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Programs for WFBN-LD1 on Tuesday, March 20, 2018
12:00 AM
NYPD Blue Dying to Testify (TV-14) Sipowicz and Sorenson speak to a frightened murder witness in order to get the person to identify a murder suspect so that they may bring a killer to justice.
1:00 AM
The Commish Adventures in the Skin Trade, Part 1 (TV-PG) David's former babysitter, a daughter of a friend, goes missing just after she appears in a pornographic film; Tony and Paulie go undercover as investors.
2:00 AM
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Long Live the King (TV-PG) Iolaus' look-a-like cousin, King Orestes, is "accidentally" killed by a hunter's arrow during a festival while promoting peace between the kingdoms.
3:00 AM
Xena: Warrior Princess One Against an Army (TV-PG) Gabrielle is wounded by a poisoned arrow and Xena has to decide to save her life or stop a marauding army from invading Greece.
4:00 AM
The Cisco Kid The Fire Engine (TV-G) A miner decides to use his fortunes to purchase a fire engine for the town, but Cisco and Pancho are called in to help when calamity strikes.
4:30 AM
Trackdown Every Man a Witness (TV-G) A Texas Ranger and acting sheriff of the town of Porter, Texas, pursues an assortment of wanted fugitives, including bank robbers, horse thieves and killers.
5:00 AM
Cheyenne The Imposter (TV-G) Cheyenne goes undercover as a cowhand at a Texas cattle ranch to see whether its owner is actually an imposter who murdered to seize control of the ranch.
6:00 AM
Wanted: Dead or Alive Mental Lapse (TV-G) A man suffering from amnesia turns to Josh for help in hopes the Army veteran-turned bounty hunter can jog his memory about his identity and past.
6:30 AM
Wanted: Dead or Alive Angela (TV-G) Knowing who killed her father, a woman seeks revenge on the murderer, but he is already being sought by the bounty hunter for a string of other crimes.
7:00 AM
Have Gun, Will Travel The Protege (TV-G) Paladin responds to the newspaper ad of a man who needs to master the art of shooting and the quick draw, but the student has a weakness for boasting.
7:30 AM
Have Gun, Will Travel The Road to Wickenberg (TV-G) After Paladin is beaten and robbed of nearly all of his possessions, including his horse and gun, he stumbles into a nearby town controlled by a violent family.
8:00 AM
Rawhide The Lost Tribe (TV-G) The Cheyenne Indians run away from their reservation with Nolan as their guide, and as they make way to Mexico, they realize that they are being followed.
9:00 AM
The High Chaparral Surtee (TV-PG) John takes matters into his own hands when Captain Surtee refuses to help the local Indian reservation, but he begins to worry when a rogue chief meddles.
10:00 AM
Maverick Hostage (TV-14) While on a riverboat in New Orleans with his brother Bart, Bret learns that the owner's daughter has been unexpectedly kidnapped.
11:00 AM
Real Stories of the Highway Patrol (TV-14) Police officers are displayed in pursuit of offenders who are driving while intoxicated or attempting to evade arrest by traveling at high rates of speed.
11:30 AM
Real Stories of the Highway Patrol (TV-14) Police officers are displayed in pursuit of offenders who are driving while intoxicated or attempting to evade arrest by traveling at high rates of speed.
12:00 PM
Renegade The Trial of Reno Raines (TV-PG) Bobby and Cheyenne go on an important search for Hound Adams so that Reno's name could be cleared of murder charges, as Reno stands trial.
1:00 PM
Hunter Silver Bullet (TV-PG) A police officer is suspected of murdering a pimp but upon investigation, it is believed that the real killer may have been somebody closer to the pimp instead.
2:00 PM
Hill Street Blues Chipped Beef (TV-14) A Good Samaritan saves the lives of several Hill Street officers but is arrested soon after on 5-year-old warrants from another state.
3:00 PM
NYPD Blue Stratis Fear (TV-14) Detectives Clark and Sipowicz are called in to investigate the death of a successful restaurateur who possessed a penchant for young girls.
4:00 PM
The Incredible Hulk My Favorite Magician (TV-PG) David is let go from a job as a dish washer because of an eccentric old magician who promptly hires him as a new assistant; he prepares for a benefit show.
5:00 PM
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Doomsday (TV-PG) Hercules and Katrina go to see his friend, Daedalus, who is grieving over the loss of his son; King Nikolas uses Daedalus' brilliant inventions against others.
6:00 PM
Xena: Warrior Princess Ulysses (TV-PG) Xena and Gabrielle help the king of Ithaca as he must confront all of the forces of Poseidon, God of the Sea, so he may be able to return home.
7:00 PM
Star Trek The Trouble with Tribbles (TV-G) While dealing with suspicious Klingons, the Enterprise crew is faced with an infestation of purring balls of fur called Tribbles.
8:00 PM
Star Trek: The Next Generation Parallels (TV-PG) Upon returning to the Enterprise from a Bat'leth competition, Worf finds that he is shifting into alternate realities due to a hazardous space-time fissure.
9:00 PM
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Penumbra (TV-PG) Sisko buys land on Bajor and proposes to Kasidy Yates, but he is warned by the Prophets; Worf disappears and Ezri tries to find him.
10:00 PM
Star Trek: Voyager Parallax (TV-PG) The crew launches a rescue effort to save a ship stranded close to a star's event horizon, until they realize that the ship is actually their own.
11:00 PM
Star Trek: Enterprise Minefield (TV-PG) After a cloaked mine damages the Enterprise, the crew is informed that they are in the territory of the Romulan Star Empire and must leave immediately.
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