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Programs for WFBN-LD1 on Sunday, October 22, 2017
12:00 AM
The Commish The Letter of the Law (TV-PG) A young mother witnesses a mugging and refuses to testify as the suspect has causes harm to her in the past and could cause harm to her again.
1:00 AM
The Commish Sergeant Kelly (TV-PG) Stan takes a sergeants test and feels he must to prove he is tough enough to his fellow officers; police follow an abusive husband.
2:00 AM
21 Jump Street Awomp-Bomp-Aloobomb, Aloop Bamboom (TV-PG) When a bomb goes off in a school newspaper's headquarters, Officers Hanson and Penhall trail a suspect to Florida where students are celebrating Spring Break.
3:00 AM
21 Jump Street La Bizca (TV-PG) After Officer Penhall's new wife gets deported back to her homeland, he and Hanson travel to the war-torn El Salvador to search for her and witness devastation.
4:00 AM
Stagecoach West Image of a Man (TV-G) An alcoholic and once-famous lawyer is tasked with prosecuting a man for murder charges against him for killing the son of a leading local businessman.
5:00 AM
Branded Cowards Die Many Times (TV-G) McCord visits an old friend while completing his survey for the new railroad and encounters unexpected opposition from the owner of a local shipping business.
5:30 AM
Broken Arrow Quarantine (TV-G) Jeffords and Cochise head towards the Mexican border to come to the aid of a young boy, who is dealing with a herd of infected cattle.
6:00 AM
Tarzan Man Killer (TV-G) Tarzan searches for a murderer but his mission is made complicated when he encounters a village whose natives have been using drugs in their rituals.
7:00 AM
Daniel Boone The Aaron Burr Story (TV-G) Former Vice President Aaron Burr, who is on the run, comes to Boonesborough looking for a river guide; Jericho Jones takes the job after Daniel turns it down.
8:00 AM
Eco Company Creek Geeks (TV-G) A group of teens that work to preserve creek beds with habitat restoration, creek mapping and bird cataloging; teen scientists learning about renewable energy.
8:30 AM
Walking Wild at the San Diego Zoo (HD, TV-G) Dedicated individuals who work at the San Diego Zoo share glimpses into the world of wild animals providing a unique and up-close look at each animal.
9:00 AM
Zoo Clues Animal Hybrids (HD, TV-G) A look at amazing animals and creatures that are referred to as "hybrid animals."
9:30 AM
The Coolest Places on Earth Trickiest Travel Trivia (HD, TV-G) Viewers are tested their knowledge of travel, while taken around the globe and enjoying hiking, kayaking, flying, and driving.
10:00 AM
Heroes Among Us Stories about everyday heroes of all ages who are doing extraordinary things to help others, whether they are trained professionals or ordinary citizens.
10:30 AM
Heroes Among Us Stories about everyday heroes of all ages who are doing extraordinary things to help others, whether they are trained professionals or ordinary citizens.
11:00 AM
Iron Horse The Golden Web A talented gambler lucks his way into ownership of a half-completed railroad, which he attempts to complete amid challenges of natives, investors and robbers.
12:00 PM
Have Gun, Will Travel The Burning Tree (TV-G) While Paladin is transporting an accused murder to stand trial, a local sheriff demands that Paladin hand over his prisoner to be killed.
12:30 PM
Wagon Train The Ben Engel Story (TV-G) Ben befriends a young thief and takes him and his pregnant wife under his wing; they head west after the war and Coop recognizes the thiefs name.
2:00 PM
Have Gun, Will Travel Cage at McNaab (TV-G) Paladin discovers that he has become the unwitting target of a plot to have him hang instead of the murderer whose innocence he's been hired to prove.
2:30 PM
Have Gun, Will Travel Caravan (TV-G) After a princess's family is murdered in her home country, Paladin is hired to protect her from assassins during her journey to her allies' American stronghold.
3:00 PM
The Rebel In Memory of a Son (TV-G) Johnny and the former members of a rebel raiding party are given a gold min in memory of a grieving father's son who they killed in battle.
3:30 PM
The Rebel Paint a House with Scarlet (TV-G) Johnny helps out a widow who's being harassed by a fanatical townsman and his son after they learn of her former life as a dancehall girl.
4:00 PM
Maverick According to Hoyle (TV-14) While aboard a riverboat, Bret becomes the victim of a Southern belle's poker scheme, and he learns that years ago, he took the woman's father for $50,000.
5:00 PM
Black Sheep Squadron Last Mission Over Sengai (TV-PG) Pappy is court-martialed again after a new pilot accuses him of ordering a strike that resulted in the killing of troops by 'friendly fire.'
6:00 PM
Star Trek: The Animated Series The Magicks of Megas-Tu (TV-Y7) After becoming caught in a mysterious energy vortex, the crew is transported to an alien planet where they meet the race responsible for the legends of witches.
6:30 PM
Star Trek: The Animated Series Once Upon a Planet (TV-Y7) The crew of the Enterprise returns to the "amusement park" planet in the Omicron Delta system in search of some rest and relaxation.
7:00 PM
Star Trek The Way to Eden (TV-G) The Enterprise rescues, and then is hijacked by, a group of space hippies who are determined to establish a colony on the mythical planet of Eden.
8:00 PM
Star Trek: The Next Generation Measure of Man (TV-PG) When Data learns that his new captain plans to disassemble him in order to learn more about the creation of androids, he decides to resign from Starfleet.
9:00 PM
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Blood Oath (TV-PG) Jadzia must decide whether to commit to an oath made between Curzon and three Klingons who have arrived at the station to take revenge on an evil alien.
10:00 PM
Star Trek: Voyager False Profits (TV-PG) Voyager's away team discovers two Ferengi using advanced technology and local superstition to control a planet's population.
11:00 PM
Star Trek: Enterprise Terra Prime (TV-14) Capt. Archer and his crew attempt to stop a radical human isolationist leader who plans to destroy Starfleet Command if aliens remain on Earth.
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