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Programs for WFBN-LD1 on Saturday, January 20, 2018
12:00 AM
NYPD Blue I'll Draw You a Mapp (TV-14) Sylvia decides that Danny would be a much better witness than Andy in the pending Cullinan trial; a victim's widow is suspected in a home invasion murder.
1:00 AM
The Commish Keeping Secrets (TV-PG) The squad looks for whatever clue they can find to make an arrest after a series of violent attacks outside of a local gay bar after an officer makes a report.
2:00 AM
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Pride Comes Before a Brawl (TV-G) Iolaus lets his pride get the better of him and challenges himself to arrive at the city of Thrace before Hercules does, but he soon finds himself lost.
3:00 AM
Xena: Warrior Princess The Royal Couple of Thieves (TV-14) Xena petitions Autolycus, the King of Thieves to help her in returning a chest filled with treasure that was taken by a warlord, but can he be trusted?
4:00 AM
The Green Hornet The Secret of Sally Bell (TV-PG) Cargo ship filled with millions of dollars worth of drugs set to be demolished but ship was believed to have been lost at sea and Hornet must stop wrecking.
4:30 AM
The Green Hornet Freeway to Death (TV-PG) Hornet must save Mike Axford when he ignores Britt Reid's orders to work with Hornet in trying to expose leader of insurance racket & tries to do it alone.
5:00 AM
Adventures of Superman The Clown Who Cried (TV-G) A circus clown plots to subdue a fellow clown, assume his identity by way of costume, and proceed to rob a telethon that is being sponsored by the Daily Planet.
5:30 AM
Adventures of Superman The Boy Who Hated Superman (TV-G) Fearing that a juvenile criminal is heading down a path of crime, Clark decides to take temporary custody of him in order to correct his lifestyle.
6:00 AM
Batman The Ring of Wax (TV-PG, FV) The Riddler finds a product that when applied to a surface, it melts a hole through it and although the U.S.A has a ban on it, he sneaks it through customs.
6:30 AM
Batman Give 'Em the Axe (TV-PG) The Dynamic Duo makes an attempt to stop The Riddler from his plan to steal an Incan treasure, which has been lost for quite some time.
7:00 AM
Tarzan Village of Fire (TV-G) Tarzan tries to recover a stolen serum that was taken by a chief from a tribe of natives, as only it can save the life of his friend who was bitten by a Jaguar.
8:00 AM
Tarzan The Day of the Golden Lion (TV-G) Tarzan and the other natives are training to compete in an athletic championship but somebody has been attempting to steal the prize.
9:00 AM
The Greatest American Hero Operation Spoil Sport (TV-PG) Ralph and Bill must stop a corrupt military leader's attempts to launch a missile strike against Russia and start World War III.
10:00 AM
The Greatest American Hero Dont Mess Around with Jim (TV-PG) Ralph and Bill find themselves kidnapped by a wealthy tycoon.
11:00 AM
Swamp Thing Spirit of the Swamp No longer is one man a human, or even an animal; he's super strong and can make plants do his bidding and he fights for the good guys.
11:30 AM
Swamp Thing Blood Wind No longer is one man a human, or even an animal; he's super strong and can make plants do his bidding and he fights for the good guys.
12:00 PM
Sheena Fallout
1:00 PM
Xena: Warrior Princess The Haunting of Amphipolis (TV-PG) Xena comes home in Amphipolis with Gabrielle and Eve only to find that not only is her home town deserted, but it is also haunted by spirits.
2:00 PM
Xena: Warrior Princess Heart of Darkness (TV-PG) Xena is met by an archangel named Lucifer who is sent to Earth to force Xena to go to Hell so she may be their new Queen and close the portal to Hell.
3:00 PM
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Let There Be Light (TV-G) Hercules, Morrigan and Nebula journey to Greece to take it from the grasp of Dahok, discovering upon arrival that the gods are no longer around.
4:00 PM
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Redemption (TV-G) Iolaus' body has been taken over by Dahak and Hercules and Zarathursta must exorcise him before he has a chance to take control over the Earth.
5:00 PM
Renegade Bounty Hunter of the Year (TV-PG) While Bobby Sixkiller searches for the perfect story to tell for his Bounty Hunter of the Year award acceptance speech, he recalls his past cases.
6:00 PM
Hunter Million Dollar Misunderstanding (TV-PG) During an armored car robbery, everything goes awry when the gangs leader kills his partner and the car with the money has been stolen.
7:00 PM
Hunter The Big Fall (TV-PG) Hunter and McCall realize there is an attraction between the two of them when they are assigned to protect an endangered witness, who is set to testify.
8:00 PM
Hill Street Blues Fathers and Huns (TV-14) Furillo relentlessly pursues a senile drug kingpin despite the admonishment of his wife and his superiors; Goldblume is forced to protect a group of neo-Nazis.
9:00 PM
Hill Street Blues What Are Friends For? (TV-14) Furillo and Joyce experience difficulty in their attempts to purchase a house as a result of being unable to qualify for mortgage insurance.
10:00 PM
Wiseguy Changing Houses (TV-14) A federal agent working undercover for the Organized Crime Bureau infiltrates the criminal underworld to gather evidence against crime lords.
11:00 PM
Wiseguy Pilot (TV-14) Vinnie is released from prison and asks his FBI field supervisor for downtime before beginning his first assignment; Vinnie's mentor is killed by a crime boss.
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