages to rob an woman, she then commits suicide out of despair, causing her friend to plot revenge.
2:00 AM
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour World's Oldest Motive A man wants to get rid of his wife so he can marry a beautiful model, but he has second thoughts about the hit man he hired, who turns out to be something more.
3:00 AM
Murdoch Mysteries Midnight Train to Kingston (HD, TV-PG) Detective Murdoch is tasked with escorting a convicted murderer to his execution.
4:00 AM
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4:30 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
5:00 AM
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Johnny Ringo's Girl (TV-PG) Johnny Ringo wants to leave the Clanton gang when he falls in love with Mary Turner, but Old Man Clanton isn't going to let him go so easily.
5:30 AM
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Miss Sadie (TV-PG) A bank robber's wife brings her husband to Tombstone for medical treatment, and while there is no warrant for the man's arrest, Wyatt is suspicious of his gang.
6:00 AM
The Real McCoys Never a Lender Be (TV-G) Grampa and George enter into a fierce rivalry when the two fail to come to an understanding about a tree sprayer that has been borrowed.
6:30 AM
The Real McCoys Allergies Anonymous (TV-G) George and Grampa decide to get together for a game of checkers but the nights is ruined when George realizes that he is allergic to Grampa's checkerboard.
7:00 AM
Alias Smith and Jones The Day the Amnesty Came Through (TV-PG) The men have stayed out of trouble for three years to find that made them the promise of amnesty has been removed from office and a new one is ruling.
8:00 AM
Alias Smith and Jones McGuffin (TV-PG) While trying to stay on the straight and narrow, Smith and Jones inadvertently come into possession of a package of perfect counterfeit twenty dollar bills.
9:00 AM
The Voyager with Josh Garcia Nature's Masterpiece (HD, TV-G) As Josh arrives in Juneau, Alaska, he stops by a hatchery where he gains knowledge about the salmon population and explores the world of crab fishing.
9:30 AM
The Voyager with Josh Garcia Hot Salsa! (HD, TV-G) World traveler Josh Garcia visits San Juan, Puerto Rico where he meets a vejigante mask maker and learns to make mofongo with chef Jose Santaella.
10:00 AM
Journey with Dylan Dreyer Wolves (HD, TV-G) As Dylan provides an up-close-look at wolves, he journeys through the wilderness of North America to track some of the world's most tenacious species.
10:30 AM
Naturally, Danny Seo Urban Farming (HD, TV-G) Danny whips up a creamy vegan dessert, makes unique décor with foraged items from the yard and learns how to repurpose sidewalk gardens.
11:00 AM
Give Give To Building Strong Women And Girls (HD, TV-G) Chef Sunny Anderson visits two non-profit organizations, which help women and girls see brighter futures for themselves and their communities.
11:30 AM
The Champion Within Born to Run (HD, TV-G) Olympic champion Wayde van Niekerk reveals how he has become successful; the town of Japeri, Brazil, helps expand golf.
12:00 PM
The Nanny The Grandmas (TV-PG) When Fran learns that her mother has kicked her father out of the house, she enlists the help of her grandmothers to get the couple back together.
12:30 PM
The Nanny Val's Boyfriend (TV-PG) Val begins to spend all of her free time with her new boyfriend; C.C. decides to quit after Maxwell refuses to make her an equal business partner.
1:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote Murder in a Minor Key (TV-PG) Jessica tells the story of a professor who was murdered by a composer after the professor plagiarized his music.
2:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote The Bottom Line Is Murder (TV-PG) Each person that a television consumer advocate, who was taking bribes on the side, talked negatively about is under suspicion when he is murdered.
3:00 PM
The Rockford Files Black Mirror, Part 1 (TV-PG) Private detective Jim Rockford begins to develop a romantic interest in a blind psychiatrist who is being harassed by one of her patients.
4:00 PM
The Rockford Files Black Mirror, Part 2 (TV-PG) Rockford will begin to suddenly develop a romantic interest in a blind psychiatrist who is continuously being harassed by one of her unruly patients.
5:00 PM
The Bionic Woman The Night Demon (TV-PG) Jaime's old friend, Thomas, has uncovered an ancient relic that is said to be cursed; he believes that landowners are only trying to scare him.
6:00 PM
The Six Million Dollar Man Big Brother (TV-PG) Colonel Steve Austin agrees to perform some promotional work for his friends Big Brothers organization; the mission is complicated by a difficult child.
7:00 PM
The Munsters John Doe Munster (TV-G) When a large safe falls on his head, Herman loses his memory is taken into police custody and the only way Lily can claim is to adopt him.
7:30 PM
The Munsters A Man for Marilyn (TV-G) Grandpa decides to help Marilyn out in finding a boyfriend by turning a frog into her own personal prince; Marilyn accidentally locks herself in her room.
8:00 PM
The Munsters Herman's Driving Test (TV-G) Herman tries to get a promotion at work and he tries to get a commercial drivers license so he can drive the hearse at the parlor.
8:30 PM
The Munsters Will Success Spoil Herman Munster? (TV-G) Herman records his own version of "Dry Bones" on a tape recorder that belongs to one of Eddies friends, and the song becomes popular.
9:00 PM
Magnum, P.I. Blind Justice (TV-PG) Magnum helps Carol gather information for a murder case in which a man is accused of murdering his wife, and the only witness is their young daughter.
10:00 PM
Magnum, P.I. Murder 101 (TV-PG) Magnum teaches a private investigation class at the local college, and when one of his student's fiancé goes missing, the class joins Magnum's investigation.
11:00 PM
Ironside Alias Mr. Braithwaite (TV-PG) Ed and Eve take part in an undercover investigation which has been set up to capture the two con men who swindled Mark's aunt out of her life savings.
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