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Programs for WQRF-ESC on Thursday, April 26, 2018
12:00 AM
The FBI Files Dangerous Takedown (HD, TV-14) A band robbery provides clues to the whereabouts of suspects involved in a deadly home invasion.
1:00 AM
The FBI Files Tracks of a Killer (HD, TV-14) The FBI conducted an international manhunt for an often-deported illegal alien who was suspected of killings near railroad tracks.
2:00 AM
LAPD: Life on the Beat (TV-14) Officers of the Los Angeles Police Department respond to and investigate crimes throughout the city so that criminals can be brought to justice.
2:30 AM
Code of Silence (TV-PG) The FBI suspected that a daring bank robbing gang was based in Charlestown, Massachusetts, but no one in the town dared talk to the police.
5:00 AM
Stalkers (HD, TV-14, NR, **) In an effort to establish a police system that keeps track of potential stalkers, a district attorney comes up against the indifference of her own colleagues.
7:00 AM
I, Madman (TV-14) A woman who works at a used book store discovers that the insane character from one of her horror novels has escaped from the book, but no one believes her.
9:00 AM
Without a Trace 22 x 42 (HD, TV-PG) A rising designer is unexpectedly kidnapped from a cab after attending a high-profile rooftop party; Jack considers a job offer to leave the FBI.
10:00 AM
Without a Trace Last Call (HD, TV-14) A white-collar criminal disappears while on his way to testify against a former associate, and the team's investigation reveals that there is more to the story.
11:00 AM
Deep Undercover Operation Link Bet: Vegas Mob Bust (Repeat, TV-14)
11:30 AM
Murderous Affairs Stranger Danger (Repeat, TV-14)
12:00 PM
Deep Undercover Operation Big Easy: New Orleans Mob (Repeat, TV-14)
12:30 PM
Deep Undercover Operation Black Biscuit: Infiltrating the Hells Angels (Repeat, TV-14)
1:00 PM
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals $udden Death; Hip Hop Hustle (HD, TV-PG) The world of a Houston financier falls apart when one of his underlings gives him up; a Chicago rapper tells investors he is producing an Adam Sandler movie.
2:00 PM
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Capturing the Fugitives (HD, TV-PG) Fugitives who have stolen a total of $90 million are captured by law enforcement personnel, including one who was spotted by an "American Greed" viewer.
3:00 PM
Corrupt Crimes Murder in the Basement (HD, TV-PG) Years after an actress was murdered, her ex-boyfriend was convicted for pre-meditated murder; former president of Taiwan arrested for accusations of bribery.
3:30 PM
Corrupt Crimes The Loony Loomis Fargo Heist (HD, TV-PG) A driver for the Loomis Fargo Bank led a notorious robbery in 1997; Bernie Madoff is credited for conducting an infamous Ponzi scheme.
4:00 PM
Corrupt Crimes One-Eyed Butcher (HD, TV-PG) Drug dealer and murderer was sentenced to a life in prison; Jimmy Burke and the Lucchese crime family stole $5 million from the John F. Kennedy airport.
4:30 PM
Corrupt Crimes The Handsome Killer (HD, TV-PG) Robert Chambers earned the nickname the "Preppie Killer" after murdering an 18-year-old girl; the benefits manger for the "Sandhogs" Union stole $40 million.
5:00 PM
Corrupt Crimes Murder as Revenge (HD, TV-PG) A small town judge stopped at nothing to get his revenge; Jesse Jackson, Jr. was following in his father's political footsteps, but was forced to resign.
5:30 PM
Corrupt Crimes Celebrity Obsessed Crooks (HD, TV-PG) Teenagers break into the houses of famous Hollywood actors and steal millions; Ephran Taylor, the "financial savior" swindled money out of churchgoers.
6:00 PM
Forensic Files The List Murders (TV-14) John List left his mansion with a note and a pile of dead bodies, his mother, wife and three children, while funeral organ music played, and vanished.
6:30 PM
Forensic Files Knot for Everyone (TV-14) Three women are found dead in California's isolated hills with little in common except for a random cutting pattern put in their clothes and hair.
7:00 PM
Forensic Files Deadly Formula (TV-14) The suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a 4-month-old infant prompt authorities to arrest, charge and convict the baby's mother.
7:30 PM
Forensic Files Without a Trace (TV-14) A baby and a trucker die while displaying identical unique symptoms on the same night in the same hospital, causing concern of a new epidemic outbreak.
8:00 PM
Without a Trace Bait (HD, TV-PG) When a young woman and her two children go missing aboard her estranged husband's yacht, Malone and his team discover that the boat is hiding a secret.
9:00 PM
Without a Trace In the Dark (HD, TV-PG) The FBI searches for a blind teenager who went missing with her mentor in the midst of a camping trip; Martin and Samantha further their relationship.
10:00 PM
Without a Trace Thou Shalt Not ... (HD, TV-PG) When a woman inexplicably disappears, the team makes a disturbing discovery about the woman's past while searching for her; Jack returns to help the team.
11:00 PM
The FBI Files Radical Resistance (HD, TV-14) During the 1970's, a group of radicals from the Croatian National Resistance extended their bloody terrorism to the United States.
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